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  1. @Den-FiThis will be my last goodbye unless i can log onto another device. It was nice knowing you man.

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    2. FakeKGB


      See ya around.

    3. King of Memes

      King of Memes

      ok, i am very confused now

    4. FakeNSA


      14 hours ago, King of Memes said:

      ok, i am very confused now

      He's returning the school device that he used to access the forum, so he's gone for the moment, and some of the people who he talked to are sending him off.

      On that subject, good luck out there fitz! You've been a solid guy, and I wish you well.

  2. I was just thinking...when will something surpass the usefulness and reliability of phone calling? Or will something surpass it?
  3. My friend has a Ryzen 5 3600 and wants to buy a 3080/3090. I told him that the 3080/3090 would be bottlenecked by a Ryzen 5 3600. Was i correct, or do i need to correct myself?
  4. Ok so why do schools(or atleast mine) not allow unclear backpacks but allow unclear lunchboxes(that can be the size of a backpack if wanted)

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    2. FakeKGB


      Your school requires transparent backpacks?
      Mine just lets you walk in with whatever in your backpack. A friend brought a blanket and during 4th period (English) she brought it out and wrapped herself in it.

      No one cared.

    3. CorruptedTech


      dang your school must have a bad rep

    4. Grumpy Old Man
  5. Yall ever had Phad Thai with that pork that they bake with one sauce then bake it again?

  6. oh thank god unless i can log in on another device, my last goodbye will be on the 25th i think. Thats the day my macbook gets taken up from school...
  7. banned for stepping on a crack and breaking your mothers back.
  8. Hey! Dens still here! I thought you would be gone..
  9. im not quite sure how many of mine are legit.
  10. well, incase i dont see ya again, good luck in life
  11. for me as long as @sub68doesnt leave im fine
  12. yea thanks for not just arguing about it like 90% of the people who find out.