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  1. Wouldn't TECing the water instead of the cpu be better?
  2. I use middle click a ton, mostly in mobas/isometric/rts games for camera scrolling and browsers for opening and closing tabs. I've been through Razer mice, Corsair mice, Logitech mice, and every single time without fail the middle click starts dropping inputs after about a year of use. Mice usually have 2 year warranties, and after RMAing the subsequent one also has the exact same problem after about a year. Please recommend me a mouse that advertises '20 million click endurance!' on more than just the left and right buttons.
  3. I can't tell if this is a good or bad sign of what's to come in the Epic/Apple thing going on.
  4. How long until they start putting that material in clothes to power things like smartwatches and earbuds?
  5. Which would be a better use of PCIe lanes, x4 for an SSD or two x2 aggregated network cards
  6. I bought my Vive at a Microsoft store, they always had a nice setup with a vr or xb1 demo. I assume that's all people really went into the stores for and not to buy things, so they're doing 100% demos now?
  7. The best you could do is emulate it off of a ram disk.
  8. If you really want to save it instead of going for an RMA, it's worth a shot to underclock the memory before doing anything extreme like that.
  9. Lemme know when a board the size and cost of a Pi ships with something other than an ARM processor.
  10. Set up shop in Detroit, make them a car giant again. The city would probably pay him to move in.
  11. If you want to DIY it, motioneyeos can do everything you need. It uses a browser interface instead of an app that you can get into from anywhere with a vpn. But good luck finding components, lot of stuff is out of stock everywhere.
  12. Overclocking my 1440p monitor from 60 to 75hz is getting me this problem. Don't know if this is actually screen tearing or not but it kind of seems like it based on how the monitor seems to be stretching the image along that line. Already tried all the vsync settings in the nvidia control panel. Other than this the overclock seems to be working perfectly fine. https://imgur.com/K5eLwEV https://imgur.com/OjvVSly
  13. Title. My plan is to do a custom loop with hard tubes and the rad out front, and hide the res, pump, and soft tube in the back for dat super clean look. Slightly prefer white but not a requirement. So far it looks like I'm going for this Corsair 540 case, but I'd love some more options. I also know about that ginormous Thermaltake case but that's a bit much for me.