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  1. Yes I agree its very possible. But as far as web based sites go, only Shopify has been able to ever stop it, and it only worked on one release last month. Shopify has years and years of data from bots, and owns many botting software to grow and perfect their anti-bot. Nvidia has only had 2 drops.
  2. yea haha, people have made tons of bypasses, nvidia tries it hardest but still got tons of hates for things out of its control
  3. People do work on sundays, but most cases when this happens in the sneaker industry, a single person will show up with 10 friends/family and take all the products. That happened a lot at gamestops for PS5 allocations.
  4. Those are all good ideas, but people have ways to generate unlimited custom credit card numbers, use catchall emails with thousands of emails, jig addresses to bypass any address limit to get multiples, and people have access to multiple sms numbers to bot as well. And yes, the developer would need a knowledge of the checkout system before hand in most cases.
  5. still a bot. If they have multiple instances, all using software to ATC and checkout, they'll still be able to hit more than any human no matter how fast the humans are.
  6. Issue with that is people have work and school haha. Most cards still go to scalpers who have time to go instore.
  7. bots can make a random number just as easily as a human. Psuedo randomness will be impossible to detect, worst case bots can have humans manually enter the numbers
  8. that wasn't my point haha It was all the people saying its so easy to stop bots and getting mad at nvidia. Stopping bots is very hard no matter how hard nvidia tries
  9. I have been botting sneakers for over a year now, and have purchased hundreds of items with bots. Now that the botting world is merging with the PC world, I thought I'd clear some things up, as nearly everything I've seen about botting from PC users perspective is blatantly wrong. 1. The use of Captchas Captchas do NOTHING to stop bots. Work arounds such as one clicks exist, and the bot opens up the window for the user to solve them manually. Just works to slow down botters and manual users, botters will always still take stock. 2. Raffling the cards I'v
  10. My custom scrapers picked up nvidia site. Probably out of stock too quick for them.
  11. Yea that was pretty much it, they needed to be out before AMD. Most devs just open a small browser window with the captcha so the user can solve it manually, then the bot does the rest for ATC and checkout, still will be faster than humans.
  12. Not the full story. I ran bots for nvidia and bestbuy and didn't hit. Stock was so limited most bots didn't even hit.
  13. I've ran many bots, and know many devs closely, captchas so nothing to stop bots and are extremely easy to bypass. Even with an nvidia and bestbuy bot i still didnt hit.