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    Intel Core i3-10100
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    Gigabyte Z490M
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    HyperX DDR4-3200 16GB
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    250GB SanDisk SSD + 1TB WDC HDD
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    be quiet! 500W
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    AOC 27B1H
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    Logitech g213 prodigy
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    A4tech g3-280a
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    macOS Big Sur
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    iPhone 12 64GB Purple

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  1. Still gotta deal with the limited library of GeForce Now games
  2. Title is Canela, subtitle is Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ, regular text is Adobe Garamond Pro. You can easily figure these out using inspect element, using the computed tab at the righthand side (in the title's case it wasn't there, look at the "font-family" property instead)
  3. Proton is just a more user-friendly version of Wine that's integrated into Steam... It's not much different. Wine also supports macOS, it has been since 2007, not something new
  4. Canada or US, exotic enough for me and yet not too much to be uncomfortable, I estimate.
  5. Yes, using an APK should work in my experience
  6. If you have this, then usually it means the phone is rooted, and/or it doesn't support the DRM that Netflix wants... so even if you sideload it you won't get more than 320p. Netflix has an APK here, but it seems like it's outdated. You can find a more recent APK somewhere else by looking for it
  7. Check your extensions, perhaps? Incognito doesn't run any extensions by default so that could be a cause
  8. A few days ago... most snack restaurants and bakeries around me only take cash. I prioritize cash over card in case I need money in the card for an online purchase, for example... if I have to use my card I use my phone to pay which is quite convenient instead of fussing around with my wallet
  9. Welp, I bit the bullet and I hackintoshed this thing... Linux was just too awful to deal with. Got a replacement battery on the way, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  10. You mean Microsoft Emulator? Doesn't seem to be anything close to VirtualBox... haven't heard of it until now. Can it even virtualize anything other than MS stuff? I don't see it overtake VirtualBox anytime soon
  11. Install PiHole on your computer and set the DNS setting on your computer to (localhost). Here's a guide: https://pawelurbanek.com/pihole-local-computer