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  1. If you have no badges yet, and you want one, why not get two for only a fraction more effort by joining us for folding month!



  2. No, but you could get a folding badge AND a folding event badge!!! Just come and fold! Folding month, its great!
  3. Yeah, but I can still look at it when I need that dose of butterflies
  4. I'll make sure to save a screenshot of this... just in case
  5. Would you not just be able to generate an image and to have it refresh that element of the page every X number of seconds?
  6. Just an FYI, I will be unavailable for much of today due to personal circumstances, I have responded to all outstanding messages and I will be popping in from time to time if possible. If you need anything in the meantime @marknd59 has full capability to check entries and the like. Thank you for your understanding as always!
  7. I've cracked (nice hiss) 30k WUs... My GPU everyday: Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam (Today is a good day day to die)
  8. WKDPaul: 'Forum, how many notifications do I have?' Forum: 'Yes'
  9. Hahaha was hoping no one would post that and leave everyone guessing
  10. I'm not er... sure I'd use the word 'Impresses' myself.... more... astounds me
  11. I hear that they only married him for his assortment of softdrink-like vodka beverages
  12. They just googled, says they gonna die so no point in going to the doctors anyway
  13. Because he's too busy on LTT vs actually working... obviously
  14. But they weren't artificially altered, they were corrected due to the WUs having low PPD. The point of PPD is that it is meant to be generally average across a period of time. I would say if they made it significantly higher than the average, then it would be an artificial alteration, but in this case it was simple an aware correction, which does happen time to time. I guess I'm just being a little pedantic over the wording but then again, that's just who I am!
  15. This isn't exactly true.... The Point reward were not 'Artificially altered' please see the below quote for explanation
  16. And how would we go about doing such a thing? (I have no idea honestly)
  17. I run beta WUs so I'm wondering did we get a few of them before the main roll out as my graph looks different. The two dips where scheduled maintenance
  18. I don't know why but I always forget cable combs exist