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  1. Here's what google says: Active-state power management (ASPM) is a power management mechanism for PCI Express devices to garner power savings while otherwise in a fully active state. Predominantly, this is achieved through active-state link power management; i.e., the PCI Express serial link is powered down when there is no traffic across it. L0 – All PCI Express transactions and other operations are enabled. L0s – A low resume latency, energy saving “standby” state. L1 – Higher latency, lower power “standby” state (optional). L0sL1 - Activate both L0s and L1 support.
  2. or...now that I think of it, isn't this familiar? THIS IS EXACTLY what apple did with the transition to arm. They are gonna spilt the x86 space for preparation for big little since arm is a threat. They will keep win 10 supported (2025) till machines before 2018 get their upgrade cycle, now that i think of it....and due to how many new standards focusing on power efficiency and security..i think microsoft is trying to split things up and begin a "new generation" following atx 12vo, big little, and arm implementations. I might've screwed up my theory but u get the point, wi
  3. It's not on an imp pc by any means, important stuff is backed up and mainly worked on my laptop. I wanted to try it on my desktop, and maybe later on the laptop after some years. Seems like getting a 1700 for cheap didn't pay off, damn many people I know will be mad.
  4. First my sandy bridge system is fucked, and now this? EVEN FIRST GEN RYZEN? SINCE WHEN IS A CRAPPY CELERON MORE CAPABLE THAN A 1700? fuck microsoft, fuck win 11, sticking to win 10. (i hope they prove me wrong) i really wanted to early adopt win 11...
  5. A gt 710 is much weaker than your CPU's iGPU, so use that instead until you can get a 1050 ti or 1650 or something.
  6. Niiiiice! Gives discord moderator vibes.
  7. I haven't talked here in a while, and the title is throwing me off.
  8. Well you should try to adjust somehow, you shouldn't allow fears to stop you from enjoying fish. It's annoying but also really worth it for me, especially if you catch your own fish.
  9. I can agree with this, just take your time while eating it. But these small bones get on my nerves, so I get red's point. After choking several times it just...becomes annoying and kinda scary.
  10. DDR3L usually has PC3L written instead of PC3. And is mostly newer.
  11. Good luck, make sure that it's DDR3 not DDR3L
  12. Well...it is what it is...I had motherboards die FOR NO ACTUAL REASON.