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  1. So i'm wondering, if you have a program installed on a drive that is accesible by both a linux and windows operating system on one computer, does Wine make any serious changes to the file structure that would make the game unplayable in Windows. What I want to know is, can you play the same application in both Windows and Linux, or do you need two copies for each OS?
  2. My best advice would be to search for name brand companies on both stores and check to see id they have multiplayer games. Also search for some boardgames you like, as many companies like hasbro and parker bros outsource to other companies for mobile ports. Theres also a lot of knock-offs, so be sure to make absolutely certain cross-platform apps are made by the same company on both stores. Some mobile companies I know of are Kemco for rpgs, and gameloft for their Asphalt series. Also search for the big name brands. Sega, Rockstar, microsoft, sony, square enix, ubisoft, etc.
  3. If you loke board games, asmodee digital produces ports of Days of Wonder's boardgames (Ticket to Ride, Smallworld, and Memoir '44) i know that ticket to ride is multiplayer over wi-fi, not sure about the others. Also, minecraft. As all mobile and console versions are now based on bedrock edition, you can now play crossplay with android, ios, pc, switch, xbox, and playstation.
  4. Finally, another techtuber by the name of ThioJoe has his own Roku Channel. I'd like you to review the channel (and maybe talk about when linus can have one.)
  5. Next, I'd like you to show us how to map an xbox or playstation (or generic 3rd party) controller to navigate a windows and linux desktop. Map functionality however you feel comfortable with, here's what I'd try to do Left stick= mouse Right stick=scroll D-pad=snap to desktop shortcut or start menu options A/X=left click B/Circle= right click Start/Options=Start menu
  6. I have three suggestions, so I'll post them individually First, a product review https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BX0YKX4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabt1_wXSVFbFG8W2JJ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I'd like you to review this Small form factor keyboard, perhaps alongside other bluetooth keyboards, and test it out with pc, consoles, and smart tvs, to show off full compatibility.
  7. I will be upgrading my laptop's internal storage soon, but I don't want the regular windows 10 it comes with anymore. I'm thinking of switching to use Manjaro KDE as my primary OS, however I think I might still need a windows OS to plrun certain programs, so I'm looking for a slimmed down windows iso. The question is, should I get Windows 8.1 or 10?
  8. I recently purchased an Asus Tuf FX505DY-ES51 laptop. I have plans to replace the internal NVME with a different one, and install a different OS. I'm wondering what effect this may have on warranty Current hardware: WD Black SN750 NVME 256GB Current OS: Windows 10 New Hardware: WD Blue SN550 NVME 1TB WD Blue 2TB 2.5 inch Mechanical HDD 1x Samsung 8GB 2400Mhz RAM New OS: Manjaro KDE Also, while the laptop is on, i can feel an excess amount of static electricity from the bottom casing. Is
  9. Now I'd like this for multiple reasons 1. The thread for video suggestions is already 119 pages long. Navigating through all that to find suggestions is probably a real pain. And there doesn't appear to ve a way to mark off suggestions that have already been fulfilled. 2. It would enable other users to expand the original topic with further suggestions.
  10. So I got an Asus FX505DY, and it has Mcafee Antivirus pre-installed. I decided to download some demos from Steam, and of all things it could've blocked, it's F-ing Pac-man. So before I try to run it again, I have to ask, is the demo for Pac-man championship edition from Steam a Virus, or is Mcafee just really stupid?
  11. Just found this concerning installing linux on this particular laptop. https://forum.artixlinux.org/index.php/topic,951.0.html
  12. Tried kubuntu in both iso image and dd image mode. Both froze on boot. So it's not a problem with linux, or the drives. Which leaves the etching software (rufus 3.11), the bios, or the pre-existing os, windows 10. Considering the other problems I have had with it, along with the numerous issues other people have had, I'm guessing that windows 10 is probably the problem. In about two months, I'll be replacing the standard 256GB Drive with a 1TB drive, along with a 2TB HDD and an extra Stick of RAM. I Will not be reinstalling windows 10.
  13. My current os in the pre-installed windows 10. This laptop is brand new, other than installing steam and gog. I've attempted changing physical usbs to no effect, I'm going to try booting a kubuntu drive this time.
  14. Just tried to boot into Manjaro architect. It froze just like kde.
  15. Asus Tuf FX505DY Ryzen 5 3550H Radeon 560 8GB RAM 256GB storage Always at 31 seconds. Completely frozen.