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    Screws with confidence


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3466 (B-Die!)
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 Founder's Edition
  • Case
    Cougar QBX
  • Storage
    1TB Western Digital SN750 NVMe, 500GB Dell/Toshiba NVMe, 1TB Inland Professional SSD, 960TB SanDisk Ultra II SSD, 4TB Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova GM 650W SFX
  • Display(s)
    LG 4K sexyness
  • Cooling
    Deepcool Gammaxx C40
  • Keyboard
    Rosewill Apollo (Cherry MX Brown)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G602
  • Sound
    Yes, it makes sound.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    HP Envy 13" something or other
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  1. I've got a GTX 1070 paired with mine, and it's never felt unbalanced.
  2. Me: If AMD announces that R5 5600, I'm in for life.


    Also me: No 5600? Whelp, i5-10400 it is. Where do I return this motherboard to?

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    2. aisle9


      1. My R5 1600 is old and I don’t trust the motherboard


       2. Upgrade path on the i5 leads to 11700 or 11900 eventually


       3. because I don’t care about overclocking, that opens up cheaper B460 and H470 boards. 10400F and a decent H470 board could set me back a little as $220-240 after the Micro Center discount

    3. germgoatz


      but why 5600 instead of 5600x

    4. aisle9


      5600 = $220

      5600X = $tupid

  3. No, they were fairly common--ten years ago. They're so bulky, heavy, slicey and dicey that most of them have long since been reincarnated as Coke cans.
  4. Get a used Optiplex 390 or 790 Mini Tower motherboard. They can be had for as little as $15-20 in working condition on eBay, and they are LGA 1155. Grab an i7-2600 for $65-75, and you've got a 4C/8T CPU with a motherboard that can be installed into any case you want for under $100. If money's really tight, the i5-2500 is an option for under $30, but you're at 4 cores/4 threads there, and that's going to limit you. IMO, avoid AM3+. The CPUs might have 8 cores, but an AM3+ motherboard is going to cost you more, the CPUs are going to cost you more, and the FX-8300 won't be as fast as
  5. SpinQ! You are truly blessed to have one of those beautifully monstrous razor blades in your life.
  6. There's nothing to "get away with". It's called the free market. Is it fair? Yes. You have as much chance at those cards as resellers do. If retailers implicitly allow them to use bots by way of not blocking or banning them, then bots are fair game, and you're free to use a bot or a script too. And if you buy a card and realize that someone else out there is dumb enough to pay twice what you did for it, you're free to resell it as soon as it arrives. Or before, in a lot of cases, where some dipshit is literally paying hundreds of dollars for first dibs on a card that may or may not ever be han
  7. 3200MHz DDR3? Is your computer on meth?
  8. It's all so cheap right now, who cares? No, it won't hurt anything, it will just run at the lower speed.
  9. Oh, I'm definitely hanging onto the spare drive. It's an SN750. I've only still got the board in hopes that AMD announces a $225 R5 5600 or a sub-$350 R7 5700X at some point this month. If I haven't heard anything by 1/25 or so, I have to send it back to Amazon or lose the refund. And I know that if I send it back, they'll announce the 5600 the next day. If I don't, they'll just keep dropping overpriced X CPUs. Even if that board does go back, the extra NVMe stays with me.
  10. As others have said, that's normal. Your board's fine. No shame in that. My system has a 1TB NVMe drive, two 1TB SATA III SSDs and a 4GB SATA III HDD. I suppose I could install another 500GB NVMe drive, but that would require me to swap out the motherboard in my system with the one I still haven't taken out of its box...3 months later...it might be time to just admit that I'll never use it and return it to Amazon...
  11. The Tomahawk is one of very few B450 boards with good power delivery.
  12. eBay has a more or less bulletproof returns system that favors buyers almost 100% of the time. You have to admit to damaging the item in an eBay message to have your return request refused, and even then there are multiple other ways to get it back. From a seller's POV, it's bullshit. From yours, it means that the only reasons not to take a flyer on something from eBay are if it's going to take too long to get to you (Chinese GPUs, which you shouldn't be buying anyway) or the price doesn't make sense.
  13. If you're looking for AX compatibility, it's almost certainly going to be cheaper to just get a motherboard with wifi built in. It saves you a PCIe slot, too.
  14. Would I be correct in saying that the 3700X is the best CPU value out there? $300 for 8/16, same price as the 5600X's 6/12. The 3700X's replacement costs $150 more, and even a theoretical 5700X will run, by my best guess, $380-400. Aside from maybe the 9900K, which needs more expensive Z390 boards, and possibly the X99 route if you want to gamble on Chinese boards, I don't see a better value right now. And I might be going to Micro Center for something else today anyway...

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    2. aisle9


      The 5600X also would be stuck on AM4. If anything, the upgradability argument goes to Intel right now. And, honestly, I just don't see the 5600X as a good value at all, but I also don't see a 5700X landing within shooting distance of it on price.


      I gave a lot of consideration to the i5-10400, but the benchmarks I've seen suggest that it really just isn't much of an upgrade, if any, over my 1600. The flip side of that would be that if I get a 10400 and an H470 board, even if it's only a 5-10% bump now, I'm set to upgrade to as much as an 11900 down the line IIRC. And it's a $150 processor and $100 mobo vs. a $300 processor and $100 mobo.

    3. FIXXX


      Intel doesn't look like an upgrade that is worthwhile. Just an upgrade for its' own sake. 
      Mobo+CPU and then CPU again. $150+$100 ... + $300 or however much a top tier CPU would be for H470. 

      With the Ryzen you already have a mobo and just get a CPU that's worthwhile as an endpoint for AM4 compared to your 1600. 


      So in the end you get ~$330 vs $550.

      Speculating of course. But got to at least try and push some doubt your way.

    4. aisle9


      @FIXXXi mean, I’ve already walked four miles. Might as well see what they’ve got lol