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  1. Battlefield 4 on G2A right now is under 10 pounds. 100% worth it @asim1999 Edit* wrong tag
  2. I don't play arma Kappa. like i said,snipers on bf4 is for scrubs especially the long range non-ptfoing plebs
  3. I said i was addicted to this game for almost 2 years. i got over it. There is no way i am touching this game again.
  4. I guess i'm back..or not..we'll see. Kappa

  5. Sniping is useless unless you do it right. I personally find bolt action rifles useless but not the recon class so sometimes i use recon with a carbine That being said, i have a scrub non-ptfo moment where i got a 1485m HS with the srr-61 because bullet drop matters on that range,not bullet velocity.
  6. my pc is outside the case sitting on a book with hardcoded cover which i think is non-static. I had to move for the summer and i wanted the pc to come with me but the case wouldn't fit inside the suitcase so i took all the hardware except the case with me. Not very smart but it works. Note: pc was working fine for 2 straight months without the case so that is 100% not the problem.
  7. Yup, all i can say too is that the game was pretty broken,then EAsy came to completely ruin it. This was my first f2p game and it WILL be my last. I learn from my mistakes.
  8. Wow, nfsw caput? It really was about time. I was playing this game for 1.5 years. Very addicted to it. The game was so full of cheaters than i had to stop playing multiplayer and i started competing for leaderboard times on single player.Had many world record on some maps as well. And because that game was 100% p2w, i started paying a lot of money. finally got rid of it and started playing bf4 My full garage if anyone is interested
  9. Specs in the signature... What doesn't make sense is that outlet is working fine right now and it was always fine till that day. I will probably get the new psu in a couple days with surge protection in the outlet and if it happens again,something is wrong with the motherboard.
  10. everything is in my signature as i already said in the OP.
  11. Yes,i guess so. I run everything on an extension lead without a surge protector connected to the outlet. Sorry if you mean something else and I don't get it.
  12. Not everything,just the outlets of my room. what is strange is that it should go down without frying the PSU but it did,twice
  13. the plug is working fine. right now it runs my monitor,my laptop and a fan
  14. Can you elaborate? i don't know what breaker is