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    Melbourne, AU
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    Z170-M Gaming 5
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    Kingston 8GB
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    RX 480
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    Cooler Master Silencio 352
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    750 EVO / MMX 300
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    EVGA 750W
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    Nixeus VUE 24 FreeSync
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    CM Storm TKL Blue Switch
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    DT880 | Alclair CIEM

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  1. xtroria

    Looking for a new headset, any recommendations?

    Can vouch for DT770 as well. Get the 80ohm version so you dont need to buy an amp
  2. xtroria

    Looking for a new headset, any recommendations?

    I would probably grab something like sennheiser HD558 with antlion modmic. Since you are located in netherlands, it doesnt sound like getting Massdrop PC37x is possible. If it is, then that's what i recommend
  3. I see nothing but a person on the internet who is in contempt of other people who are socio-economically just as capable as your family but are willing to spend more. being a spoiled kid simply means the constant reliance on their parents or elder to get what they want without the willingness to achieve something on their own. If someone's family is rich and he was given all the high-end branded stuffs from his parents but nonetheless he's still capable achieving means on his own, how is that being spoiled.
  4. Teens with new iPhones are spoiled brats, but teens with new S10+ which costs $1K outright as well isnt? What if their parents are just socio-economically capable of buying $1K phones for all their kids without batting an eye, are they still spoiled brats nonetheless? Always funny to see how any positive news apple related will always get bashed to oblivion
  5. xtroria

    Looking for a good Mic for a nosier room?

    I would just use modmic. I switched from my desk mic to it and havent really looked back
  6. xtroria

    [updated] Ryzen 3000 CPU benchmark spotted on Sandra

    I really don't want AMD to increase the core count again. If AMD increases their core count and then Intel also increase their core count, we who bought the 6 core processors are just gonna get screwed
  7. TBH I wouldn't recommend DT1770. It's priced so high for a headphone that competes with other headphone in the sub-300 dollar range.
  8. RX 580 is a better buy but it will run hotter compared to 1060 and takes more power
  9. xtroria

    RTX 2070 Founders edition vs MSI Armour

    Go with MSI. The 2070 armor has a zero rpm feature where the fan doesn't spin when you're not pushing the gpu
  10. xtroria

    RTX 2060 Micro-stutter

    Update: I decided to do the reckless thing, throwing more money to fix the problem and got myself a 9600K and upgrade my cooler to AIO and OC the hell out of it. The good news is my frames seem to be jumping up, the bad news is it seems like the stutters are still there. Seems like the problem lie at the CPU bottlenecking causing a frametime spikes. Weirdly enough BF 1 which spiked like crazy before is liking the additional 2 cores and runs perfectly smooth 100-120 fps on everything maxed out. Battlefield V exhibits some stutter but limiting the FPS to 120 seems to help out a lot. Apex legends is actually the one still stuttering now even when I let it run at a capped 120fps. At this point, I'm not really sure if this is a driver problem. It's very unlikely to be a windows problem since it was still stuttering on a brand new install. At this point, even if it's a CPU bottleneck, getting 9700K won't do anything since all the games are essentially only optimized to run on 6 cores and not 8 cores which is why i grabbed 9600K in the first place
  11. xtroria

    Upgrading from GTX1060 to RTX 2080

    Depends on the game you're running. Games like BF V or apex will crush the hell out of your CPU I literally had to upgrade my 6600K to a 9600K (was gonna get 9700K but it seems like games don't use 8 cores for now) with RTX 2080 on 1080P 144hz Heck even after upgrading my 2060 is still not being fully utilized on BF 1 ultra settings
  12. xtroria

    RTX 2060 Micro-stutter

    So far I've tried re-installing windows, without any success. I tried creating a task which free the standyby RAM and still doesn't work My CPU is indeed bottlenecking the games, but it should only result in lower frames, not a micro-stutter. Has anyone has this problem and managed to fix it?
  13. xtroria

    RTX 2060 Micro-stutter

    I'll try to look into it. I have a dual channel 8GB ram and a single channel 4gb ram
  14. xtroria

    RTX 2060 Micro-stutter

    Hello, I'm currently having problem with my newly puchased RTX 2060 as it creates microstutter in apex legends and BF1. These 2 are the only games that I'm really playing right now so I've only tried it with these games. My setup is: 6600K @stock 12GB RAM SSD only for storage Viewsonic XG2402 @1080P 144hz (Freesync + G-sync) I was using RX 480 4GB previously and I don't have any problem with it. The problem persists with both G-sync on and off, GPU running on stock or OCed. I was also running the latest edition of the Nvidia driver (419.35) Although I speculate that the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU. I don't think it should result in a complete micro-stutter, probably only lower frames since the CPU is running at stock and should have a good stable voltage powering it
  15. Problem solved. I uninstalled using DDU and then re-install the driver from standalone exe