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    Elektroschocker reacted to Silicon Lottery in Delidding a Core i7 6700K   
    I've delidded over 100 6700Ks, and I've never seen anything less than a 10C drop across the cores (closer to 15C when pushing the voltage.)
    If you're going to delid, a liquid metal like CLU is a must and you need to clean as much of Intel's sealant off as you can to narrow the gap between the die and the IHS.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Mr.Meerkat in CSGO stupidly low fps   
    1. Have you plugged the video cable into the dGPU and not the ports on the motherboard for the iGPU?
    2. Temps? Maybe something's overheating
    3. Uninstall your drivers and reinstall em
    4. Maybe you have virtual super res (or whatever it's called for Nvidia) on and you're running the game at like 8k?  
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    Elektroschocker reacted to M4RWiN in German Talk   
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Nicholatian in nVidia X80, X80ti and X80 Titan rumoured Specs   
    They’re really wanting to give people a reason to buy the Titan this time around, it seems.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to nicklmg in Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here   
    Valve claims that only 9.4% of current gaming rigs are ready for VR... but as that number is based on the results of the Steam Hardware Survey, we don't think that it paints an accurate picture of the proportion of gaming PCs that are ready for VR that people actually intend to use for VR gaming.

    So, being a part of this awesome forum community full of enthusiasts, we decided to see if we could paint a more accurate picture of the current state of the "VR for PC" market.

    If you plan on using your gaming PC for VR, please take part in this test. Run the SteamVR Performance Test that Valve currently has available (through steam, you can find it at this link), and once you have your results, please do the following:

    1. Comment below listing the following specs of your PC:
    Rig name 

    2. Add a screenshot of your SteamVR Performance Test results.

    3. Answer the poll question in this thread.

    And that is all we need! Thanks so much for taking part in this fun little survey - let's see how many of you are truly ready for VR gaming!

    If you thought this was cool and want to take part in another fun survey that we have here on the forum, check out @Jumper118's Cinebench R15 thread here.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Coaxialgamer in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Thinking of buying a used silicon wafer for decoration ( i might have a strange taste , but i find wafers to be very pretty)
    Especially considering you can buy 6-8" etched wafers ( what i am looking for) on ebay for less than 30$

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    Elektroschocker reacted to aisle9 in I5 6600k w/ Gtx 980 or i7 6700k w/ gtx 970   
    i5 + 980
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Minsekt in NVIDIA 16nm Pascal Powered GeForce GTX 1080 could be Launching in May   
    i dont really care about pascal until the big cards arrive.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Khazzirh in Ncase M1, Z170 ITX, R9 Nano, Full Custom Hardline Loop, Black/green themed (updated April 7)   
    So this project actually started out as something else, it was actually a Jonsbo U2 that was modded to fit a 120 mm rad and a 240 mm rad. Unfortunately I was never pleased with the result, it just looked a bit messy, and alot of the details would disappear because of the size. It was never completed, but you can check out where the project halted here if you want: 

    Specs are the same in this one obviously:
    Case: Ncase M1
    CPU: i7-6700K
    Mobo: Asus Z170i Pro Gaming
    PSU: Silverstone Strider SX600-G
    GPU: R9 Nano
    Memory: Kingston HyperX Savage
    SSD 1: Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256 GB
    SSD 2: Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB
    SSD 3: Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB
    Rad: EK 240 SE
    Fans: Scythe slip Stream 120
    Tubing: Monsoon 13/10
    Res/Pump: Magicool DCP450
    CPU Block: EK Supremacy Black
    GPU Block: EK Fury Nano Full Cover
    At the same time I had ordered an Ncase M1-case, and the moment I got it, it was obvious that this would become the project instead. It was just that nice, and it is equally as incredible to work in. The people behind this case has really taken everything into consideration, making proper use of every nook and cranny  This all happened when the forums were down, and the build went so fast because I already had all the parts, and some of the modding (not that there was much needed) was completed in the other project. So this one isn't much of a build log, but more of a completed build. Some minor details are left, you can see a couple of wires down in the left corner for lighting, and there are some light on the motherboard I'm gonna get rid of. On to some pictures:





    The pump is alright now, but when I installed it the first time, I noticed that it was leaking from between the glass part and the pump housing. The o-ring probably was too small, and I generally can't recommend this pump other than for the footprint. Fortunately, my girlfriend works with nails, and has some experience with acrylics, so she filled the gap around the bottom with clear acrylic, and the result isn't too bad at all! you can see a minor circle around if you look closely at the pictures, and I don't think it something you would notice unless you knew it was there. All in all really happy about the result, so far my absolute favourite pc that I've built. 
    Even did some tests with 3DMark and Prime95, and it was coping pretty well. CPU went up to a maximum of 86 degrees on Prime95, can post the 3DMark scores when I get back home, but was about 13000 on Firestrike at 1920 x1080.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to marciiii in Best Quiet, High Performing Coolers   
    First of all I would get an i5-6600k and as a cooler i would get an be quiet Dark Rock 3
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    Elektroschocker reacted to CableMod in LEDS for computer   
    think I dont need to say more
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    Elektroschocker reacted to 1Scotty1 in 1,000 Post! DIY Fan Power Hub Tutorial!   
    Now that is what I call ghetto nice going
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    Elektroschocker reacted to UnlimitedTMD in Best SSD that is 100 dollars or less   
    samsung 850 EVO
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Scottonpc in Best SSD that is 100 dollars or less   
    Samsung 850 EVO
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    Elektroschocker got a reaction from zMeul in Win 10 on SSHD   
    the Seagate SSHD drives use the Flash as a Cache you can't acces it or install things to it.
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    Elektroschocker got a reaction from zMeul in Win 10 on SSHD   
    the Seagate SSHD drives use the Flash as a Cache you can't acces it or install things to it.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to HKZeroFive in What should I get ?   
    The two 980Tis...
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    Elektroschocker reacted to ZetZet in Do 3.5 inch SSD's exist?   
    250GB 850 EVO
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    Elektroschocker reacted to smicha in Watercooled 4 Titan X Octane Render Workstation   
    More pictures soon
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    Elektroschocker reacted to GeekJump in Mahogany Desk, Build of the Year 2018   
    Ahh so you're one of those European Giants! 
    Okay, maybe because the sides dip a little lower it looks shorter than it is.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to Koverhar in Mahogany Desk, Build of the Year 2018   
    It's 80 cms tall. The standard desk is 78cm tall eg offices etc. I'm 191 cm or 6ft 4inches in Murica. So it's actually not that small.
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    Elektroschocker reacted to The Official Czex in Whats the difference between AMP and DAC   
    Amp amplifies input. DAC converts input.

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    Elektroschocker reacted to OAcesync in 6600k   
    More pixels less CPU dependant more GPU dependant, i3 wouldn't bottleneck a top end GPU at 4K
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    Elektroschocker reacted to DEcobra11 in My PSU is doing a very loud noise please help (Corsair CS650M)   
    Bad fan bearings or something is against its fan
    You can replace it, but it'll void PSU's warranty