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  1. back in 2014 it was an originalish idea and seemed cool. But, even if they didn't run away with everyone's money, not many people would buy it now because of better FREE alternatives like the ones you mentioned. ----- The idea itself (compared to usable alternatives out now) is stupid and I'm not surprised it failed. Coin managed to make it to market but it was a disaster - it either never worked or took longer to go through than normal cards the 1/10 times it worked. Then it shut down and pretty much told its backers "thanks for the money, your coin will die in under
  2. I never said that? What are you, MSNBC, Fox, CNN!?!!? Stop spreading your fact news! /s I said...
  3. I forgot there was an Edmonton in Canada . How can I forget the land Bioware lives. You might not have to go to the bank tho. I use my fingerprints now to get into my bank and credit card accounts, maybe all we need is a phone with an "approved" sensor to do the job. I haven't stepped foot inside a bank in more than 5 years I'm not breaking that streak for a finger print! I mentioned this in another reply - I understand the security part but we need to improve the card readers and other parts of the system to streamline it. There are still stores that use old readers that are
  4. I don't think so. Unless it becomes fail proof governments would still require a pilots license (or some other hard to get card). Cars have basic autopilot but we still need to know how to drive and planes have fancier autopilot but there still always has to be someone behind the stick in case. The only way I see it happening is if there is major infrastructure changes to go with it. I wouldn't be comfortable knowing random people are flying over my house. Also I see people daily tossing stuff out there cars, imagine from 30,000 ft in the air? You know what we need to prevent most ground accid
  5. OLD MAN??!?! I can't tell if your comment was sarcastic or not (since your from the UK) but that exactly how it works in the US lol. Debit and credit cards were always mailed to me and usually have no other info included but the contract stuff (interest rates, fees, etc.). I never had to sign anything either when I lived overseas but I always have to sign (CC) or put my pin in (DC) here. When chips were first introduced it was a hot mess - still is sometimes.
  6. well we got 10 chances before we're s.o.l
  7. I honestly never want to see the general public get their hands on flying cars. In the rare alternate future where flying cards are a thing I hope the license for it is as strict, if not stricter, than the requirements for being able to fly an actual plane. But owning one would probably be like boats are now - some people have them but most don't because of initial costs and high maintenance fees. I would be okay with hover cars that only go a few feet off the ground (like 3 ft max) - just to have that smooth ride. Besides the hover, they are just regular cars with the same road ru
  8. hey, they aren't bad. They just have asstasstically shit prices. I high much better internet than most places (based on avgs) but I also have to pay more than most places for it. And comcast just keeps upping the price >_> And who your parents know. but back on topic What kind of competitive market has one competitor? I always thought such a thing was a monopoly. But what do I know, the FCC has the american peoples best interest in mind...
  9. let me keep my rose-colored glasses on please. like those places they still haven't replaced there old beat up readers. You put your card in and wait about 5-10 seconds between each prompt. When I go to this local store the line is always super long because people are using cards and it takes about a minute per person to pay. I only carry cash still for THAT store lol I understand the reasoning - I like my money not stolen to. But, they should at least improve the system. Chipped cards have been widespread in the US long enough that I shouldn't spend so much time paying. T
  10. No..no...NO! Didn't we learn from switching to chips? Most people are stupid! I don't want to wait at check out again while someone is fumbling with their fingerprint secure card at the register. NOT AGAIN! Plus this time the cashier can't take the card and show them how to do it because they need their fingerprint. And, besides the fact I don't think this card will be as thin as current cards, I bet people would still need to sign or something. I remember when chips were introduced and they talked about not needing to sign or put your pin in anymore...the chip takes 2x longer tha
  11. Yeah. He did a q&a stream and the first ~10 minutes are giving sarcastic/rude answers to questions. So I randomly jump to different spots and he is either still being rude or complaining about stuff...an hour long stream
  12. I had to find you and this comment again after watching his recent live stream. Okay, you might be on to something Either I didn't notice it before or stress of moving offices and getting more businessy is getting to him lol
  13. While I agree with the people saying Nvidia getting sued was b.s and overkill I, as a broke college student at the time of purchase, submitted a claim for that $30 I got the confirmation receipt when I submitted the claim but nothing since. When the check comes I'm going to celebrate with some Taco Bell! YAY Diarrhea!
  14. Click bait that's not gonna happen? Probably. But if it's true how stupid is Nvidia to think "know what will fix sales? introducing new cards AGAIN this year!". Maybe because I'm just more aware of things now but I feel there is a new GPU iteration every other month now. X, XP, TI, TIT, XP Plus...
  15. Yeah, I like to be the first to try something out but it just keeps f*cken me over lol My brother (also on Fi with a 6p) doesn't update just out of laziness and he is having much fewer problems.