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  1. Budget (including currency): sub 750 Euros Country: Portugal Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming Other details Small form factor ITX build to use in the living room connected to the TV. hello, how are you? I am trying to piece together a build to game on the TV. after some searching and deal hunting, I got the following spec list: Cpu: 8700 Cooler: Bequiet Shadow Rock LP Board: Asus H370i Strix Memory: Patriot 2x8 DDR4 3200 CL16 PSU: Chieftec 650W SFX 80 Plus Gold Case: CM NR200P HDD: Mush
  2. Hello, I am currently planning and piecing together my new build. For CPU, I am currently decided on the AMD 3700x on a b550 board. In regard to Ram, I just don’t know. 3200 CL16 is at an excellent price at the moment. But I don’t know if that spec is good enough for the 3700X or if performance would be greatly improved by spending more and getting better ram. 3600 CL15 or 3200 CL14 can be almost double the cost for the same capacity, so I don’t know if the added expense would bring better performance or if it would just be marginal at best. The goal o
  3. thank you for your reply. I was thinking about the 3700 with 8 core and 16 threads as to mimic the cpus on the next gen consoles, the Ps5 and Xbox Sex. I think when we go deeper into next gen, and after the cross gen period, most games will be developed wih the consoles hardware in mind as the lead platforms, so 8 cores seems the way to go. But I agree that a 3600 would be way cheaper. As for case, yes, it could prove a challenge. my last pc build was an itx with a 1080ti. i built on a RVZ02 and used a blower style gpu and it was awful in regard to no
  4. Budget (including currency): 1200 to 1500 euros Country: Portugal Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: mostly gaming. AAA games mainly. Other details The objective is to do a build for the living room, to have next to the TV and use as a console replacement. I am thinking ITX, but mATX could also work if I could find a case small and aesthetically pleasing. Hello, So with the NVidia 3000 series announced, it is time for me to go back to PC. I want to build a new living room PC. The GPU will either be the 3070 or the 3080.
  5. Hello, wih the recent Nvidia announcement I am planning a build around the new 3070 for the living room. the goal is to be a small, silent and discrete gaming pc that can be on the living room, next to the TV. I think I have currently shortlisted 3 cases. the Dan A4, the Jonsbo A4 and the InWin A1 plus. The Jonsbo looks good, but with the tempered glass side panel, I am afraid it could choke the GPU and be noise. it can take two bottom 120mm intake fans and 2 top exhaust fans, but the GPU cooler sits behind the glass, so I just don’t know.
  6. You make some valid points. The thing is that when I start reading, there are issues everywhere... The poco f1 with LineageOS can be buggy because it is a custom non official rom. I go to the xda thread and of course many issues there. The Pixel camera port can also be hit and miss and can have issues with buffer, lag and such. But then, the Pixel can also have bugs. There are numerous reports of slowdowns and bugs on pie updates. Then the poco can also have latency issues with the touch... I just don't know. An iPhone
  7. Why do you say that?. Because the issues said online of blue tint at angles and risk of burn in?
  8. Hello, how are you? I am looking to get a new phone before Christmas. I am hearing a lot of buzz about the Pocophone f1. I can get the 64gb version for 265 euros here. I really like stock android so if I get the poco I would flash LineageOS to it. On the other hand, I can also get a pixel 2 xl for 420. It is a difference in price, so I am wondering what is the best option. From what I can tell, the pixel has the better camera and is the official Google phone, so it has perfectly integrated stock Android. But it also has issues
  9. Thank you for the replies. Even in regard to smooth frametimes and good minimums? Can ryzen deliver that smooth 60 fps lock at 16.6ms frametime?
  10. Hello, how are you? Working on a build. The goal is 4k gaming at 60hz. Mostly 2160p, but migh also go for custom resolutions of 1800p or 1620p when 4k cannot be used at 60fps. Anyway, I was looking at using a Ryzen 2600 as the cpu for two reasons. Number one is the price. Since currenlty there seems to be a shortage on intel CPU's, the 2600 is 60 euros cheaper than an i5 8400 and costs almost half as much as an 8700. The other is thermal. Since this is a SFF build on a Dan Case A4, I think the soldered heatspreader on the Ryzen can deliver better thermals t
  11. Thank you for your replies. Use case is small form factor, so that's why I ask because single drive is better for cable management.
  12. Hello, how are you? I am wondering if for a gaming machine is better to have a separate smaller ssd for windows install and a bigger drive for the steam and uplay libraries? Or if it is OK to just have a single larger drive for everything. I always heard that two separate drives was better because that way the os drive wouldn't be filled and could have free space to allow the system to breathe and not choke up. Any truth to that? Cheers
  13. Hello, how are you? Looking at upgrading my sound. My TV is a Sony Xe90 and while the image is great, I find the sound to be lacking. Specially is dialog. I like to game without subtitles for the added immersion but sometimes the dialog can be really muddy and difficult to understand. I really have to crank up the volume, but then I find the audio gets too compressed and details start to go away. So I am looking at a simple solution to improve my gaming experience and immersion and also provide better sound quality for the rare occasions I watch some Netflix. I
  14. On this list: https://www.gamesradar.com/ps4-pro-confirmed-games-list/ There are lots of games the PS4 Pro renders at 1440p and some even at odd resolutions like 1620p. So these games on a 4k tv are not running at the native resolution of the TV. So how come they don't look like crap like a PC does outside the native resolution of the monitor? PS4 has some secret sauce here?