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  1. Old pc is in a box in the corner. Spare, loose, useful, parts like gpus and psus are kept in storage in case I need to troubleshoot current build. Full hdds that aren't in use are either kept in the old pc or just stored unless there is stuff I need on them.
  2. When you swapped power supplies, did you also switch the cables? If they are different models then it is more than likely that they use different pinouts and something has therefore been damaged on the motherboard
  3. The PSU, especially for the current gpu and wanted cpu is excessive, you would do fine with 650w or even lower with the current gpu. Get a cheaper psu then use the savings on a better gpu when they are in existence again. Something like a seasonic GX-650 or an RMX unit
  4. Are you trying to install Linux or is this a used hard drive/ssd?
  5. you should have an 8 pin cable with "EPS" or something along those lines printed on the side of the connector
  6. Is it me or is the EPS power not plugged in? (Also that looks like a missing motherboard screw) Correct me if I am wrong but this should be plugged in 100% of the time right?
  7. I am not sure if there are any with the same kind of back ports that you are interested in, but it is very much worth looking at Anker's offerings. I used the 7 port version of this https://www.anker.com/products/variant/anker-10-port-60w-data-hub/A7515111 They also have an amazon store.
  8. Actually it might just be an AMD thing, however I found something related where somebody had an issue where their USB wasn't detected on a similar model to yours. Is the USB fat32 formatted?
  9. Did you rename the file to GIGABYTE.bin? (however this shouldn't be needed if you are able to navigate to the update screen in the bios). Edit: also make sure to use a (preferably) USB 2 drive, and a small capacity one, Q-Flash sometimes hates usb 3 and large drives.
  10. Ah, I completely forgot about Tripp-Lite, they only seem to sell a few models over here. They have something so close to what I need (https://www.amazon.co.uk/6-Outlet-Power-Strip-Individually-Switched/dp/B08GRZ4HVK) but without surge protection. Thank you for the suggestion.
  11. It seems like cyberpower only sells their UPS units over here. I looked at APC but couldn't find anything with switched sockets but it was the first brand I went to.
  12. Hi all, I am looking for a new surge protector with individually switched sockets, I am in the UK so it would have to be a type G plug/socket (and probably 13a fused). I have had good experiences with Masterplug in the past, should I stick with them or are there better offerings out there? Thanks! (I did not know if this should've been posted in power supplies or peripherals, sorry if it is in the wrong section).
  13. I used an x4 860k for a while, ran most things ok but anything in the realm of AAA current year was out of the question, was totally fine for playing indie or old games and that's basically what I did for around 5 years until December when I got a 5600x. It would've probably lasted me a bit longer but I really wanted a quieter pc and productivity was like crawling through mud at times-and I wanted to get something before they all vanished from shelves again.
  14. As you said, it's just voltage drop from the extensions, but in my eyes it's not a massive drop. I run at idle around 12.02v.
  15. The 5v and 12v are still in spec, 5v minimum is 4.7v and the 12v minimum is 11.4v, so should be fine, somebody correct me if I'm wrong.