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  1. That model of power supply is from 2007 and even for its time it was rather crappy. IIRC those came included with $50 cases so that should give you an idea of what the PSU is worth. The PSU needs to be replaced. Even if that's not the cause of your problem it still needs to be replaced as you should not be using such an old, low quality power supply with a modern system. Disassemble everything. Install the CPU to the motherboard. Install the RAM. Plug in the motherboard power connector and the CPU power connectors (The two 4pins combine to form an 8pin and you want to plug that 8pin in to the 8pin socket. Leave the 4pin empty it's optional). Plug the monitor in to the back of the motherboard display output since your 2200G has integrated graphics. See if you can get in to the BIOS.
  2. You're using an adapter cable to power the graphics card? Your PSU doesn't have it's own PCIe connector? What PSU is it? What happens when you try to turn the computer on?
  3. The CPU is good. An SSD for the operating system will help a lot to make it feel more responsive and fast. Even just a cheap 250gb SSD will make a huge difference. Replace the power supply and upgrade the graphics card and it'll be good for gaming.
  4. - Thread Locked - Please see the Off-Topic Posting Guidelines.
  5. Fake logos are a pretty good indicator that the product is garbage. I do like the intelligence level shown by using a black background on the sticker and filling in the box to mark which model it is with a black marker pen. Instead of colouring in inside the box to mark it they colour the outline of the box itself. Brilliant. I do wonder if there's any difference between any of the models or if they just colour in whatever they feel like that day at the factory.
  6. Which 1200W PSU is it? If it's a high quality 1200W PSU then it won't be an issue. If it's an eBay/aliexpress/wish "1200W" PSU you got for $40 then it's going to be garbage.
  7. Might have missed it but it's listed as 2x RX 580's in their specs, not just one. Looking at about 200-ish watts per card, plus the other stuff. In addition to how much power it draws I believe those Sapphire Nitro+ cards require 2 PCIe connectors each, meaning they would need at least 4x PCIe connectors from the PSU, which many of the 550W PSUs don't have. 750W makes sense here. All of the PSus you listed are good.
  8. Ah, at least they were able to give you a refund. Does the refund you got cover the cost of the PSUs you are looking at or are they more expensive? It's odd that all of those different cables melted on the PSU side... Not sure why that would be. It just means it's [slightly] more efficient. There's also a new be Quiet Straight Power 11 80+ Platinum unit that was just released as well.
  9. If your PSU failed and you RMA'd it then Cooler Master is sending you a replacement unit, correct? Why not use that? Was it one of the older series on V750 power supplies or was it one of the new series? Which cable melted? Where did it melt? What was it plugged in to? Have any photos?
  10. I'm assuming this is just a pop quiz type test and isn't something that counts towards your grade?
  11. Do people no longer just circle the letter of their answer when filling out multiple choice questions? I think that would have made it a lot easier to understand. Maybe this was just how I was taught how to do it but this seems like it wouldn't have resulted in as much confusion. (Black circle being OP's answers, red pen being teachers markings)
  12. Nah, if you look at the other questions there's a black tick next to all the other questions and the red tick marking it as correct is just slapped on the whole question, and there's no red box marking answers in the test on the ones he got right. The red box is only there on questions he got wrong to mark the "correct" answer. Red pen = Teacher Black pen = His answer
  13. He selected Encoding but the teacher marked it as wrong and the teacher marked Endearing as the "correct" answer. The ticks in black pen are his answers and the red boxes are what the teacher marked as the "correct" answer.
  14. I'd fail you just for not rotating the image correctly. Your best bet would be to speak to your teacher and ask why that is considered incorrect. If you do then please update and post their explanation here as I'm also curious. The only thing I can think of is sometimes projects require also submitting various drafts along with the final project, so if you're just editing a cloud hosted doc you might not have copies of earlier drafts, where with the email copies you could use earlier versions that you sent to each other as draft copies along with the notes that you shared with the changes made? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Oh wait, woops. I thought C was the answer you selected and A was the "correct" answer. In that case then C makes more sense as it's easier to update the doc.
  15. The reactions on the forum are meant to be used in a positive manner to express thanks to someone or to mark a post as helpful. Reacting to a post also increases the users reputation points on the forum. I don't think having negative reactions like a sad react or (X) Doubt react would be in the spirit of the reactions/reputation system, and it's not really the atmosphere we want to encourage on the forums either.
  16. The RMx is the better power supply. It's odd that they are both the same price, is the RM1000x a used/refurbished unit? It shouldn't make much difference. The RM1000x reaches >80% efficiency by about 50W load so even while your system is idling on desktop you should be above that. The RMx is also the more efficient power supply of the two which will help with its efficiency.
  17. Moved to CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory. The ones with G at the end have it. For Ryzen CPUs that's the Ryzen 3 2200G, Ryzen 5 2400G, Ryzen 3 3200G, and Ryzen 5 3400G. There's also the Athlon CPUs such as the Athlon 200GE and Athlon 3000G
  18. There's not much point planning out a parts list now if you're planning on buying in around 10 months time. New hardware will be available, things will change, prices will change... Best thing to do would be to start planning it out around when you're going to be buying it. If shipping to Puerto Rico is bad then check for local stores that sell PC parts and see if it would work out cheaper to buy from them instead of buying from Amazon and paying high shipping rates.
  19. Took a while to get here but finally got my Gamers Nexus mouse pad from their 3990X overclocking stream.
  20. Excuse generator for data breaches.




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      Slickwraps and their bots have entered the chat...

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  21. It changed when Seasonic changed naming schemes. Now all of Seasonic's fully modular 80+ Gold power supplies are "GX"
  22. Thread locked. The build log section is for showing off systems you have built yourself. These "look how expensive this PCPP list is" type posts are pointless and considered spam
  23. Yes, definitely worth it. Not a lot really... I didn't expect such a big difference in price.
  24. The CX550 you have picked is much better. Don't change it. Go with dual channel 2x8gb kit instead Swap in a b450 board