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  1. ok, let me specify since i forgot to. I need spotify to appear on my desktop as a geektool thing. How would i go about this
  2. So I just downloaded GeekTool and I need a tutorial on how i use it
  3. wait a minute....why is one wing folded an one isnt
  4. I thought that the iPhone 13 memes were just in preparation for the release. Then i went to apples website and it is literally what they did. Move a camera over. 

  5. I hope it isnt a troll just so i can see something get enslaved. /j
  6. It probably won't replace meat. Meat just tastes too good.
  7. But it is meaning to imitate meat, just like burgers made from black beans.
  8. This sounds like it would be disgusting...like not even the taste just knowing what mycelium is....plus i hate mushrooms so like that doesnt help.
  9. It's my birthday tomorrow i hope i get a dirtbike 

    1. Prodigy_Smit


      1 hour ago, XGoodGuyFitz said:

      It's my birthday tomorrow i hope i get a dirtbike 

      Your 14. Are you allowed to drive a dirt bike?

    2. XGoodGuyFitz


      On 9/17/2021 at 6:15 PM, Prodigy_Smit said:

      Your 14. Are you allowed to drive a dirt bike?

      Yes? You dont need a license to drive a dirtbike, so long as you dont go on the road.  

  10. My background switches every 5 seconds. these are what it switches between.
  11. Did Den-fi delete his account??

    1.   Show previous replies  10 more
    2. TheCoder2019


      where have you been lol? This was like-- months ago mate!

    3. sub68


      5 minutes ago, TheCoder2019 said:

      where have you been lol? This was like-- months ago mate!


    4. BondiBlue


      Yes, Den had his account deleted several months ago.

      59 minutes ago, XGoodGuyFitz said:

      Why did he? He had so much work put into it...

      A variety of reasons, but changes in the forum (mainly different people) caused him to leave for good, and I understand that reasoning. The environment here is a lot different than it was years ago. 


      57 minutes ago, XGoodGuyFitz said:

      They used to have the most reputation on the forum, or i think they did. Before i left, they had over 100k reputation. 

      Why does that matter? A lot of that reputation was people going through and reacting to each and every one of his comments, artificially increasing the number.


      42 minutes ago, Zanthed said:

      I'm actually curious on who this Den-Fi person is as well. Were they a moderator or something?

      Not a moderator (at least not publicly), but a very well known member. I knew him from the time he joined back in late 2017, and he was just a nice person in general. 


      Hope that can answer some of your questions.