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  1. Should apple remove lightning connector? Yes Should it be something that government regulates? NO Please don’t bring some government regulation into something that evolves so quickly
  2. If you like to flip around your usb plug because you can't find which way it's supposed to go, be my guest I'm pretty sure you'll still find crap ton of devices using micro-USB, what about that one? It's even flimsier and comes with the same problem just like USB-A which it's a pain in the ass to plug into. We are in the transition period between Micro-B to USB-C which could've been made much faster if only we don't use "let's not force it out" that you apparently so against. To your third point, just look at my second point. Just how much longer do we have to deal with both USB-A and micro-B? USB-A and USB-C will both break anyways if it gets hit with a swinging force of you leg hitting to its interconnect. No point in using USB-C in some application? I'm sorry for being a person who doesn't want previous stupidity in tech being fixed
  3. All your argument revolves around “oh they should’ve provided both options” look at USB-A port it’s clearly an outdated port that should’ve been thrown out of the window. YET we still use it. Why? Because many people reject changes of any sort of form. They prefer to just maintain their status quo. They arent even willing to TRY before saying “yep ain’t for me” and instead reject it in the first place If all PC and laptop manufacturer agrees to gradually decrease / remove USB A port and forces everyone to USB C, how long do you think it’d take for USB C to become the de facto port? Our growth in terms of tech are so slow because people prefer to maintain that status quo
  4. HA! You do realize they just priced s10 lite and note 10 lite in india for around $650-700 mark? Not to mention samsung pricing in US is actually higher or equivalent to developing countries. No way in hell samsung would release a phone that cannibalize its little sibling within a month. Perhaps you’ve never taken a UI design class along with product requirement engineering, but Henry Ford once said if you ask people what they want, they don’t want a car, they’ll ask for faster stronger horses. Innovation revolves around the few creating things that make people go “jeez, why have i never thought of something that obvious” not a million people thinking of the same thing. There’s also something called market growth and maturity. iPhone is the device that forces full screen no keyboard design into the market, macbook air forces the industry to make ultrabook become the de facto laptop design. We have had bluetooth earbuds for YEARS and it wasnt popular, not until apple removed its headphone jack
  5. Yes, but TWS earbuds won’t be like it is if not because of apple Apple forces people to follow its vision of the future but at the same time, apple is the trend maker in tech, whether it is notches, headphone jack or thunderbolt 3
  6. Yes but the phone will cost $1000+ MSRP You do not fall into the “regular customer” type in the first place. Your existence here already makes you categorized into “enthusiast”. Just look at it like how you would look at current iPhone 11 / 11 Pro. I’ll always recommend iPhone 11 to most people, unless I know they are the power user / enthusiast type where they are willing to cash out big amount of money for that improvement
  7. A50 is a decent phone and most people would be happy with it although it’s just mediocre at everything. I think 90-95% users would be happy with phones like pixel 3a XL The 5-10% are going to be your specific target user or power user in general. I demand the best of the best out of my tech simply because “it works” is not enough and basically anything less than iPhone or Pixel 4 XL isn’t worth getting
  8. I'm actually not sure if this phone would be a better phone than the S10 Lite TBH. Note 10 / S10 Lite are pretty much released to compete with iPhone XR / 11 because that's the best selling model in developed countries right now. 2020 is gonna be a year where it seriously doesn't make sense to spend more than $800 on a smartphone
  9. Well that’s what I’m talking about generally. Windows requires so much of what linus would call “crap management” even I need to take care of my windows OS way more than my mac. Each OS has their own use as there are software that simply work better on mac or mac exclusive in the first place. Most people simply look at the price and say “OVERPRICED” without having trying it first. I mean just go to silicon valley and you’ll find many software developer use macbook that people are yelling as “overpriced”. Are we gonna call them uninformed sheep?
  10. What do you value more, sound or ease of use the sony wf1000xm3 and 1more wireless ANC will sound great but they are on the larger side airpods pro is also highly recommended if you value and compactness above all
  11. I guess you simply dont understand that professional requires their devices to work ALL THE TIME if paying 150% or even more means they dont need to care about contacting tech support at all, they’ll do it TR system doesnt cost 1000 dollar anyway, i thought we are talking TOTL system for high end professional usage why are you saying TR system cost $1000
  12. So i suppose people would be able to make a reply to it, but it wouldnt show immediately below that tweet, which is not a bad idea Twitter is AIDS at its best, mostly its just cancer
  13. Why the hell are people comparing this to mac pro? people who are buying mac pros are mostly digital artists and their workflow are generally very mac specific and / or they don’t want to deal with the hassle of working with custom rig + windows + drivers mac pros still have the accelerator card as well as metal. this cpu will be mostly used by people who are more into big data computation or work where the mac software doesnt have any benefit over windows
  14. Look if they sell ads WITH selling their phone at discounted rate, that’s fair as long as customers know what they are going into Amazon did similar thing where they can sell you the phone without the ads if you’re willing to pay the extra money which is fair enough as amazon was originally not making money with the device
  15. Well, you have to remember that there are more likely to be deals on the iPhone XR right now compared to the new & hot iPhone 11. Most people would jump on the opportunity to get a new iPhone if they only have to pay $450-500 with the deals compared to the $700+ on new iPhone 11. At $150 or even more, the difference makes it worth getting the older iPhone since the A11 is going to be stupid fast driving a 720P+ screen. What market are we talking here? US market? I live in a country where apple does not have an apple store due to government policies, resulting in apple only having authorized reseller and the price gets jacked up such that iPhone 11 costs as much as Note 10+ Most people here who want to buy an iPhone would just buy the iPhone XR or 11 and many get Note 10+ or S10+ instead because there's a $700-800 difference between note 10+ and iPhone 11 pro max. I'm already having headache thinking that I might have to switch to samsung from my iPhone since paying around AU$2000 for new iPhone every 2-3 years is a crap ton of money.