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    PixelPol reacted to Arika S in LGBT community   
    Maybe I should just start drawing furry art... 
    Human anatomy is one of my weaknesses and doing that stuff might help, or not based on some of the characters I've seen that are bulging muscles upon bulging muscle hyper dragons that can't see over their own pectorals and thighs that would chafe hotter than the sun
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    PixelPol reacted to Crunchy Dragon in What are some ways to calm down after going to gym?   
    Toning back the amount of training you do to a specific part of the body(the one that feels overused) wouldn't be a bad idea.
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    PixelPol reacted to Underi in 2019. What's yours going to be like?   
    Having a goal doesn't mean I have to accomplish it.
    Get fit.
    Get a driving license.
    Get a job.
    Get good at R6S.
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    PixelPol reacted to tavares1 in Renders for the (not coming anymore) gtx 1180ti   
    Hey guys.
    Just wanted to show some work I did a while ago rendering the suposedly 1180 ti that never came.
    Design inspired on the 1080ti.
    Hope you guys like it!

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    PixelPol reacted to Lord Mirdalan in Saying Hello   
    That's all right... Neither does anyone else.
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    PixelPol reacted to Plume7 in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Jayztwocents meme :

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    PixelPol reacted to DumbAsshole32 in Opinions on a certain situation   
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    PixelPol reacted to dalekphalm in Opinions on a certain situation   
    Time to move on.
    At best, your "girlfriend" has serious issues, especially with trust. Not allowing face to face contact is definitely a no go for a serious relationship. In fact, that should be a prerequisite to a serious relationship.
    At worst, "she" is catfishing you, and lied about who "she" is.
    Either way, just stop. Just leave it. Forget about the third person and forget about her, and move on.
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    PixelPol reacted to sowon in have you ever blocked someone on the forum?   
    I don't block people, I just report the comment and leave it. No need to reply back, waste of keystrokes and time.
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    PixelPol reacted to straight_stewie in Climate change real or hoax?   
    My point wasn't going to be religion. My point was going to be that even the greatest minds on Earth, who have spent their entire lives thinking of such things admit that they can't prove whether or not a higher power put things here. Trivially, we can't understand what put the big bang in motion. How did the super dense particle get there, and what upset it's state?

    Or in other words: Calling someone an idiot because they subscribe to a different, but still just as valid theory, of how things work than you do is also being an idiot. The point "a theory from a scientist says so, so it must be true" is a falsity known as the "authority argument".

    I sincerely apologize if that wasn't clear or if I stepped too close to the line of law on that one. Another route I could have taken is the "simulation theory" disproof, which would have probably been more in line with the CoC.

    None of this is to say whether I believe in a religion or not.
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    PixelPol reacted to Glenwing in Climate change real or hoax?   
    No religious discussions here please. Feel free to start a PM conversation if you both want to continue.
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    PixelPol reacted to straight_stewie in Climate change real or hoax?   
    Prove to me that a higher being didn't set evolution in motion.
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    PixelPol reacted to Stefan Payne in will ryzen 3 cpus work on x470 mobos?   
    Though it looks like FUD.
    From what we know so far is that 8 Cores will work, if you get a BIOS Update for the Board.
    12 and 16 Cores might not due to possible higher TDP.
    That is the knowledge about that we have so far.
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    PixelPol reacted to aezakmi in Noisy Neighbors   
    get sum nice loudspeakers and play this at full blast at 2 AM
    after 15 mins you'll have em begging standing on their knees on your door mate
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    PixelPol reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in Noisy Neighbors   
    No kidding! That has been my experience in the past. If it's a loud party, you can usually add excessive drinking into the mix. Too many people feel they have the right to do anything they want on their property without realizing that those rights end when they infringe on other people's rights. Talking to them is a waste of time, no matter how nice you are, and could result in violence.  I've learned that, if some jerk is playing loud music I can hear inside my own home, just call the police and let them handle it. The one recent exception to that was with relatively new next door neighbors that I had met and felt were nice people so I had a nice chat with them when they were partying too loud and there have been no more problems since then.
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    PixelPol reacted to LogicalDrm in On today's episode of Content ID drama...   
    He made. Its also good watch. Though I disagree with him about how this should have been handled professionally. But it seems that my view on professional ways to do things are old fashioned. Todays doing something professionally is to make whiny livestream about others. Kinda like rappers do distracks.
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    PixelPol reacted to KarathKasun in SSDs stability under 24/7 100% i/o load   
    No SSD is suitable for 24/7 writes.
    Get a better system for a server or reduce load on what you have.
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    PixelPol reacted to Crunchy Dragon in Anybody speak foreign languages here?   
    I'm completely fluent in two languages: English and Sarcasm.
    I can speak Crap Talk pretty well too, though.
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    PixelPol reacted to WereCatf in Anybody speak foreign languages here?   
    Does rubbish count? I'm pretty good at speaking rubbish.
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    PixelPol reacted to Blademaster91 in Indirect drama bleedover?   
    Most likely not, unless LTT is looking to fix the content ID issues, which even affected one of his channels.
    And IIRC in Canada they had a family day holiday, maybe LTT gives everyone the day off which could slow down the content.
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    PixelPol reacted to Sauron in If Windows had a rival, would you switch?   
    I know what you mean, I'm saying that there can't be a more direct competitor to Windows. Windows is popular because it is widespread, and that's pretty much it. It's a self fueling monopoly. There is nothing Linux distros could do to fight it on its own ground because they don't have a monopoly. If any existing distro had exactly 50% of the market the problem would solve itself, but they can't get there because they don't have a wide enough install base. The only way to inject a competitor into the market would be to have it work and feel exactly like windows, then give it away or sell it at a much lower price - and at that point you might as well just use Windows if you already have it.
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    PixelPol reacted to NunoLava1998 in APPLE IS DECAYING!!!!   
    OK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
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    PixelPol reacted to Hiya! in Noisy Neighbors   
    I think its best to just talk with your neighbour about it..or move if possible
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    PixelPol reacted to Maticks in This copyright drama isn't gonna go away LTT   
    good on Linus doing a video, honestly he didn't need to. Eli trolls every company on the internet.
    I've seen some of his videos didn't know he had 900k subs but their is only so many videos you can watch about a guy complaining about everything.
    It's just another attempt to use LTT's name to drive a clickbait title, the system is automatic from Youtube i think everyone knows that.