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  1. @JingleJaxsonif the order was refunded but still shipped anyways, you wouldn't be charged for it again. That would be a mistake on our end then, so you get yourself an order on the house, free of charge. :)
  2. @steakboy definitely not a cost saving technique, it's very much so needed for the reasons mentioned above.
  3. @steakboy those cables are very short that were shown above, and on direct replacement cables, splices are needed, as well as crossing wires to account for the pinouts assigned by the manufacturer, you'll see competitors do the same thing on very short replacement cables. If you go with longer cables, these splices and crossed wires are maintained behind the PSU shroud or motherboard tray, so the main component side is clean (as shown in the photos provided). With that in mind, if you would like to still go with CableMod, I can guarantee proper support and service. The cables you w
  4. @phoxoto I did miss the topic originally, however, you should always go to us directly of course for any questions or concerns when ordering. We have a support page here: https://cablemod.com/support/ Typically you'll receive a reply same day, we try to be quite fast with those. Many builds and configurations though, the front facing side is the side where the latch isn't showing, which is why we matched that for the configurator, so you see it as you will in your build, just to explain that piece.
  5. @phoxoto our diagrams are correct, and we do mention on the site "All connectors are shown with the latch on the bottom side." as well actually. So you take that info and the connector orientation and match that up accordingly to the connector orientation you have on your GPU (or motherboard EPS with the same logic being applied). If you ordered the wrong part, please put in a support ticket and we can help with a remake at a very friendly discounted price for you to help out with this.
  6. @lerodemmythey don't have to be in a row, no, you just have to have three available which you would.
  7. @lerodemmy it looks like you have 6 ports there for PCI-E/EPS. What PSU is that though for reference?
  8. @lerodemmy our ModMesh is stiffer so you can make some cleaner looking runs out of them, but you can also still form them to a shape that is still easily workable though. I've attached a photo of this for reference so you can see. ModFlex is more flexible though if you didn't want to risk it and wanted that additional flexibility.
  9. @bobzen yep - those would be direct replacement cables via the configurator if you selected the PSU under PSU cables.
  10. @bobzen yep, that would cover the visible cables - and you'd be all good to go.
  11. The motherboard has two 8-pin EPS, so you could do 2x 8-pin EPS (or 1x Bridged 8+8 EPS), with 3x 8-pin PCI-E (or 1x Bridged 8+8+8 PCI-E) with 1x 24-pin ATX cable. I've attached a photo of our Bridged 8+8+8 PCI-E for reference. Direct replacement cables are typically preferred as they are easier to work with and offer less cable clutter. As others have mentioned though, do lock in your PSU first before buying though as PSUs have different pinouts if you go with direct replacement cables. Extensions you don't need to worry about that in the same as they will be universally compatible.
  12. We actually do go as short as 15cm - but we let people use the slider via the configurator freely to choose the lengths that best fits their needs. Agreed though, extensions don't need to be very long in most applications.
  13. @Dancam38 we have your PSU on our configurator page if you would like cables for it, with white sleeving in both our ModFlex and ModMesh options. ModFlex is our softer, more flexible sleeving option. ModMesh is our stiffer, more vibrant sleeving option, which is also UV reactive, as well as a more durable sleeving type. Here are the differences in wire measurements: Classic ModFlex and Classic ModMesh: 3.0mm - Pro ModFlex and Pro ModMesh: 3.4mm https://store.cablemod.com/configurator/
  14. @1715k this model we haven't actually verified unfortunately so we wouldn't be certain of the pinouts on it. As such, and as @Middcore mentioned, you shouldn't take a risk as it could be different. We do offer extensions that are cheaper and offer more universal compatibility. Definitely would recommend checking these out.
  15. @Katze we do via our configurator page, but currently it is custom options only as we are backlogged and this helped slow down orders a bit. So extensions may be a better alternative for you right now if you need something quickly. https://store.cablemod.com/configurator/