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    Giving advice based on False evidence


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    Intel core i7 6700K @ 4.7ghz
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    ASUS Z-170A
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    16GB DDR4 3000mhz
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Strix
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    Define R5
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    2x1TB HDD + 512GB SSD
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    550W Cooler Master
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    IPS 1440p 60hz monitor
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    9 total cooling fans
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    Logitech G610
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Logitech G633
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ohhh an early adopter? Props to you. Yeah, my desktop runs a 6700k, and my laptop is on 10875H.. which almost twice as fast. So that makes a difference too.. But I'd say that unless I'm doing something memory intensive, there's no difference between SATA3 and NVMe.. You can get it to show though.. If you know which buttons to press
  2. Laptop Docking Stations | Dell USA look here.. Dell has some of the most high end docking stations out there.. But I don't know weather anything supports more than 4k60fps.. Check if the monitor has a USB-C display input.. I think some have it. I'm not familiar with your monitor. and I think that 1440 ultrawide requires HDMI 2.1 standard.. and I don't know which docking stations support it.. It's all a big mess. fortunately, I didn't need to mess around with any of it yet, my stuff isn't as high in resolution and refresh rate as yours. Wish I could be more helpful
  3. I have a SATA3 SSD in my main desktop. Samsung 850EVO PRO 512GB.. at the time, it was the cream. And if I had to compare it to my laptop SSD, which is almost 7 times faster.. there's no difference in how fast the system works. There is a difference in loading times in games, but I think the CPU has a lot to do with it as well.. Idk.. As I said, there are so many overheads in Windows that you'll rarely see a performance difference going from Gen3 to Gen4, and mostly - none
  4. Have you tried fiddling with Facebook settings? I don't understand what could cause memory usage runaway.. maybe it's allowed to preload unlimited amounts or videos or something.. I think there's a way that they don't play unless you click on them or something.. But this is really strange
  5. How about direct thunderbolt 3 connection from the laptop to the monitor? With a supported USB-C cable? That doesn't work? I think Razer blade has a couple of TB3 controllers, should be capable. Unless the monitor doesn't have a TB3 port
  6. Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service pack 1 (Full Package) from Official Microsoft Download Center Download this, turn off internet, install.. Have you tried?
  7. NVMe is objectively faster than SATA. I don't know why we're having this discussion. Even if people have no clue about data transfer standards, all laptops feature nvme storage today and it's normal to have 2+ GB/s read speeds. If you wanted to achieve same speed on nvme and sata, the rest of the system would have to be slow enough to not work faster than SATA standard can follow.. and we're talking.. at least 5 generations old chips at this point. EDIT: As for the Gen 4, we need to solve Windows overhead first. Then we can use faster drives and benefit from them. Only
  8. All that 8GB model will do is offset more memory to SDD. Which will make it slower in export times, bigger projects and so on.. the 16GB model will preform better in high memory operations, just because of the amount of memory. I would buy a 16GB model
  9. Hello everyone, This is a quick post to express my thoughts regarding what 3rd party unit is powerful enough to support this laptop for daily use. (this post is made based on the i7-10875H and RTX 2060 config of the Dell XPS 9700 - lower end configs will draw a bit less power) Dell XPS 9700 pulls quite a bit of power when plugged in, and doesn't shy away from pulling over 60-80W on the CPU (over 100W of system power) when opening programs or doing quick heavy operations. So - what charger would suit you best? 30W - laptop won't charge unless turned off or in sleep
  10. All PSUs that are 240v compliant do not need an adapter to run at 220v. They will do that on their own just fine. Most actually have the capacity to run at ether 110v/240v, and you can run them at 120v/220v no problem. It's in the tolerance margin.
  11. WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR - usually to do with the facts that there isn't enough voltage. If it goes away when you disable XMP, it's probably ram.. You can fix that by shoving a bit more power into the RAM module and overclock the CPU manually. PCH voltage could be too low, but that's you last fixing resort. Pump makes the noise on startup because there are air pockets inside. It happens over time. Mine does it too. Don't worry about it. As long as it runs well during regular use, it's okay. Slow framerates can be associated with components overheating. If the CPU is ove
  12. I've checked my HWinfo64. Out of 8 cores, two reached 5.1ghz in the last 24 operating hours. Others have maximum frequencies recorded at 4.9. This is like saying a car has 500 horsepower and you brag about it to everyone, yet it can only produce them in very niche scenarios, rarely enough that you can say never. It's worthless either way. And so close to false advertising it's practically leaning over the line. Thanks for the reply though. Glad you read the post
  13. Hello everyone, In the past months, I've posted multiple topics on this chip, because I got it with my Dell XPS 9700. I guess this also applies to similar systems. I hope you enjoy this read, I mostly do these so I have somewhere to look up stuff when I forget details. Enjoy. What 10875H is good at: 1. Idle power consumption: When simply browsing the web or writing a document, doing simple tasks that do not require video decode or number crunching, this CPU consumes less than 5W , usually between 2 and 4W. If the rest of the system is power efficient as well, this
  14. I don't understand how IT has any connection to them, unless they are connected to it..
  15. Snowblind S case has an LCD panel that keeps auto-adjusting?