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  1. Not sure is that The truth, especially coming from Intel guy ? jk jk
  2. Hi, I bought 3900x the day it came from 100% reputable online store. Now, on HWinfo screen it says "Eng. Sample"? Anyone know what the hell? Could you guys check, if it reads on you also?
  3. Thanks, thats some useful info, have to do it with Gigabyte anyway too so might reconsider motherboard
  4. Hello, I have ASUS graphics card, and fan connected to cards fan header. I also have Trident Z memory which is AURA compatible. Im buying ASUS motherboard. Now question is, can I control all of those(AURA lightning+fan speed) from ASUS bios without Aura and GPU Tweak programs?
  5. It reserves right away 100gb from my EVO 960 and it has lower write speed than EVO 970 which I have too. Makers of this kind of tests are not idiots, why they make test that is most likely to be unusable on many peoples m.2 drives (and certainly say high end m.2 laptops which has at start usually starting 128-256Gb storage and can be super fast like 3Gb writes (would need 180gb diskspace)). =Very fishy
  6. How do you know? Have you opened the test file and looked what it writes? Of course it reserves space, completely not related to my point.
  7. You can take highest process priority while enabling ability to cancel test. Never seen other benchmark which does that. And its not like this test is serious and accurate anyway, the results are named "UFO, Nuclear Submarine" and so on lol.
  8. I dont know, other drives it counts from 60 second, like my system drive I have EVO 970, obviously more space it wants but that is not the point, but that I suspect it does something else while reserving system mostly with disk tests. I suggest that someone with time and tech savvy to investigate this more, would do so.
  9. Why you write even you don't know? Can you read, read this text from their website
  10. "Definatly not doing that" how do you know? Have you reverse engineered the software? "De facto" standard in disk speeds that is Crystaldiskmark uses 5 gigs for example. And thats one of the reasons its weird, requiring actually 132Gb for me, so my guess is that it just stalls the test to do something else. My SSD has 2200Mb/sec writ, so it requires 60 times max write speed which is just idiotic way to do disk speed test.
  11. You guys might want to read the whole post. And think for a minute. EDIT: I made the point little more obvious
  12. Hello. I used Userbenchmark named well, benchmarking software couple of times, and started to wonder why my whole disk score didn't show. Apparently, it requires 100 Gigabytes free space on hard drive. Obviously on especially SSD:s all people wont have that much free space, which basically no reason warps the results of benchmark score. Now, the Benchmark does CPU, memory and GPU tests in 45 seconds. The HD tests on 3 drives lasts 3 minutes. I was starting to wonder, why benchmark like this puts so much weird effort (writing 100gigs) in disk benchmark, when it just seem