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  1. I just find old midi OEM cases in dumpsters and hack them apart to fit in my x99 EATX board.... A 140mm holesaw was a great investment imo
  2. Seriously man, calm, relax, zen. Plus understand that it is simply a joke, a little friendly humour, read through this thread and you will see many light-hearted jokes about it. That is all.
  3. Update time, we have 1,382 sign ups, with 683 active folders for team LTT producing 126,719,622 points over the last 24 hours
  4. P.S. 30-40% of sign ups are new to the forum and they seem to be spilt 50/50 on being active into the future,,, its good for the folding community and its good for LTT forum, win-win-win(the last win is for SCIENCE) Plus we can trash them Germans, THEY CALLED YOU GUYS AMERICAN!
  5. AVOID, like the plague! Get a bigger SSD if you need more space, just save up, but you can get SSDs so cheap now its really not worth it.
  6. Pixel 3 XL is still 350(bad condition)-450GBP.... soo.... Probably not likely.
  7. P.S. that was rhetorical as I know racks come in different sizes...
  8. @Ithanul @Gorgon imagine one of these folding, just got the luls
  9. Already talked to @jakkuh_t, maybe you guys can give him a little push too?
  10. Been tuning my clocks, dialling them right in ready for the event, 1080ti - 2075mhz, 10188‬mhz(effective) 1080 - 2100mhz, 9486(effective) Bot bad, leaving the high density system with max fans and a 80% power target as they boost higher this way.
  11. Honestly, I just misread the drive and thought it was a sata drive, but pcie 4 is nice tbf.
  12. Honestly I'd go ryzen, even with a QHD 144hz monitor I wouldn't be able to justify the cost, even the 3600x is perfectly fine if you are just gaming. But the 3700x is a beautiful chip. But that's just me, if you can reduce platform cost you could possibly switch to a nvme drive and get that sweet bandwidth. Or just put the cash towards that sexy monitor you want.
  13. As others have said, underspecd cooler, if you can just grab a 212 Evo and be done with it, cheap and cheerful.
  14. I actually run Ubuntu on my laptop, but need windows on my main rig unfortunately as my works work clients portal doesn't like Linux to say the least. Plus there's just a few other things that I just need windows for. Will be swapping over my server to some form of Linux, probably Ubuntu too before folding month begins.
  15. Honestly... If you need to ask these questions... are you even capable of being a freelance web developer?
  16. Well guys, the jerries have started to grease the wheels of their war folding machine... Lets see what they have to offer.... I have a funny feeling it be less blitzkrieg and more LIMP-krige But either way they are in for a world of hurt over the next 6/7 weeks.... I'm expecting about a big a fail as Operation Barbarossa. Long live the Allied forces of Team LTT. Also update... we have 1,358 sign ups, with team LTT having 678 active folders producing 126,712,387 points over the last 24 hours. Way to show the Germans who's boss! (But seriously, all jokes aside, its good to see another tech forum so dedicated to the folding cause, good going to them!) I'm expecting to finalise the method for sharing the prizes sometime this week so don't forget to keep coming back and checking up on this thread.