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    Cake,Cosplay,Comic,Manga,Video Games,Using blue switch at midnight,Chiptune Edm,Old timey songs,Technology,and Milk Tea
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    My Name is Etna, My friend call me by my first name avery. I am a college student.
    I love cosplaying and crossdressing but not so often more like just for fun.
    I also like to attend a cosplay event like comic con and whatnot if i have a chance and i am a sucker for Soul games, Yes i am a masochist hehe
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    Firekeeper & Student

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  1. I've been wondering of late.


    I've played through Dark Souls about 4 full times (1 NG++, 2 NG+) and I sincerely love that game.


    How are the other installments? I haven't even tried them because I'm afraid they won't live up to the fun I had with the original.

  2. Can somebody explain this to me? Is the warning is trying to insult me that I might hurt myself because I can't play basketball? IMG_20190604_182337.thumb.jpg.2e3b27a3851c5428da1b00def290c7fc.jpg

    1. Inkz


      Styleless basketball?

    2. Hiya!
    3. minibois


      Stylus Basketball... Like Basketball on a DS?


  3. It depends on a various factor such as the size of the mousepad,the type of the mousepad, the games, etc But it comes down to your own personal preference. I have 3 settings, 800dpi on desktop, 1200 in games and 600dpi for fps. I am using G240 mousepad that is quirte large with a smooth surface, it has a great balance between speed and control.
  4. The reason why the sniper button is placed far away (urrgghh my English!) Is to avoid accidental pressing when you are moving your mouse. Its pretty common on fps mouse because you know.. Fps player will often move their hand at high speed. You need a mouse that has a movable/replaceable side button and AFAIK that mouse is razer Naga trinity, it comes with 3 modular side button variant.
  5. Chinese stuff, but it's a decent one
  6. Remember when ciri tell her time traveling story in Witcher 3? What if she become a playable character in Cyberpunk 2077? Hmmm.. 

  7. When someone ask me why you don't have many friends. I answered you're right, I only have one. 


    Just one he said, yes I replied. 

    Why don't you try to make more? 

    I tried, but it's not easy. 



    Imo, a friend is someone who help you to rise and to grow, not holding you back. I had so many people that were trying to get close to me only to leave me once they get what they wanted. 

    It's easy to be friends when things are going well, but when it's not.. You'll know who they really are. 

  8. Why the internet is so obbsessed with keanu reeves? I mean I get it John wick franchise are awesome and keanu deserves all the credit in the world but cmon.. 

    1. handymanshandle


      Because Reddit is jacking off Cyberpunk 2077.

  9. Yep I can't find any uninstall option and nor does it show up in add or remove program so I use your Uninstaller to remove the registry and the other junk
  10. So I have been looking at Melatonin that is suppose to help people with insomnia or just resetting your sleep pattern. 


    Most Melatonin is sold in a 3,5,10Mg capsule and turns out it's bad, well I mean you are not suppose to take it everyday, it's only for if you have trouble sleeping or resetting your sleep pattern. 


    Melatonin is a hormone and if you take too much of it continuously ( I mean 3mg is way too much already) you're telling your body to stop producing its own Melatonin and you will be dependant on it. 


    Microdosing is the best way, it means consuming at a very low dose to trigger your brain to produce more Melatonin instead of receiving it. In this case .3mg or 3mcg to 5mcg.


    Or take some precursor such as l tryptophan which will get converted to both serotonin and Melatonin. 


    That is according to my 4 hours research last night when I can't sleep because I drank some coffee in which I regret. 


    Your comments are welcome. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. iamdarkyoshi


      @Dan Castellaneta


      Same, I've got to have like 15C room temps to be comfy

    3. Hiya!


      @iamdarkyoshi celcius? 15? Are you mad? I would freeze to death 

    4. iamdarkyoshi


      I need muh cold air


      I wear shorts in the winter

  11. Have you check for storage spikes? That is usually the problem but if it isn't then use the mouse on another port and finally another pc to confirm that its the mouse. If it isn't the mouse then just do a fresh windows install.
  12. Yeah. I Uhh am sorry... The performance is well.. Not that bad actually but it can spin out at high speed and jitter at a very slow movement..
  13. He is in Canada I guess and its more than 30cad. OP it's difficult to find a good quality gaming mouse at that price range, unless you're willing to gamble on cheap chinese one. I'd suggest to wait for G203 or G402 if they are on sale.
  14. HI sorry I miss interpret that, G602 didn't use Hero sensor but it was AM010 by Avago, it has worse battery life and worse performance it was outdated. I was mistaken it for G603.
  15. Find the store that let you try the mouse if you can. That would make things easier for you.