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  1. So recently my modem has been restarting "randomly", It's properly powered, coax cable connected correctly, and it's not overheating. It's connected to my computer via ethernet. I've called technicians over (xfinity/comcast) but all they did was replace my modem, but the issue is still there. It restart like 5 times every day, and I recall most of the time is because i'm watching some long video on youtube and skip ahead like 1 hour or so, then the video would start loading for like 2-3 seconds then everything goes offline and the modem restart (takes 5-6 minutes for it to turn back on again)
  2. Before making a VM I only had 1 vEthernet(Default switch), now there's another one that is never used, i think it might be a duplicate or something since i never see any usage on it. Is it safe to remove it? If so how?
  3. I'm using Window's 10 pro iis feature to make a http and a ftp, i noticed that the http's speed is extremely fast (300-500mbps) while the ftp is painfully slow (40-100 mbps) Is there anything I can do to speed ftp up? (I'm transferring files locally using LAN)
  4. I've been looking online for a while now, but no site or video seems to give me a straight answer. I want to choose a graphics api to lean, but I want to pick the highest performing one. I plan on picking one of the 3: Vulkan, DirectX12, openGL. I want to make simulations and games using all the cores, threads, and gpu. But I heard some graphics apis have a limitation on how much cpu cores or threads they can use, does anyone know what are the limitations of any of these apis? Or can they all utilize cpu and gpu to their fullest potential, and it just depends on the pr
  5. So, what I want to do is somehow not grant access to the virtual directories (IP/path1) but not the root or home page (IP) it's an FTP site if that helps. I've tried changing the root folder's IUSR permission but that does nothing, like it can still be uploaded to or downloaded/viewed, when i go to IIS and change the FTP Authorization rule it applies to all of the virtual directories as well, even if I remove it from the virtual directories they just just for a username/password. It's like it requires access to other root/home to access the other (I want the virtual directories to b
  6. Sadly the only way to enable that would be by enabling cellular data, and it only uses my 4G not my wifi.
  7. Yep, i've done android tethering it's far easier there, but sadly i'm stuck with an iPhone..
  8. I would if I could. Thats why i'm looking for alternatives.
  9. So, let's say my computer has no internet connection since it does not have a wifi adapter, and ethernet cable is not possible. Is there a way I can use my iPhone as some sort of network adapter using usb cable, or some tethering withought using cellular data? (not sure if I can talk about jailbreaking) Or maybe theres some jailbreak program I can use?
  10. So recently I factory reset my windows 10 computer, after installing and updating all my drivers and downloading League of Legends I noticed my ping was capped at 59ms rather then what it previously was (~44ms) What could possibly change it back? I've tried: - changing DNS to fastest (Google public DNS) - Port forwarding / DMZ - Made sure all drivers are up to date - Made sure there's no background process (fresh install of windows anyways) - Using the Hextech Repair Tool - Optimizing using a TCP tool - other minor things My speeds are:
  11. Update! Everything is up and running, thanks to your help everything is perfectly fine! No more buggy windows, oh and the windows store still shows my previous apps, that must mean that the list is stored on their server and lists them based on ip? Well anyways, I can't thank you enough!
  12. Ahhh, very interesting. Thank you for telling me, that puts that thought to rest.
  13. I did extract using winrar, i'll try repeating my entire process.