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  1. My guess is, the current algorithm that decides polls on the forum is "total number of votes for option/total votes". In versus polls this works just fine, but in cumulative polls, it results in really low figures, especially for multiple choice polls. The algorithm needs to be changed to "total number of votes for option/total number of voters". So your algorithm is off by one letter.
  2. I'm not looking for total percantage of the total votes, I'd like it to display total number of votes for option over total number of voters. In a poll where rhere is two options, with both options selected out of one voter, that would come out to 100% for that option.
  3. So here's the bug. If you create a poll that allows multiple choices to be selected, it needs to be that the total number of total number of people who voted for that option divided by the total number of voters. That would result in this poll displaying 100% for both answers. I'm the only one who voted, and I voted for both options. But instead, it shows 50% for voth options. The math on the poll calculator needs to be redone to fix this.
  4. Testing the multiple choice option for polls.
  5. Everyone said linux is easy. However, ever since I got my Asus laptop, I've had nothing but trouble. First the Stock ssd they put in the drive completely blocks any attempt to install linux due to a hardware defect. Then, after switching out the ssd, I have now had my os become completely inaccessible due to several glitches. Most recently, changing the resolution in a game running in wine suddenly deleted my entire desktop. Now the computer just boots to a black screen. I found out there is a discord channel for those who run linux on Asus computers, and according to them, recent Asus compute
  6. Insert anti-piracy message here So the practice of Digital Content Piracy is not nearly as taboo as companies would like. But It is also not as simple as " I just don't want to pay for it." So here I've listed a few reasons as to why someone might pirate games. Naturally we are all expected to condemn illegal behavior, regardless of what that might be, but here, just for now, speak your mind. 1. it is difficult/impossible to buy the game in my area Some places might refuse to sell a game for whatever reason, but It's not like people those areas just stop wa
  7. I'm trying to find out if you can create windows install drives and bootable linux usb from a raspberry pi. Will they be limited to ARM processors or can raspberry pi make usbs that'll work for x86 pcs also?
  8. After owning a ps4 and pc, I can say that if you want to be able to just buy a new game and launch it without any tweaking or adjusting the settings, get a console. On pc, even if your pc meets the recommended requirements, it still might not run perfectly out of the box. I bought Republic commando off of GOG.com, only to later get it on ps4 because the pc version doesn't have native controller support. And even though my computer meets the specs to run RPCS3, the drivers suck, so I still have trouble running ps2 games at full speed. While you might get a wider selection of graphics on pc, tha
  9. I'm looking for a good mmo to play. Some criteria i'm looking for is a game with combat mechanics, a pvp capability, although not the main focus, and where people can use a chatbox to yell insults at each other. So here's the thing, according to games critic and developer Yahtzee Croshaw, game ideas are a dime a dozen, so noone's going to steal your idea. After which he made a video talking about the ideas he would steal. So I'll keep things general. How many of you have heard of the game series "infamous" it's created by the developers Sucker Punch and so far has three
  10. Forgot to write this in the main post. If you have trouble managing multiple platforms, I recommend finding an aggregator software to help. Please comment if you can recommend any.
  11. This is a message to Linus and to Linus media group in general. I'm not sure where to put this, but I'm sure the mods probably will figure it out. Currently LTT seems limited to releasing their content on Youtube and Twitter. I consider this to be a very unwise business strategy, and request that you diversify your social media presence to include more platforms. Which ones? As a matter of business I suggest you diversify to as many platforms as possible, so as to reach as many potential customers as possible. For videos I know of Vimeo, Dailymotion, Rumble, Odyssee, bi
  12. Summary So here's the gist. Texas introduces their new Heartbeat bill, effectively enabling any citizen to sue over abortion. MSM and Social media go through the typical complaining stint. What's this have to do with tech? Specifically, John Gibson, now former CEO of games publisher Tripwire Industries (Maneater, Red Orchestra) tweets out his support for the bill, and as expected the media lashes out at him. TWI's partners sever ties, the media writes numerous hit pieces, TwI's games get review-bombed etc etc. Two days after the tweet, TWI reports that CEO John Gibson has resigned over t
  13. This is actually on par with California law. A whole lot of loopholes that make things more complicated, and in the end will only hurt consumers and average people. Remeber these are the same legislators that created a study just to find out that literally everything has a chance to cause cancer. Whoever actually doesn't buy stuff because california put their "might cause Cancer" label on it probably is too scared of mortality to live their life. I'd like to reply to a few things Luscious said. I agree that we should culturally move towards energy independence at a household level.
  14. Find games on pc that have also been released on console. More likely than not it'll support controllers. Just be sure it was a game released 2006 or later. That was about the release date of xinput, which most controllers have today before that controller support on pc utilized directinput, and is spotty at best. Games I recommend are the Lego games. Good pg fun for everyone, co-op multiplayer, and pc versions have support for controllers. I recommend all of them prior to the resignation of Jon Burton. To me all the Lego games made without him just feel off.
  15. You're assuming that extraterrestrials would believe in a higher plane of existence. Like earth, they might have multuple religions battling for the top spot, whether it be a faith that seeks enlightenment through pacifism, or one that seeks to destroy all non-believers, or like the Vulkans, who put all faith in logic and reason, and have no aspirations beyond this physical universe. But I'm not asking if aliens exist, I'm looking for speculation into their possible technology.