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  1. All modern games are built around architecture, architecture that requires certain design constraints. For PC gaming that is having dedicated compute units design to accelerate texture, geometry and lighting calculations. Nvidia and AMD produce sup'd up dedicated hardware for accelerating this computation in the fastest way possible. A 3080 or 6800 is designed solely to drive that type of calculation and most modern games interface into this architecture to the point they write and support dedicated drivers for their games. Apple tacts on an integrated GPU for accelerating its core
  2. Macb Apple can't surpass or compete with the PC Gaming market unless they commit and design their ARM processors to play games. Think of it as Apple designing an electric scooter, Nvidia and AMD are designing Formula 1 cars. That electric scooter could have quite an impressive acceleration, range and efficiency, especially when you chart it against a formula 1 car. However gaming is going round a track fast, and no electric scooter is going to beat a formula 1 car. Now if Apple designed an electric Formula 1 car, (something they have made clear they will
  3. When can we start implementing actual copyright and trademark infringement embargos? Please?
  4. UK. £10 ($13.74) monthly rolling sim. 10 GiG, Unlimited calls and Texts. Giffgaff. It's not the absolute cheapest but it allows you do literally anything without having to talk to a customer service rep or asshole service. Need to change my number? Do it online. Run out of data on my package? Just bring the next month forward. Plus they randomly dump data onto me when I rarely reach my limit (on holiday for example) so I haven't had to bring my rolling plan forward for years. If I want unlimited data un-throttled it's £35 ($48.08), throttled it's £25 ($34.34).
  5. The bank wouldn't even answer the phone with you to engage in having to enact a ban.
  6. It's really not that impressive when you think about it. It's a static background of simple materials. You could have just green screened him into a photo of a kitchen and got 99% of the same result. He obviously has that kitchen, so rendering references are even easier.
  7. I can see tools requiring a pin to activate been quite a useful thing. Every 24-48hrs you can have key in the right activation key for it too work. People stealing from shops, good f***ing luck with that. People stealing from you, good f***ing luck with that too. But then again, it's DRM creeping into day to day life.
  8. You're assuming a power outage with no evidence. From the symptoms you described, that could be a anything. A random crash (most likely). Overheating (likely, you mentioned it's new. Have you stressed tested it, checked your temps etc). Loose components/cords. Back to the power cut theory. Check your electrical provider for outages. Electric ovens/microwaves usually have an electric clock that gets reset after loss of power. Lights will flicker etc. Have any neighbors commented on it etc.
  9. They would happily both output. But only one card would process gaming frames. Bridging/SLI produces the same result while actually harnessing some of the second cards power.
  10. Am I taking crazy pills? This game looks terrible ... and to be struggling with frames with that hardware? That's embarrassing. This is the same game that got delayed because it was technically graphically panned? Checked, yes it was. Well watching it I thought maybe it's just minecraft ugly but instead minecraft deep. Nope, not even that. Looks exactly the same as the previous Halos with borderline homebrew mods added on. Snore. Utter snore. For refence, I had fun in Halo CE, that was pretty good for it's time. Don't play the uprez version th
  11. Hey ... instead of selling 10,000,000 cards for $500 I'm going to sell 1,000,000 cards for $600! TOTAL WIN.