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  • Birthday January 10

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    Peterborough, United Kingdom
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    Music creation (or just music in general (especially Pink Floyd), Virtual machines, anything pc related really (unless its AI in which case i burry my head in the sand cause it scares me)
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    Student :(


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    Intel Core I5 (7th Gen)
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    8GB DDR4 2133mhz
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX1050TI
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    2 TB hard Drive
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    1920 by 1080 15.6 inch Samsung Monitor
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    Corsair K63 Mechanical Switch (CherryMX Red)
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    Mad Catz Rat 3 / Logitech G602
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    Beats Solo2 (Black W/ Red Accents)
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    Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

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  1. Thanks so much man. Everything is working like a dream now. Perfection! Your a top class guy☺☺
  2. HI there. So, in my PC i have 1 250GB SSD and 1 2TB Hard drive. Previously, i had a windows installation on the 2tb drive. I have now wiped that install and installed windows on the SSD. The problem is, There are still partitions on that drive that cant be deleted and the drive cannot be wiped as i believe the new Installation is relying on some info on one of the hidden partitions on the old drive. I just don't know what to do. So, my final goal is to have the 2TB drive completely wiped of windows and have Windows installed on the 250gb ssd. I want to use the 2tb drive as mass storage f
  3. I cant remember the specifics of it right now but Its to do with a clause in there own EULA and the way it was worded.
  4. the activation servers are still up and legally they cant kill them. Not the problem here
  5. so, long story short, I moved a Windows XP VM from my old pc to a new one. The VM already had problems but I've established its probably not worth the time and effort of fixing them. My question is if I create a new VM, can I use the same windows disk and key to activate Windows XP with Microsoft either over the internet or via phone. the version is XP Professional if that matters.
  6. Thank you very much. this is something I've been meaning to look into for a while. Sounds like good experience especially as I want a job in the It industry. Thanks again
  7. Are there any good guides you could link o about this. Also, where could I get hold of the server OS
  8. Absolutely adore Skyrim, seems like a challenge!
  9. I don't think its as much EA trying to clean up as it is Dice trying to salvage what would have been a great game. Feel really sorry for dice.
  10. Had a little play seems cool but i need more time to put into it. Anyone else got any suggestions
  11. Well I'm bored and need something to do that's fun and pc software related (preferably nerdy) Things I've enjoyed in the past are creating and using a VM, configuring DOSBox, emulation. I don't mind a challenge either And P.S I love versions of windows from XP down
  12. Thanks for the reply, thought that would be the case NOt the ideal situation as I have allot of custom tweaks and settings added to windows but hey ho. My current specs are: 7th gen I5 7600k Gtx 1050TI SoundBlaster sound card 2tb Hard drive 8Gb RAM
  13. So, I've been looking into an SSD to speed up the boot time of my Pc and I'm leaning towards a 256gb or 512gb m.2 NVME drive. I currently have a 2TB HDD that I use for everything for everything (boot drive, music creation stuff, software, steam library, etc) which is currently about half full but I don't want to migrate all of this to an SSD. I just want the windows installation on the drive along with 3 or so games. Is this possible with drive cloning software or a similar tool which can just move windows to the new drive or will I have to reinstall windows on a new drive? Any he
  14. Im afraid even with hyperthreading disabled in the bios the system crashes and gives the same error. I have tried with and witjout hyperthreading twice and both methods yield the same result Any other ideas?