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  1. IBM didn't provide the Zyklon B for the gaschambers either. They simply sold Nazi Germany something as innocent as punch cards. Turned out those punch cards could be used to really accurately keep track of a population. A company's contribution to oppression might seem minimal, but in reality it can be much bigger. People being forced to go Android would objectively make things better as Android at least allows third party app (store) installs.
  2. I mean, just touch the asphalt on a road on a very hot day. You'll immediately feel just how much hotter it gets than most other materials. Even in places like Scandinavia those can get really hot in summer.
  3. That's the normal masurement usually taken some distance from the surface. When a place hits 30 C it is far from unheard of surface materials often used in construction to approach 50 C. Just try walking in an older city with a lot of stone and marble construction on a hot day (London and Berlin are great examples). The temperature you feel is much warmer and if you put your hand on say the roof of a building (where this satellite dish would be) you can easily burn it if you hold on too long.
  4. Unfortunately it's not really a matter of shifting the temperature range up. The temperature range they indicate has very specific reasons based on the technology used. Phased arrays are incredibly amazing (for example, they are the primary reason the most recent forms of military RADAR have become so amazing), but they're also incredibly hot. In most use cases there is some really beefy active cooling going on to keep them from overheating, the kind that for some reason SpaceX couldn't use with their satellite dishes. Best case scenario it was a cost-saving measure, in that case they can make
  5. It would be forcing our ideals on them if these apps were installed by default and somehow needed to be used to be able to use the product. Allowing people to install the apps out of their own free will is not forcing ideals on them.
  6. Kind of depends on where you place the line, in most countries Apple absolutely could push back without risking their product being banned. It's mostly the biggest censors such as China, Saudi Arabia and a few others that could conceivably ban Apple products. But even in those countries they could fix the issue, just as Google, by letting people install apps outside of the App Store. Even in China they cannot be held responsible for software they do not themselves provide access to.
  7. It's a perfectly valid source and the content of the article (and the report it is based on for that matter) by and large backs up the title. And that's the last I'll say on that specific matter. If you don't think the topic belongs here, well hey. The forum has procedures to address that.
  8. In line with the guidelines my thread title was taken directly from the article, complain to Vice about that. The citation by Apple also includes the word many. Not the word all or even most. Meaning that in all other cases Apple decided to block the apps.
  9. Don't even need that, get a $5 droplet on DO and you can run just about every communication server. Once the load/number of members exceeds the specs you'd likely have enough people to chip in a couple of dollars to go to the next tier up.
  10. Nothing to do with being politically correct. LGBT is not all-encompassing for the community. In fact it should be larger than LGBTQIA+ but that one at least comes closest to covering most of the community. LGBT is just Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Essentially still fully stuck in the two genders narrative. LGBTQIA+ adds queer, intersex and asexual explicitly and provides the + to cover the large variety of other ones such as pansexual, genderfluid, demisexual, agender, etc.
  11. Definitely, I remember those good old days. And heck, all of that is still possible. But good luck getting even more than 1% of modern internet users to spend the little effort to learn how to use them.
  12. That's an unanswerable question as it depends on your usage. Just an OS, a couple of lighter games and a lot of media files? You'll want a small SSD + HDD. A lot of games that you play regularly? A single larger SSD will be a noticeable improvement. And those are only two of the many use cases possible so you'll really need to give more info on what you plan to do.
  13. Summary According to researchers from the activist group Fight for the Future amongst others, LGBTQIA+ related apps are unavailable in 152 app stores internationally. Saudi Arabia and China top the lists, but even countries such as France and the United Kingdom have blocked some apps. The apps include a wide range of categories; from explicitly gay dating apps such as Grindr to dating sims such as Lovestruck, social media apps like weBelong (targeted at teenagers to find others like them) and LGBTQIA+ news apps such as Edge. According to an Apple spokesperson a significant share of these
  14. Again, even those don't have access to that kind of scale. Easily one of the largest corporations in the world when it comes to datacenter usage is Amazon, and at most internet exchanges they have 100 Gbps uplinks with a few key IXs having 400 Gbps uplinks. Most government departments are connected to these locations with 10 Gbps ports and often even just Gbps. The largest hub of exchanges, the Equinix Exchange has a maximum throughput of 18 Tbps. That's every single datacenter of theirs and every single peering connection. Basically most of the internet traffic on the world, and they barely h
  15. Thank you, I've made the call and ordered the LG It is only for my own projects yeah, I just thought because LTT always stresses colour accuracy for any content production that it'd apply to my usecase as well.