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    Subzero Overclocker - 6GHz club

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    Overclocking, Hardware, Mobile tech, GoKarting and Gaming.
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    Full time student, part time Computer Engineer and part time Software Developer.


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    3960X @ 4.8GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Rampage IV Formula
  • RAM
    16GB DDR3 2400C9 (Hynix CFR)
  • GPU
    R9 290X w/ EK-FC
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    Define R4
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    2TB + 120GB SSD
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    SuperFlower 1200W
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    ACER 27" IPS 1080P
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    Rotary 3/4hp Phase (-59.5c)
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    CM Storm QuickFire XT
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    Senheiser HD205
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  1. I believe the entire purpose of the hyper was to do the non-BLCK OC without Z170 chipset.
  2. It's rebranded Patriot, the new stuff is Hynix MFR like you find in... basically any 4/8GB kit rated for 2400+ and the older stuff is Micron. Both fine. Both run XMP/AMP.
  3. Either more NB volts. Or bad NB wall. @bubblewhale 680i SLI is junk for quads and not much better for duals.
  4. Crap board and/or crap memory controller, you'll need to run lower sadly
  5. More likely to hit OCP or OVP than kill it.
  6. Temperatures have a direct correlation with resistance in a CPU (Positive temperature co-efficient). Which mainly affects a few things to my knowledge: - Voltage requirement - Degradation (via Current Crowding) - CPU overclocking (as a result of the first one). For example at ambient room temp with water my 3570K will do 5GHz @ 1.34V, at -25c it does 5.45 at the same voltage and 5.7 at -50c. But a CPU at 4.5GHz at -80c and a CPU at 4.5GHz at 80c will perform the same (provided its the same CPU), one will just require less volts. _______
  7. Not sure what rumors you listen to but the RX480 does indeed come with a 4GB variant.
  8. correct, although I believe they re-labeled it on that series to "Digi+" with no telltale markings, but they often label these controllers as the "digi + ASP1212" on their VGAs also
  9. My Rampage 3 Extreme was based on the 8318, I suspect its likely the same for the others
  10. HyperX Fury doesn't use XMP. So it might be because of that. Set timings manually 10-12-12 1866MHz tRFC of 248 and 1.65V