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  1. Why are mods able to _Edit_ users posts and more importantly remove posts from users history ? That is straight out of Orwell teritory.
  2. THing is it's not just phones. TBH the bigger concern is not phones but on their telcom side which Bell at least has a massive investment in as part of GPON / fiber. On the CPE side only newer Homehubs have a built in ONT otherwise you have another white box from Huawei. I'd imagine they aren't the only ones either.
  3. Isn't Globalization awsome? /s China is not the only country we advise executives and high risk users to be cautious when interacting with them (requiring burner local phones/devices, never travel with corporate data etc). Many countries have expllicit lists of entities you are not permitted to do business with period or carry quite strong trade requirements. Internally India was added to our list due to their attack on encryption. I wish more NA companies cared more about industrial epsionage and less PC bullshit. It's unfortunate but cheating and stealing is burne
  4. Those are just bizzare because not only is Linus lower, but their ads are quite compressed to the point it distorts (skillshare at the end .. sounds like he says "skilzzz". As for whose responsible, Google is off the hook on this. It's bad enough they reencode videos. , you don't want them killing any HFT / positional audio too. Put a cap or warning on anything above 0.9db. The issue in these is more the audio is already normalized and only some of it is compressed. If you listen enough you can hear the background music popping. tl;dr Someone dun goofed.
  5. toor2 on FP is linked to toor on the fourms. FP had no authorization to toor on LTT, period. You're full of it dude. What freaking account are you referring to?? I never said toor was usuable on FP, I said toor2 - which was just created - is and linked automatically. You provided a marked up screenshot, what does that prove exactly? Did FP send an email to validate the authorization? Did it require entering the 2fa which IS setup on LTT? No. You relied on implicit consent ye tyou're acting like you received otherwise. It fundamen
  6. You value yet summarily dismiss it? Simply saying "sorry, was a bug that was fixed now", would have been sufficient. Instead you refuse to even acknowlege it. Doesn't really matter at this point.. Kind of funny I guess given you didn't understand what VTP was the video 4 days ago about your 10G office network update. I don't have much faith in LMG nor Floatplane security
  7. Do they now.. lets see... Which is what I said. Since the account was never active on FP it should not have been possible to link. But lets continue shall we? Prove it, because you're contradicting yourself. The account was created on FP, it was -not- linked with the fourms. That directly contradicts above. I didn't request the link, it happened automatically. Fact that I was logged in is quite likely what happened yes but it was NOT AUTHORIIZED. This is like Facebook granting access to a partners site simply by visiting such site. If that happened, this
  8. I didn't click on anything to login with LTT forums. Further the fact that it linked a completely different account toor and not toor2 is what bothers me.
  9. Not sure where to ask this, tried a few places including email but never heard anything back. I've been trying on and off to recover a loging to floatplane. The account (this one) was created on the forms and I tried to link it with floatplane but that part ultimately failed since I never received an activation email (likely due to the address?). I tried again last week but created a new account entirely on floatplane (toor2). The weird thing .. ok outright disturbing - is the toor2 account got _linked_ to toor (this account), on the forums. That should not have happened, at
  10. Depends how much you trust your "friends" and what technical level you are. Any VPN in bridge mode will work. Programs like Hammachi also have the advantage of being somewhat decentralized and anon. It's not meant to protect against a ddos or anything though. There's also no firewall by default. I personally have no problem configuring a comercial firewall (Cisco and Juniper for the curious), nor iptables.. might be a bit biased.
  11. Didn't the poach the guy from AMD? (Jim Keller). Can't imagine he'd be able to forget everything about them.
  12. Assuming it isn't a physical defect on the board somewhere (RFI leaking in for example), some hardware is straight up buggy. Best thing you can do is try a newer kernel or a live cd because more often then not it's a software problem or there are workarounds. Try testing without the 970 SSD there were problems with power management everything I think under 4.18-ish. You can disable the error too but I don't like that, the hardware is telling me there's a problem. I'd rather address that then put tape over it.
  13. Then you will see a performance drop. Wireless can be fast but no where near wired. Still not quiet following if all your devices are wired, why would you need wireless at all? Or you mean some of them are.
  14. Don't quite follow, are you using Wireless now? Really depends on the NIC and driver support, not all of them do 80211/ac in AP mode.
  15. Short answer is yes. Any weird weather ? Not all UPS's are equal (assuming you have one), could have been something from your house power.