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  1. Spotty

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Honestly, can't remember what it was... Here's the thread from the forums about it that spurred the change in the original PSU tier list (which I'm guessing is carried over to this list). And here's the original source from Tom's Hardware (Aris) https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-supernova-650-g3-psu,5533-6.html From the quick glance I just gave it, looks as if it's saying that the OPP (140%) and OTP (180C secondary side) is set too high for that unit to comfortably handle. @LienusLateTips Is the reason the CX 2017 is in Tier C is that it previously [incorrectly] listed a sleeved bearing fan on the Corsair website (and no sleeve bearing fan PSUs above Tier 3)? Will it be moved up now that the website is fixed and it's listed as Rifle Bearing on the website? Or is there other reasons for it to be in Tier C? The single 6+2 PCIe connector on the CX450 (2017) is an issue for higher end cards but I'm not sure how much cable compatibility weighs in on the list...
  2. Spotty

    NEW PSU Tier List

    This list is pretty much the same as the old list with 1 crossed out and A written in its place. The G3 was dropped a tier [in the old list] after reviewers noted it had issues with its protections (can't remember what, high ocp or opp trip point I think). That's probably why it's still ranked below G2 in this list. The CX is in tier 3 C because the list says no units with sleeved bearing fans above tier 3 C, and the Corsair website stated sleeve bearing on the CX units even though Jonnyguru has stated it's using a rifle bearing fan and that the website was wrong. (Btw the corsair website has since been updated to show rifle bearing fan for CX 2017 units)
  3. Spotty

    NEW PSU Tier List

    "Low quality"? "Poor quality"? idk... I guess it's kind of the list of "If you have it and you have low end or older harder, then keep it, but if you are planning on adding a graphics card or upgrading you should replace the PSU" category? Not sure how you would express that, but "Prebuilt replacements" doesn't fit in my opinion. Agreed. Just seems odd having a 1200W PSU in the mid range section I guess I'll chalk that one up to being a completely useless product from Thermaltake that doesn't need to exist. Like RGB on PSUs from Thermaltake. Nope... But at least for the sake of consistency in the list it should still list by the model/series and not the 80 plus rating.
  4. Spotty

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Curious... What is the point of replacing the PSU in a pre-built if you're going to replace it with another low quality unit? If you're okay with having a low quality PSU, then keep the one that is already in the system and save your money. Not all pre-built PSUs are as bad as everyone thinks... People may end up replacing it with something no better or potentially even worse from that list (like when Bitwit replaced the Great Wall PSU in the Walmart PC with a Seasonic M12ii). If you have a mid range system, you don't need a 1200W PSU. I get why it's there with the wattage specified since it's probably a different platform than what the other wattages in that series use, but the way that's written seems to be suggesting that the Toughpower Grand/RGB 1200W would be a suitable choice for someone with a mid range system. 80 Plus ratings are not a model. Do you mean the EVGA W1 and EVGA N1? If so, you should specify the actual models and not just their 80 Plus rating. EVGA has a habit of releasing 6,000 models of PSU within the same 80 Plus ranking space, so who knows if they release a W2 or N2 unit that might be completely different... Everything else on the list has its series name listed, so makes no sense to just categorise those by 80+ ratings.
  5. Spotty

    psu limitations?

    The EVGA BR 450W? It'll be fine as a temporary unit, it'll be able to output enough power to supply the 8600k and 1070ti, though I would recommend replacing it with a better unit when you can (and I suppose your other system will want its power supply back eventually as well). That's not normal. Any idea what caused the failure? If you haven't already, RMA the unit(s) through EVGA and get them replaced. G3s have a pretty long warranty and haven't been on the market for that long, so if you bought them new they'll still be covered by warranty. Wait... So you've had a THIRD power supply die in recent months? Either you're the unluckiest person in the world, or something is wrong with your houses electrical wiring that is causing your PSUs to die. Cool... So that means it will only have a max load of 275W then. Outverision/CoolerMaster PSU calculators are junk that lie about the wattage requirements to convince people to buy more expensive, higher wattage PSUs.
  6. Spotty

    Literal Desktop

    There are others who have done this sort of thing. One that comes to mind is @derr12 who posted a build log of their desk PC build on the forums. They might be able to help you out with some ideas and thoughts on building a desk PC.
  7. Spotty

    450w PSU for GTX 770?

    You can see some tests of power consumption on the Asus Direct CU II GTX 770 here: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ASUS/GeForce_GTX_770_Direct_Cu_II_OC/25.html Looking at that, wattage shouldn't be an issue. You should be at around 300W under load. 450W PSU is fine. Keep in mind the card requires 8pin+6pin PCIe connectors, so you'll need to make sure any PSU you consider has the appropriate connectors. Your EVGA BT unit is suitable for your current system (Ryzen 2200G with integrated graphics), but it is quite low end budget unit, so using it with a higher powered graphics card like the GTX 770 may not be ideal. Group regulated. Double forward topology might cause coil whine with higher powered graphics cards. Fan in it isn't very good either, sleeve bearing and goes over 40dBa under load, so expect it to be noisy. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-450-bt-value-psu,5605.html $45 for the GTX 770 sounds like a decent deal though, quick look on craigslists and I see them advertised for between $70-$90, and if you're currently using integrated graphics then it should be a bit of an upgrade for you. CoolerMasters PSU calculator is based off of Outervisions PSU calculator. It adds at least 100W to every estimation it gives in order to convince people to spend more money buying a higher wattage PSU. If it's saying your system requires 180W, then it probably only draws 80W.
  8. Spotty

    Will reformatting an ssd wreck it overtime?

