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  1. DDR3L usually has PC3L written instead of PC3. And is mostly newer.
  2. Good luck, make sure that it's DDR3 not DDR3L
  3. Well...it is what it is...I had motherboards die FOR NO ACTUAL REASON.
  4. You have to borrow some ram for testing, try not to buy if possible since the pc could be dead. I warned you
  5. Is there another pc you can try it in? You just need to borrow it to check...that is the only way
  6. Blinking power button is mostly associated with memory issues, and since you reseated the memory..i would suggest trying another stick to see if it fixes the problem, if not then it's either from the traces on the motherboard or the cpu itself. If the laptop has a faulty dGPU this could happen as well, which can only be fixed by reflowing or reballing if you are really lucky.
  7. Then your card should have 2 chips on the top, to reach the required capacity/bus width. Don't worry, if it works normally. Memory chip locations can change between revision and revision, and considering the current situation, and the stress and demand on production of these gpus, things might be "changed without notice".
  8. It's fine, all 3080s are configured like that. They tend to be missing certain memory chips. If it works and shows up as 10gb then you should be fine.
  9. Wait.....is this an April fools prank?

    please...please let it be.

    1. wkdpaul


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    2. wkdpaul
  10. I really miss this place, but probably I have been forgotten already ;-; Anyways keep the craziness going! I will always stalk and observe this thread :3 Time is just not helping me for now.....I am excited to be active again tho!
  11. Reminds you of twitch, doesn't it?
  12. I just did, well at least it's not moving and flashing with all the colors of the RGB spectrum.
  13. Dw m8, if they try to overthrow us, we will shoot them with the heavy caliber. OUR JOURNEY TO VICTORY HAS BEGUN, DEATH TO THE MPLA! Savimbi's pride starts playing in the background (BO2 reference)
  14. @Tog DriverTANK SAN! I just felt like it.