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    Intel Core i3-10100
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    Gigabyte Z490M
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    HyperX DDR4-3200 8GB
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    250GB SanDisk SSD + 1TB WDC HDD
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    be quiet! 500W
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    AOC 27B1H
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    Logitech g213 prodigy
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    A4tech g3-280a
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    macOS Big Sur
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    Samsung Galaxy A50

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  1. XUL add-ons don't exist any more (security issues, pain in the ass to write for, etc) which were powerful enough to do this, so you won't be able to get an extension like this today
  2. The WebExtension specification used by Firefox (which was inspired from Chrome) doesn't allow extensions to change about:config options: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/webextension-read-write-access-to-about-config/12268
  3. Usually when I launch it there's an option to pick between online and story mode
  4. Been running bare for years, no issues so far
  5. You'll probably have to pay for customs fees if you order stuff from mainland Europe
  6. Yeah, you won't really see almost 1Gbps speeds anywhere outside speed tests mostly I have 1Gbps and most I've got in a Steam download was around 65MB/s (520Mbps) Also Steam usually compresses games and the client decompresses them as it downloads, so the processing power available will also affect it
  7. Make sure the matching sizes match the channels (so the 8GB in channel A, 4GB in channel B) EDIT: yeah looks like that's not the issue
  8. The binaries seem to be missing, run npm install again and check if it everything goes well
  9. Chrome on both (plus mobile). Works quite well and fastest in my opinion. Could you elaborate please? I've never encountered this in Chrome with uBlock Origin.
  10. Never worked for me, also It's owned by PayPal so that's already bad in itself
  11. I use Google for regular stuff, Yandex works really well for reverse image search and NSFW stuff (and both)
  12. It is on the play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bilibili.app.in&hl=en&gl=US Looks like it is region restricted, and could be why you couldn't find it on the Play Store search
  13. Every website that overrides the scrolling behaviour.
  14. I'm planning on doing this exact thing, I've read that it's fine to do it, it'll just get dirty quicker of course