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  1. Yeah i know sadly don't have the money for an oled and want to upgrade to 4k cause 3080 is bottlenecking my 1440p monitor and these two are simillar in price range and affordable for me
  2. Yeah i have a strange ocd if every setting is not maxed
  3. The monitor will be paired up with i5 10600k at 5.1 and rtx 3080. Dont know if i should take the acer just because it's g sync range is 1-144hz while lg is 48-144hz. Cause im gonna play mostly graphically intensive singleplayer story games at max graphics everytime , but as i researched the lg seems to have the better panel and hdr600. Thanks for the help in advance guys.
  4. Well im running integrated for 2 weeks now cause i sold my old one before the launch
  5. Currently in my country there is only 1 card in the warehouse that is for sale and it's gainwards 3080 there aren't really reviews for it. So i wanted to know if i should wait for the restock which i dont know how it takes or take the gainward even tho its not asus msi or gigabyte
  6. So the story is I had original window 10 pro on my hdd then i bought an ssd an transfered it there and everything was fine and now after buillding a new computer after i booted everything was the same but after two days the watermark apperead and says i havent activated it and i don't really understand why this happened and what to do?
  7. So u dont recommend intake or exhaust at the bottom?
  8. I was thinking about putting my corsair h150i cooling my i5-10600k exhausting on top since the gamer nexus video, 3fans intake on the side. And my question should i put my other 3 fans intake or exhaust on the bottom, for the gpu im using a gtx 1070ti?
  9. I know there are way better options but out of these 2
  10. Wanted to ask of the haptic feedback in the razer headphone is worth for gaming comparing to xm4 better sound quality. Mostly playing story game like tomb raider witcher horizon new dawn assasin creed some battlefield, red dead, watch dogs. I'm only going to use these headphones for gaming cause im watching movies and tv series on speakers and my music earphones ar sony little wireless. I know there are better options but since im a razer fanboy i know disgrace, wanted to know if theres a huge difrence.
  11. if that's the case won't the adapter limit power delivery and lower the possible overclock or is it practically negligible?
  12. So my problem is that I was planing on buying all the parts for my new pc this august build it when im back for school on semptember 1st and use everything new except my gtx 1070ti while i wait for ampere cards to come out. Now i have almost everything i need for my pc except the biggest question the psu i was planing buying corsair hx1000i for my practically all corsair build but now since the news came out about ampere using new 12 pin connector i dont know if i should wait for new power supplies with that connector and spend more money or get it cheaper now and risk not being compatible?
  13. Asus in June had an event which said that if you buy rog strix z490 motherboard u get this peripheral as a reward and if u buy maximus u get this peripheral as a reward, after i put my details of my newly bought asus rog strix z490 f motherboard into the event nothing happened no email no message nothing i thought it will come in a couple of days its been two weeks now and i want to get my money worth cause thats the reason i bought that motherboard. Thank you to anybody who knows something
  14. So during the summer im planing to build a new computer at first i decided i was doing practically all corsair build with: h115i platinum rgb, corsair 500d RGB SE, Hx850i, rgb bengeance memory, and the 3 included and 1 bought corsair rgb fans and control it through icue with the corsair rgb controller included in the case. But then i found out about the lian li razer case and since i have all razer peripherals with huntsman elite viper ultimate and razer firefly which also has rgb and I can't decide since I'm building this computer as much for aesthetics as performance which case would suit me