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  1. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this yet. When I started Bad Batch Ep 6 on my phone, it started in a zoomed out box. Zooming in I noticed the episode almost matches my 19.5/9 display. Has anyone else noticed and can anyone explain why this might be?
  2. So I've found an archive of 3ds dlc and updates, and included are files called embedded updates. Unlike the updates we see, these ones have a string of numbers on top of the version code we see displayed on the app. I just need to know what they are and if I need them.
  3. My 4 TB backup drive is almost filled, despite only containing less than 200GB of data. Is this because of exfat?
  4. I'm not talking about running cemu natively. I'm asking if it's capable of emulating the gamepad functionality by extending the pc screen to the handheld.
  5. I've seen these android based retro handhelds going around like the retroid pocket 2 and the anbernic rg351 and was wondering if any could be used as a tablet gamepad for Cemu. The problem is, none of them I have seen features the full set of controls that a wii u gamepad has, most notably, the touchscreen. Does anyone know if there's a retro handheld that has the full gamepad control set and if it would work with cemu?
  6. I was wondering if there's a way to use emulators in order to play splitscreen multiplayer on handheld games. I'm thinking maybe running multiple windows of VBA, MelonDS or citra with each window running the same game connected to each other for multiplayer.
  7. As the title says, I'm planning on starting a website to compete with Youtube (as well as spotify, blogger and deviantart. All of those in one website.) I'd like to have a few features available at launch, and I'd like to know if there is pre-existing open-source code for those features. 1. Censor patches On Youtubeb you are instantly demonetized for vulgar content. I'd rather that not be the case, but I also don't want the first thing browsers see is a lot of swearing, and since making a separate censored video for the web-page would waste a lot of space, I'd like to k
  8. Here's a few tipsa out downloading ROMs. If it asksyou for money, don't pay them anything. If it comes as an .exe, don't use it. Here's some of the ROM files that i've seen .a26 for atari 2600 .sfc or .smc for super nintendo .gb for og gameboy .gbc for gameboy color .gba for gameboy advance .nds for nintendo ds .3ds for 3ds .z64 for nintendo 64 .iso for any cd game console, may also come as .bin/.cue files .gcz for gamecube and wii games (sometimes. You can also find them in The cd formats.) I've also seen .m
  9. Just found out about this. Now, whether you love Epic games or hate them, I have to admit that Android is desperately in need of a dedicated games app store. The Google Play storecs game section just doesn't fulfill all of the informational needs of game stores. I have emailed Steam and Gog about adding Android to their platforms as well, however I hazven't heard back from them.
  10. So I decided to see what happened if I disabled Android System Webview on my phone. And quite a few apps actually rely on this to function properly. Herecs everything on my phone that doesn't work without it Steam HBO Max Amazon Video Mapquest Amazon Shopping Amazon app store Kindle Merriam-webster Dictionary Sololearn Holy Bible Antennapod My Verizon PS App WPS Office Minds Wordpress LG Smartworld Duckduckgo browser ADM Browser Apps that work without android system
  11. Update: I've narrowed it down to an issue with ds4windows. The Steam controller API doesn't seem to have an issue. When turning off ds4windows without disconnecting the controller, the controller's lightbar turns off, although I think it might still be connected because the lightbar does not respond to pressing the PS button.
  12. So I've had my dualsense controller for a few months now and have been using it with my laptop. Now for some reason the lightbar is changing to red mid-game. The game? Well, anything reallyb but right now I'm playing lego batman 2, which i'm pretty sure is too old to have any lightbar features. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
  13. Test as in is it playable. I checked both Winedb and Lutris before posting. Neither site has any information on the game. I have also personally checked distribution platforms like Steam and Gog. Not only is it not available, none of the Hot wheels games prior to the launch of digital distribution are available. I found the pc copy on the internet archive, along with the Stunt Track Driver Games. (Granted, the Archive site does have a complete backup of the WII U update Servers, and Nintendo is Usually merciless when it comes to copyright infringement.) I do have an idea of what a
  14. Sorry, I'm terrible at graphic presentation. There are several existing mobile gamepads, just lacking decent quality. Supposedly the Razer Kishi is good, but it doesn't have a battery. And at an $80 price tag, the quality to price ratio is way off.
  15. I've tried the Ipega Red Knight. The problem is the quality control is terrible. The one I got broke within Amazon's 30 day return period. I got an 8BitDo after that. The SN30Pro+ I got lasted a year before breaking.