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  1. Hey this laptop is only ... 7 years old. Late 2013 retina display ftw. Things runs great still. GPU sucks for things like youtube, but otherwise it's great.
  2. I'm sat here typing with a red hot connector trying to charge my laptop, burning my leg, thinking about having to spend another £79 to replace it before it burns my house down.
  3. Oh f***ing iPhones have wireless charging with a magnet rebranded as MagSafe now. Ergh. However the rumor is stated as such: 3. The ‌MagSafe‌ charging connector design is restored. Not "iPhone MagSafe Charging coming to Macbook". It's saying the MagSafe Charging is restored, implying return to the Magnet Cu to Cu connection. I might be alright with a wireless charger, however can they dump enough wattage wirelessly to charge a laptop battery properly? Having two Cu surfaces just touching to make contact isn't reliable, you need them
  4. I literally listed Apple acknowledging the problem and class action lawsuits been raised against apple in the next sentence. That is evidence there is a significant number of people with problems.
  5. -CPU Intel/AMD -> This basically says any CPU ... -Videocard nVidia/AMD (not Intel) -> Likely says any rendering aspect of the software doesn't play nice with integrated graphics, so get an entry level Nvidia or Ati. -RAM 8+ Gb -> About the only actual requirement. Get 16gb and you'll be fine. -OS Windows 8+ -> As someone pointed this is an old OS ... so this software will run on anything released in the last 8 years. Which considering the leaps and bounds integrated graphics have achieved, will likely invalidate the videocard requirements above.
  6. Oh look guys, 1 person is okay, therefore the millions of other users experiencing problems, overheating and dangerous frayed cables are wrong. Apple has even admitted (so you know it's terrible) the quality issues of their MagSafe chargers. They have class action lawsuits against them for been a terrible dangerous design that overheats. MagSafe design is dangerous, unreliable and overly expensive.
  7. 1. The two new models are equipped with about 14-inch and 16-inch displays, respectively. To be expected. 2. In terms of casing design, the new models cancel the curvy design of existing models’ top and bottom parts and adopt a flat-edged form factor design similar to the ‌iPhone 12‌. Likely easily leaked within the right circles due to third party shell and container designs. 3. The ‌MagSafe‌ charging connector design is restored. After 7 years with Magsafe and 5 charges and one replaced charging port. No thanks, magnetic electronic fl
  8. x86 got utterly spanked by a vanity fruit company. There is no future for x86 in the commercial mobile market, be that mobile, tablet and, now utterly confirmed, laptop. This in term will starve the desktop market of R&D and investment resulting in x86 dying for commercial desktop PCs. As it should. It is an archaic ageing architecture relying on patch after patch after patch to keep it relevant resulting in a highly inefficient broken platform. If Microsoft was smart they'd be creating an ARM consortium to produce and maintain a competitive standardised desktop ARM
  9. I'm enjoying watching Linus pimp his house out on the company's dime under the pretence of producing a video.
  10. I think gaining an appropriate skill set, experience then compiling it within a professional CV and sending it attached with a suitable cover letter will yield better results than this OP.
  11. There exist no x86 emulation acceleration outside of Apple's M1. I wouldn't get your hopes up. Microsoft have also been working on ARM Windows for over 8 years and still suck at it. So I wouldn't get much hope they'll fix the problem any time soon.
  12. I've got two monitors, both HDR ready. When I start my PC the monitors flicker black a few times as HDR turns on and off. When I join a game the monitor flickers black while the signal flips. If I'm playing an HDR game on one monitor then hop back to Windows the monitor flicks black while it resets the signal. Then when I transfer back it flicks black again. Why is this not a single toggle option? Why is my GPU and Windows constantly flicking between HDR signals and non-HDR signals causing my monitors to flicker black over and over? While playing some games in HDR is gr
  13. It's called the PS5 and Xbox series X...
  14. Well the current stock situation doesn't help. The deviation in GPU architecture isn't helping either (RTX vs ATi Ray Tracing). The complexity and difficulty in making new even bigger games (see the gamer meltdown over CP2077) (add in the complexity of all the varied hardware). The influx and continued surge of online hacking with very little innovation to challenge or eliminate. The absolute embarrassment that is Apple stomping on Intel and AMD in the CPU market. PC gaming is about to hit a rough time no doubt.
  15. I have the opposite problem. My MoBo will not use the discrete GPU for booting, only firing up once Windows is logged in. All happened when I changed screens, the MoBo settings will not save to override and use the discrete graphics, so if I need to get into my BIOS i have to swap to the integrated GPU output everytime. Kind of annoying, but whatever.