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    Subzero Overclocker - 6GHz club

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    Overclocking, Hardware, Mobile tech, GoKarting and Gaming.
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    Full time student, part time Computer Engineer and part time Software Developer.


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    3960X @ 4.8GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Rampage IV Formula
  • RAM
    16GB DDR3 2400C9 (Hynix CFR)
  • GPU
    R9 290X w/ EK-FC
  • Case
    Define R4
  • Storage
    2TB + 120GB SSD
  • PSU
    SuperFlower 1200W
  • Display(s)
    ACER 27" IPS 1080P
  • Cooling
    Rotary 3/4hp Phase (-59.5c)
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm QuickFire XT
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    Senheiser HD205
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  1. I believe the entire purpose of the hyper was to do the non-BLCK OC without Z170 chipset.
  2. harrynowl

    AMD Radeon Memory

    It's rebranded Patriot, the new stuff is Hynix MFR like you find in... basically any 4/8GB kit rated for 2400+ and the older stuff is Micron. Both fine. Both run XMP/AMP.
  3. harrynowl

    Q6600 G0 help for getting past 3.0Ghz

    Either more NB volts. Or bad NB wall. @bubblewhale 680i SLI is junk for quads and not much better for duals.
  4. harrynowl

    Is This OC Safe?

    Pretty sure that's 60c socket temp
  5. well, if you buy crap you get crap in return
  6. Crap board and/or crap memory controller, you'll need to run lower sadly
  7. harrynowl

    Safe Voltage for R9 380

    More likely to hit OCP or OVP than kill it.
  8. harrynowl

    Safe Voltage for R9 380

  9. For a true retro build you want a P5B Deluxe
  10. harrynowl

    CPU Degredation Over (almost) 2 Years

    Temperatures have a direct correlation with resistance in a CPU (Positive temperature co-efficient). Which mainly affects a few things to my knowledge: - Voltage requirement - Degradation (via Current Crowding) - CPU overclocking (as a result of the first one). For example at ambient room temp with water my 3570K will do 5GHz @ 1.34V, at -25c it does 5.45 at the same voltage and 5.7 at -50c. But a CPU at 4.5GHz at -80c and a CPU at 4.5GHz at 80c will perform the same (provided its the same CPU), one will just require less volts. ___________________________________________________ Anandtech did a bit on degradation a while ago, although it was applying to the 45nm Hi-K MG used at the time the principle is still the same. I know someone whos G3258 was folding for about 2 years and it went from 4.6 1.22V to like 4.4 1.27V.
  11. harrynowl

    RX 470, pointless as crap

    Not sure what rumors you listen to but the RX480 does indeed come with a 4GB variant.
  12. correct, although I believe they re-labeled it on that series to "Digi+" with no telltale markings, but they often label these controllers as the "digi + ASP1212" on their VGAs also
  13. My Rampage 3 Extreme was based on the 8318, I suspect its likely the same for the others
  14. HyperX Fury doesn't use XMP. So it might be because of that. Set timings manually 10-12-12 1866MHz tRFC of 248 and 1.65V