    It should be fine. Installing windows again is really only going to add 50GB or so in writes to the drive, not a huge deal. People using SSDs for 4k video editing are going to be doing a lot more writes than that and a lot more frequently as well. Why reinstall windows for each system though? You can install windows on to the SSD from one machine, and then just move the SSD to another machine and boot straight in to windows again without needing to reinstall. (The constant hardware swaps might expire your windows license... Though this will happen regardless of if you are installing fresh copies or just plugging the drive in across multiple PCs)
  9. Spotty

    Will reformatting an ssd wreck it overtime?

    No... Reformatting doesn't really do a whole lot to a drive. The data pretty much stays untouched, the drive/OS just no longer knows where to access it when it is reformatted and thinks the drive is empty. It just writes new data over the top of the old data. If on the other hand you were regularly doing secure erases of the drive (going through and rewriting every bit of data, possibly multiple times) in order to actually remove the data from the drive, then it will add a lot of unnecessary writes to the drive which may decrease its lifetime.
  10. Spotty

    Amazon sued..... by Brazil and Peru

    It is all he can afford after his divorce.
  11. Spotty

    Is bigger better?

    Yes, and no. Smaller cases will typically be more restrictive, only allow for smaller coolers, and have less air flow. Bigger cases will allow for larger air coolers, more and larger radiators (AIOs/custom loops), more air flow. But, you could have a big case that has horrible cooling performance due to reasons other than just its size, such as a completely closed off front panel due to a solid glass panel being placed 2mm in front of the front intake fans (ie the Walmart OVERPOWERED cases), which may end up performing worse than a well designed, air flow orientated smaller case. How are you planning on cooling the 9900k? Air cooler or water? If you're planning on using a 280/360mm AIO then it might not fit in some smaller ATX mid tower cases and you might need a larger ATX full tower.
  12. Spotty

    Amazon sued..... by Brazil and Peru

    .amzn Problem solved.
  13. Spotty

    Recommended PSU for 2 x 2080 Ti

    550W from the wall for 2x2080Tis + Overclocked i7 8700k sounds way too low. What sort of load were you putting on the system when you got those readings? Why were the cards limited to only 50-60% usage? Vsync enabled maybe limiting the cards? What resolution are you running? If you have a wall power meter you're using to measure how much wattage it's drawing from the wall, I would recommend trying something like 3D Mark Timespy Extreme 4K resolution to put a load on the SLI 2080Tis.
  14. Spotty

    Recommended PSU for 2 x 2080 Ti

    Correct. It's a huge mistake to think that you need to leave 30% headroom on a PSU otherwise it will 'cook' itself or shut down. So why did you suggest it?
  15. Spotty

    Recommended PSU for 2 x 2080 Ti

    Why? You're saying if I have a 1000W PSU, I should only use a system that consumes up to 700W? To leave 30% headroom to stop it from 'cooking' the PSU or shutting down? Any decent quality PSU is rated to output its rated wattage continuously, ie. 24/7 365 days of the year. When reviewers test PSUs they will often load them beyond the rated wattage, typically 110% load. Depending on the unit OPP might not even kick in until 140%. The Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750w in your signature has its OPP set at 140%, so will only trip to shut down when it's outputting around 1050W.
  16. Spotty

    LTT Store - Expensive Shipping

    Yep! Showing $8 USD shipping for me as well (Australia) Glad to see LTT were able to offer different shipping methods.
  17. Spotty

    Building a new pc. PSU connectors

    Single stick of 2400MHz RAM? If you can, get 2x8GB 3000MHz instead.
  18. Spotty

    PSU Help!

    Ryzen 3000 will have low end stuff that will beat the high end piledriver stuff. You also have 3 or 4 months to save up before it's released. Judging by current prices for something like a ryzen 2600, you're looking at about $350 for the CPU + motherboard + 16gb 3000mhz ddr4 memory. Add another $50 for a new power supply, and another $50 for a SSD as your boot drive.
  19. Spotty

    PSU Help!

    Wait until Zen 2 (ryzen 3000) processors come out. Upgrade the motherboard, ram, CPU, power supply, get a SSD. If you're gaming then maybe a new GPU as well, but you can always continue using your existing gtx950 with the new system until you save up for a new card.
  20. Spotty

    i7 6700k is it still good?

    What country/currency is that?
  21. Spotty


    Don't waste police time with this. There's nothing they can do. This is what you need to do. Free, and doesn't require a lawyer.
  22. Spotty


    File a complaint with your states consumer protection group.
  23. You Little Australian's are funny with your ideas of independence.
  24. From what I've seen, the RMx White version is often cheaper than buying a typical black PSU of equal quality (Say, normal RMx) and then buying custom sleeved white cables separately. If he wants the white build then just save up and buy a new RMx White unit.
  25. The RMx units use the Corsair "Type4" cables. They're compatible with each other. https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/psu-cable-compatibility The only issue is the RM850x comes with extra cables over the RM750x. Will vary slightly depending if we're talking about the RMx or RMx (2018), but you might be missing some additional EPS, PCIe, and SATA cables that you would normally get with the RM850x. Your friend should return the unit to where they bought it from though if it was incomplete. They got ripped off and lied to. Get a refund and buy from somewhere else.