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Status Updates posted by GOTSpectrum

  1. Pet Peeve time!


    If you ask for help on the forum, at least stick around to respond to the replies. I mean common, Jesus Christ!!!!



    1. Lurick


      You mean "I think my PC is broke, it doesn't light up" needs more information and people can't just read my mind to tell me the problem without me needing to log back in?

    2. TofuHaroto


      I like to help 

      But people need to put effort in their questions.

    3. GOTSpectrum


      @TofuHaroto Exactly! 

  2. The Meshify C is not the best case! 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. TVwazhere


      I dont joke about my cases, you know this 😂

    3. TofuHaroto


      Ah yes 


      I kind of forgot lol


    4. Windows7ge



      but the title of best case for all people IMO does not exist.

      Agreed, y'all need to get on my level:




      Rack-mount server chassis FTW!

  3. Just drinking a cup of tea... Oh My Lord... Why did I stop drinking this glorious beverage 

    1. Den-Fi



    2. Saksham


      I prefer a nice cold brew coffee

  4. Hey guys, don't forget you can win prizes by joining the upcoming folding event!


    Details below!



  5. People, come run Rosetta@home on your CPUs through the BOINC Client to help out with the fight against COVID and also the LTT Boinc Team during the Pentathlon! 


    More info below!



  6. LMFAO the UK health secretary praising himself for building a whole new hospital in 9 days...


    They threw some beds in a convention centre, not exactly building mate. 

  7. For anyone who is young and thinks you are immune to COVID-19... Well you ain't..



  8. This guy is crazy af... I love it..



    1. Metallus97


      Had it in my Subbox also. Love this guy! BUT this is next level!

  9. I have created a Gleam.io giveaway to entice people to share the Folding Event on twitter!


    This giveaway is not endorsed or affiliated with LMG in anyway and it 100% run by me.




    Please feel free to enter!!!!


    Checked with @leadeater to make sure it was okay to post!

  10.  🎶 Come fold with me, lets fold, lets fold away!!!! 🎶







    Please tweet to every tech company you know about the event, you can either retweet mine or make your own!!! Let's flood them!


    Link to my tweet





    Nvidia(why not heh)

    Intel(why not heh)




    Puget Systems



















     and anyone else you can think of.

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    2. GOTSpectrum


      Hey! Just because they don't care doesn't mean we shouldn't try..



    3. Pascal...
    4. Pascal...


      Have also retweeted. 

  12. It's time to take the fight to the enemy, a new folding event has just been announced, so pull out your GPUs, get set up and be ready to show the world just what team LTT can do. 



    Sign up here (Sign ups end March 26th?


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    2. VegetableStu


      'kay. i'll be leaving for a movie, so i'll let this run to see what's what

    3. VegetableStu


      hmm i'm on a 48 thread CPU. it's loading 13 and occupying 50%-ish on 6 others ?

    4. GOTSpectrum


      Best to ask in the thread man, I'm busy with getting things ready for the event in the background. Lot's to do in a short time.

  13. Don't forget you can help fight COVID19 with FOLDING!!!!!


    find more information here



  14. Now F@H has joined the fight against COVID-19 it's more important than ever that we push hard and support this urgent cause! 


    If you want more information then hit up the folding community board!



    1. givingtnt


      Man, I could help a lot more if they didn't shutdown NaCl support :/

  15. Come on guys, one last push for team trees, we already hit the target! Now let's see how far we can push it. A tree is planted for every USD donated!



    1. Metallus97


      already done BOOOOI

  16. I am so sick of this system playing up it's unreal but I'm too lazy to actually fix the thing... 

    1. GOTSpectrum


      Well guys... I've only gone and had to reinstall win10... Fun times.

    2. GOTSpectrum


      It turns out the RAID array was failing, had to use some drives I got given from someone a while ago, they seem to be in good order. 

  17. Y’know, in life, whether we are autistic or not, we all have one single obsession… And that is, we obsess over what we can’t do. We beat ourselves up, knock overselves down, we destroy ourselves. Slowly whittling away at ourselves, eating away at our own confidence. We, as humans, have such an unhealthy relationship with this aspect of our life.


    I myself, having lost the ability to walk unaided, losing the ability to cycle, finding that I am just not capable of full-time work, achieving so much in my academic pursuits then finding in the real world I lag far behind my peers.It is safe to say, there are many things that I am simply not capable of doing. I vent my frustration too easily, I am easily agitated, I make simple decisions far too complicated, I overthink constantly, the list could go on.


    But, at some point, we have to consider the possibility, that, all of us, every single human walking this earth, is just trying to get through each day. Many of us are ravaged by the demons of our own mind.


    At some point, we have to make the decision to accept that, we all have our faults, we all have a variety of skills that are not as developed as we would like. And that… That is perfectly fine.


    All we can do, is aim for today to be better than yesterday, and aim for tomorrow to be better than today.

  18. GUYS!!!!!


    Don't forget to check out the folding month, prizes to be won and we need to crush the German PC Games Hardware forum after they disrespected our beautiful forum! The gauntlet has been thrown, but the question is, can the allied powers of team LTT overcome the jerrys? 



    1. givingtnt


      I bought 5x 4690T cpu boxes to compensate for the lack of NACL

      Hope it's gonna work xD 

    2. GOTSpectrum


      I saw over on DC, nice

  19. Onions are quite an emotional vegetable...


    That is all 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spakes


      Actually, onion won't cause any tears if you'll rip it under a stream of water.

    3. GOTSpectrum


      Hm... onion waterboarding... I LIKE IT... We can give them the full Guantanamo bay experience!

    4. handymanshandle


      "...and so are the kids dying because you aren't using your computer to do F@H!"

      Wait, too dark.

  20. Guys don't forget the folding month is once again being ran by myself, @palespartan and @Gorgon, so why not put all those shiny GPUs to work and sign up, prizes to be won!



  21. How do I edit my signature?

    1. Den-Fi


      Account Setting > Signature (in the left side panel)

    2. Den-Fi





    3. GOTSpectrum


      Once again the King proves his worth!


  22. PRIZES TO BE WON. 5x random steam keys and a 50USD steam gift card up for grabs. Read more here! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1068913-ltt-summer-folding-sprint-to-10th/

  23. I don't usually self promote at all, but in this case I am going to make an exception. 


    I will be streaming company of heroes today to commemorate the anniversary of the d-day landings. This is my little way to respect those who risked everything, life and limb, their physical and mental health, their religious beliefs, the lives of friends and family. Sometimes I think my generation, our generation, forgets just how much they owe to that specific generation. To those brave, courageous, scared men and boys, and the strong ladies that stood beside them, sisters, aunts, mother's, sending their boys off into the jaws of the third Reich. I really hope you can all make it to pay respect.


    The stream will consist of playing through the landings in game and a reading of an informational statement written by myself covering the landings.


    Stream will start around 1900 hrs, British time, 

  24. Guys please don't forget to sign up to our summer folding sprint if you are interested in helping out with medical research or trying your system.

    Theres even some Steam games up for grabs!