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  1. pvp games makes people toxic, if i ever have a child i wont let them playing these games alone.
  2. apple, epic, 2k (take two) among others. chinese tech eg. hw, xaomi etc.
  3. for online community goes, thats not the ground floor. that probably be email based newsgroup and or mailing list (still used by some fossils like the other linus) telnet bbs is pretty much have everything you will have in modern browser based forum other than it's pure text based and no multimedia support.
  4. some bbs on telnet. cant remember what it is but more or less related to games
  5. i highly against judging a media simply by a single content piece they made. the verge is a media outlet that is focus on wideness and lack of depthness. they have really good webside and video art but the content is sub par. think of this: the verge's parent company is rolling a bunch of fresh highschool graduates into glass offices with toys, that has free meal with avacado, fancy chairs and apple computers; trucking them to places and write pieces. but it stays there, just writing pieces, pieces that probably not worth your cpu time to show the ads let alone read them.
  6. first rule of dealing with fementing cesspool: dont stir the cesspool.
  7. tested with default browser on android (im not a chrome user). no such video on desktop mode and indeed all other browser on pc, even switch to mobile browser user agents. reminds me why it's justify to RSS the crap out of these sites, especially those morally gray one (im looking at you, techpowerup). also fuck car pieces on this site, i dont hate cars but whenever i see a car related article on this site i just wanna unsubscribe.
  8. if you are sort of "sightseeing" gamer and not those avid esports gamer, a good colour gamut 60hz one is enough. altho there are increasingly more affordable 144hz monitors that also can match the colour reproduction and other fuctions (input, expansion and rotation/swivel)
  9. doing things i do the other 364/365 days, occationally reading some stupid americans setting things on fire because stupid
  10. probably my messy desktop (both) and lack of wallpaper (cuz i dont like wallpaper
  11. "water stuff" = hydrogen "acid stuff" = oxygen "suffocating stuff" = nitrogen “salt stuff" = chlorine "foul stuff" = bromine "white gold" = platinum