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  1. Been playing way too much Path of Exile since the new Heist league started. And found this deer in the crystal mine.
  2. Been playing a bunch path of exile lately so here is my templar
  3. Been trying out the new Fallout 76 and it's pretty cool so far, anyway they have a photomode so you can take some great screenshots.
  4. I'm plat 3 but have been plat 2, but the best way to learn is to play, and i feel like ranked is the best place to learn because you get to pick bombside and spawn place, you don't need to listen to those get to lvl 100 lol, but callouts would be a good thing to read up on. Anyway just play, if you derank it's because you don't belong in the rank you are in and you will drop down till you are at the right lvl and then you can start your climb! anyway good luck oh and if you are in EU we can try some games a couple of times if i'm not busy with world of warcraft haha
  5. I have started to play this small indie mmo again for some reason, anyway have a picture of my zoidberg like mage
  6. Completed the main story of Fallout 4 on survival mode, and i have taken a trip to Far Harbour now. The one inside the spoiler is a big moment in the story
  7. I have been playing a bit of Fallout 4 on survival difficulty and i have been doing some work on my home in diamond city. This is what i got so far, still need a lot of work but i'm out of materials haha
  8. Got Dishonored 2 on sale recently and man i love the visual style oh and gameplay haha it's pretty fun.
  9. Personally i have the HTC Vive and one of my good friends has the Rift, i will say that if i was gonna buy my vr headset today i would still go with the vive, but the rift is still really good and personally feels nicer imo than the vive out of the box (i got the deluxe audio strap for the vive tho and if you add that then its a lot more expensive than the rift haha but it's worth it) anyway the rift has some really good controllers as well, but the tracking is not as solid on the rift even with the 3 sensors from my experience. Also there is a $140 price gap between vive and rooms
  10. Some screenshots of what have been occupying my time recently Its Star Wars the Old Republic btw
  11. Vanishing Realms is one of the best Vive games and its 25% off atm
  12. Titanfall 2 is pretty great looking
  13. Anyone hyped for SWTOR Knights of the eternal throne? Anyway here are some screenshots from swtor.
  14. Both Nuka World for fallout 4 and the piece by piece building in Rollercoaster tycoon world is out! hype lol

  15. Here is some screenshots i took in Nuka World!