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    i5-3570k 4.5GHz
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    Asus P8Z77-M Pro
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    16 GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz
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    Asus GTX 780 Ti DirectCuii
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  1. a. Two 970's in sli are perfect for most games at 1440p. The only issue you may run into is vram given that 1440p may require more. b. No, the cards do not have to be identical. Just the same model (ie 970 and 970. 960 and 960)
  2. I remember seeing your post about soldering back the pins and I was like "pfft good luck dude". But damn you were actually able to do it! Nice job! Do you have pictures of your CPU after it was fixed? I'm pretty curious to how you were able to just solder it and get it working again.
  3. Does my Asus 780ti directcu ii have shitty vrm heatsinks or something because it gets to 84ish degrees.... How does the 980 ti matrix keep its vrms so cool?
  4. The main issue with my case is that it can't fit a rad larger than a 120mm. I guess I'll just wait til I do a full upgrade before I watercool. Thanks for the advice
  5. hm... Would it be worth it to watercool my 3570k though? I'd probably need to change my case too if I'm going to watercool my CPU since my current case can't fit rads in the top or the front.
  6. Mine hit 84ish at stock.... :huh: I cranked the fan speeds up when i overclock but it creeps up no matter what :angry:
  7. sigh, i guess that's the sad truth....
  8. Yeah. I would also need a pump, res, and rad... Though since I'm only cooling the gpu, I wouldn't need anything too expensive right? so maybe 200 total?
  9. Ah yeah, I was considering on replacing the heatsinks with better ones. I just have no clue which are good. I might... Only issue is that it probably would probably be pretty expensive and also its hard to find the block now a days.
  10. Is there an effective way to better cool the vrms on a gpu? I've got a 780ti directcu ii and the vrms are only cooled by heatsinks. They eventually heat up enough to where it destabilizes my overclocks.
  11. I've got an Asus 780 ti Directcu ii and from what I've read, its not possible to use a watercooling bracket like the G10 on it. So would it be worth it to build a custom 120mm rad loop just for the gpu? Also what would the ballpark cost for building a small loop like that?
  12. Hey everyone! So I've decided to give a shot at fine tuning the overclock on my Asus 780 ti Direct CU II for games. So currently I know it'll run at 1150Mhz Core and 1800Mhz Mem at 1187mV. It is the "I don't have time to be messing with overclocks right now" conservative overclock that I put on it whenever I play games. I know I have to just keep running benchmarks like Valley or Firestrike and increase the clocks in increments of like 10 or 15 Mhz, but I was wondering if there is anything else I should be paying attention to or tweaking? I want to now try to get every last fps out of this car
  13. What I'm thinking is that his psu isn't good enough either quality wise or just overall wattage. I experienced crashing before when overclocking when I had a psu that didn't give them enough juice.