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  1. @1715k this model we haven't actually verified unfortunately so we wouldn't be certain of the pinouts on it. As such, and as @Middcore mentioned, you shouldn't take a risk as it could be different. We do offer extensions that are cheaper and offer more universal compatibility. Definitely would recommend checking these out.
  2. @Katze we do via our configurator page, but currently it is custom options only as we are backlogged and this helped slow down orders a bit. So extensions may be a better alternative for you right now if you need something quickly. https://store.cablemod.com/configurator/
  3. @Katze apologies, tagged the wrong person prior! The other cables are indeed safe to use as they are the same compatibility, only the 24-pin ATX is different.
  4. @Oshino Shinobu yeah you purchased the wrong kit, the only difference is the 24-pin ATX cable however. Please reach out to our support team and we can assist with getting you the correct 24-pin ATX cable. https://cablemod.com/support/
  5. The White and UV LED portion should interact exactly the same on the Gigabyte boards actually. So the UV should interact with the W portion of the software.
  6. @marcexeu we use 18 AWG for our cables, plenty capable of handling anything you plan to throw in build.
  7. @mosti very sorry about the mistake on your order, and rest assured, if you wish for a refund we will of course provide you with one. We did have an issue where the configurator IDs did get generated incorrectly and it didn't show the pro enabled option or the pro combs. We again though are happy to offer a refund on this, or we are also offering priority remakes (free of charge obviously) if you would rather. Our support team will get back to you immediately though if you already put in a ticket. Our team does have some time off because of Thanksgiving though of course so please give them som
  8. @patken007 I don't have a photo showing the flexibility, but I've used the ModMesh pro even in ITX builds just fine in the Nano S for example and the EVOLV ITX.
  9. @patken007 yes you could go with that bundle, or if you don't need as many combs you could go with the bundle that only adds in the additional PCI-E (the kit that goes for $119.80 USD instead. These will be direct replacement cables that plug directly into your PSU and then to the hardware. ModFlex is our softer, more flexible sleeving option. ModMesh is our slightly stiffer option which can make for clean cable routing, but also offers more vibrant colors and some colors are UV reactive (such as white, light blue, light green, etc.). If you wanted orange as an option though, you would need to
  10. @patken007 based on that I would recommend our ModFlex cables for flexibility, and an additional 8-pin PCI-E with our ampere bundles to accommodate the 3 PCI-E cables needed. https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_series=c-series-rmi-rmx
  11. @Protessional_Dutch the comb support on the description says it supports 3mm, our Classic ModFlex and ModMesh are 3mm exactly so you would be able to use those. Our pro series would be too thick for these though as our pro series cables are 3.4mm.
  12. @DankDoodles the stock cables from that PSU are sleeved, but they're also very thin (I think 1.8mm if I remember correctly)? You could go with the stock cables, but we also support replacement cables for your unit as well if you would like colored options instead. Our RT-Series kits will have everything you need for this setup. https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_series=rt-series-asus
  13. @BrandonMcGowan79 the Dual 6+2 is one PSU end connection that splits into a double GPU connector setup. (Photo attached) The reason you're unable to edit the colors on the second cable is because they carry over from the first cable actually. For a cleaner aesthetic though, single PCI-E cables, or our bridged PCI-E cables look better, the dual cables are more so meant for PSUs with few connectors available or SFF builds where space is limited.
  14. @Mister Woof we offer direct replacement cables as well for your unit if you would prefer direct replacement cables instead of extensions. https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_series=rt-series-asus