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    Intel Core i3-10100
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    Gigabyte Z490M
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    HyperX DDR4-3200 16GB
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    250GB SanDisk SSD + 1TB WDC HDD
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    be quiet! 500W
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    AOC 27B1H
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    Logitech g213 prodigy
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    A4tech g3-280a
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    macOS Big Sur
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    Samsung Galaxy A50

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  1. This happened today: "Unexpected delay" so I have to go fetch it now
  2. They have a link for saving pages (https://web.archive.org/save/<URL>), you could create a cron job that calls this URL
  3. Almost there... I might have to get Google One tbh
  4. Just switched to Bitwarden, seems great! Haven't tested the Android auto-fill much yet, but I hope it's much better than LP's. I'm missing the autofill button that's added into forms, but I think I can get used to that quickly. Anyone has suggestions for a replacement for LastPass Authenticator? (with sync ofc)
  5. Well what happens when you run `java -jar <file>`?
  6. Apparently I wasn't very good at pretending to be straight after all...
  7. That .ini file sets the icon of either a folder or a file I think the program will just keep recreating that file so just keep it
  8. I use Enhancer for YouTube, allows forcing videos at a set quality and much more
  9. For Minecraft you can install Optifine
  10. Regular schedule for elementary, alternated for secondary (middle & high) school (MonWedFri, then TueThur) here
  11. Wait, doesn't make it "better" since there's less Google stuff now? I don't get what's so bad about it
  12. Looks like a power saving mode maybe?