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made zos ion

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About made zos ion

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  • Birthday Jan 10, 1996

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    Maybe later
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    dont have one, *yet*
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    Mr_made 8

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    the void
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    Nuclear physics, simulations, nuclear reactors, retro hardware, and software collecting, engineering, astronomy, chemistry, computer programming, and lots more!
  • Biography
    i'm a college student very interested in nuclear physics and technology.
  • Occupation
    I am a software engineer still in college trying to get a degree in nuclear engineering


  • CPU
    pentium processor E5200
  • Motherboard
    ms-7525 ver 1.0
  • RAM
    4 gigabytes DDR3
  • GPU
    Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics
  • Case
    pavilion slimline model s5212y (old)
  • Storage
    500 gigabytes
  • PSU
    hp 300watt
  • Display(s)
    TV, sometimes Samsung sync-master 192N
  • Cooling
    Intel air cooler with air diverter
  • Keyboard
    Imicro kb us819EB, (I think)
  • Mouse
    logitech something something
  • Sound
    realtek integrated audio
  • Operating System
    Ubuntu Linux
  • Laptop
    Panasonic tough-book cf29 a cf28 and a Chromebook Gemini lake
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  1. Hello I use a DVD disc to store data alot but today something horrible happened, when I tried reading from the disc it doesn't show anything. Watch this video for context... 2120707564_Untitled_Jan1120211_21PM.webm
  2. like 2 hours ago, also chrome is working great now. i think a program might have been fighting chrome and caused this
  3. also just to add to that, I have been browsing the internet for 12 years without an anti virus. And no viruses (knock on wood)
  4. It works perfectly fine now, but I just wanted to post about to see if it were a normal occurence
  5. also i had a similar problem a few years back on windows XP when I only had one tab open in IE and it was using my 1 gigabyte