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    Using a Skulltrail in 2019
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    Near the Caspian Border
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    Skiing, snowboarding, mountainbiking, gaming, restoring
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    Intel Core i7 2600K 4.3GHz
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    ASUS P8Z68-V
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
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    EVGA GTX 570 2560MB SLI
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    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB, WD Green 500GB
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    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W
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    EIZO Foris FG2421 (120Hz VA)
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    Cooler Master Hyper 412S
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    Dell-icious generic Dell keyboard from 2006
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    Zowie ZA-13
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    Logitech Z623, Superlux 668-B
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    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

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  1. It's not an ideal situation, especially since the rear case fan has no filter, but you what you could try first is reverse the airflow. So the rear fan and top fan as an intake, then through the CPU cooler and out through the radiator. In that way you could at least verify that the radiator as intake is not the culprit.
  2. The is no "minimum". Ideally you always want your GPU to be fully utilized, not your CPU. So it can be anything; HD5450? SLI RTX Titan? Bottleneck all depends on the application and the settings used.
  3. Most likely a bug in HWinfo, more people on Reddit are reporting that their chips are recognized as such. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/ci526p/3900x_engineering_sample/
  4. Finally had some quality time with the SR-2, managed 4.53GHz on the dual X5675s at 1.475V under air cooling.
  5. 1.38V would be amazing for that frequency! If you do find that HDD I'd love to know. I'm always interested in old OC stuff, send me a message!
  6. Awesome, yes Skulltrail needs some OC for sure. 4.4GHz is a lot for those chips, what voltage were you running? On air I've had mine at 4.2GHz with 1.42V and that was pretty toasty already.. These did indeed got near 6GHz on LN2 https://hwbot.org/submission/703152_delex_cpu_frequency_2x_core_2_extreme_qx9775_5586_mhz super awesome stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it with boards this age now I believe Intel showcased them at 5GHz at some piont as well. Oof sorry to hear about your SR-2, they are very fragile for sure....
  7. I haven't sent him my boards. If you sent him your stuff (top job for doing so by the way!) it should certainly be yours.
  8. Overl0rd from the forum here thanks for the shout out at the beginning @LinusTech, I’m happy to have been of assistance Awesome that this obscure platform is getting some love again! A couple of points I would like to mention: -While the QX9775 CPUs are the most awesome way to go on this platform. It will work just fine with regular 771 Xeons and back then a TON of people went that route. The board will also work just fine with a single CPU. Especially the CPUs with a 1333MHz FSB have great OC headroom (as 5400 chipset runs out at around 430MHz bus speed) and could potentially reach beyond 4GHz. Overclocking the QX9775s is rather straightforward, mine do 4GHz at 1.41V. Just make sure to have proper cooling on not just the CPUs, but also active cooling on the north bridge and the FBDIMMs; those will get up to around 90C. -Despite the fact that the drivers of the Nforce 100 chips are troublesome in Windows 10, SLI should work fine using PCIe 2 and 4 (I have tested this personally). The problems are less under Windows 7, but still present. -16GB of RAM is definitely supported out of box. I personally run 4x4GB 667MHz overclocked to 800MHz. To do this you do have to have the latest BIOS version, as more memory config options were only added later on. For those interested in some comparative testing and further information, on my Youtube channel (Dellchannel21) I have a lot of videos covering this platform in detail. In short; it still holds up reasonably well in gaming considering the age of the microarchitecture and having that extra CPU now definitely make a difference. It of course won’t be a valid option for a 144Hz setup, but in somewhat older titles it is playable. Crysis 3 was the best example of the extra cores really kicking in. This was tested with a GTX 1060 6GB in 2018. SKULLTRAIL GAMING - How does Intel's $4000 Overclockable Dual Socket system perform? For how it compares to under synthetic benchmarks; here I clocked both QX9775s to 4.2GHz with 16GB 800MHz CL5 memory and it was still really impressive. Beating the 5GHz FX 9590 Bulldozer and coming very close to the stock Skylake 6700K. OVERCLOCKING SKULLTRAIL - Dual QX9775 over 4GHz For how the latest and greatest games do, well… you can actually sort of play Battlefield V 64 player and I’m extremely impressed that was possible.
  9. I mean, the title is "10 ways Mac OS is just better"
  10. In certain heavily multithreaded games it might help going from 4c/8t to 8c/16t. However fundamentally the bottleneck is caused by the older CPU architecture, lower clock speeds and memory bandwith. Adding cores might help a little here and there, but it's not going to resolve the bottleneck.
  11. It could be that the VRMs on your moterhboard are getting too hot and therefore not allowing max power draw. You could try to point a fan directly at the VRM to see if that is the problem.
  12. Yes this will work. FCLGA (Flip Chip Land Grid Array) means that the processor die is on top of the substrate. For modern Intel CPUs, the use of the terms FCLGA and LGA are often mixed, but boil down to the same thing.
  13. To me this does still sound like an issue with your H100i. Do you have another cooler to try?