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  1. I keep a shirt and pajama bottoms on, no socks.
  2. Everyone hating on EU meanwhile this already exists in America and it's called the DMCA.
  3. The past 4 years I haven't seen any improvements with phones that would get me to consider upgrading. I'm not interested in small bezels (I need something to grip onto without touching my screen- bottom bezel should include a home, back, and menu buttons, and top bezel should have a camera, speaker, and other stuff), multiple cameras (camera quality still hasn't improved much from flagship phones from 4 years ago, still waiting for more improvement), notches (yuck, same with rounded corners- just ew), no headphone jack (I use mine a lot, not going wireless- that would just be another device to buy and charge), fingerprint readers under screen (I don't use biometrics as they are insecure- governments can warentlessly force you to unlock them), etc.
  4. I've never found anything interesting at a Thrift Shop technology related except some flight stick that I bought for like $2 and it works, but my brother who works at one saw a Thinkpad 760XD come in and bought it so that's pretty cool. The only thrift store in reasonable walking distance (was about a 30 minute walk away) closed down so I don't go to any right now. Otherwise I love them because I'm poor.
  5. Why would I pull weeds? Just let your lawn grow naturally. No reason for human interference.
  6. If I lived in Canada I'd buy some weed and try it.
  7. First of all, let me say that I barely use my phone, and do not have service on it. I have a Galaxy Note 4, which I enjoy for it's size, stylus, headphone jack, screen resolution, physical home button, removable battery, and upgradable storage. I also use a custom ROM- AICP running Android 8.1. Android gives me more freedom of choice, such as being able to change my icons and launcher. Rooted Android gives me more options like being able to edit my hosts file so I can block ads, and use my phone to boot GNU/Linux ISO's. I also love that I do not have to use the Play Store to get my apps. I can use third party repositories such as F-Droid, this can allow people to make a ethical decision to use as little proprietary software as possible. There is also the case of overcoming the censorship of the Play Store- such as how they do not allow gambling or porn apps and how they have removed apps such as Gab for "hate speech".
  8. I know it's been said like 5 times already, but this is years old. I only use Bing for image searches, and I barely use it while signed into my Microsoft account. Been using DuckDuckGo happily for over 3 years.
  9. It's not too hard, just use the command line frequently, look in the man pages, and maybe play a wargame, they can help you learn commands- you can find some here: http://overthewire.org/wargames/
  10. I already sent them an email yesterday. I guess it doesn't hurt to do so.
  11. It really depends what you're securing and who you're securing it from.
  12. Might have to pay Canada a visit.
  13. I'm an Android user, but I'll pitch in the positives I see about iPhones. They have good security, such as iCloud lock. Longer official support, you'll continue to get updates for years without having to hack your way around like in Android. For me those positives don't do enough to make me switch as I see too many negatives.
  14. GNU/Linux, specifically Arch Linux. I prefer it over Windows because it boots up faster on my HDD, everything loads faster, it looks more uniform, I can make everything how I want it, it's easy to install packages, it has the command line which makes things easier to do than in Windows, more privacy, everything is more streamlined, it feels more fluid and is easier to control and navigate around and do simple tasks on my laptop, and it makes me look cool. It has a few negatives where I still am forced to use Windows, such as not being able to run Adobe Premiere and I haven't figured out how to make my Dualshock 4 controller work on my Arch install, so I play games like rocket league on Windows.
  15. All porn is an outlet that causes less rape whether you like it or not. It is not fair to say that the porn you like is okay, but porn that goes against your personal morals and standards causes rape.
  16. So you're saying if someone decided based on their own morals that something is wrong and thus should be illegal and wrote a bill that became law, it should be censored- but not even considered censorship, because we should bow down to their command and not question them? So because China makes it illegal to talk about the Tiananmen Square Massacre, that is an alright thing and should not be questioned or even considered censorship as they are doing what's right by upholding the law? Many laws are not based on if something is inherently wrong or not, but are based on the moral principles of the lawmakers and deserve to be questioned.
  17. I am going to have to disagree with you on that statement, you are hating on things that you do not understand. Censorship does nothing but hurt people, regardless as to if those things are censored or not they will still happen. Censorship of it just causes the people that enjoy these things to feel more like an outcast. Also, if for example you are into rape porn but are unable to find any online, you will be more likely to act out and rape someone to feed that desire. In this case censorship is causing rape, not preventing it.