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  1. Found this Streamable link which compiles the YT Stories about the start of Linus' Linux journey, including the one near the end of his PopOS install booting to TTY: https://streamable.com/99x9c7 The PopOS TTY story starts at around 30 seconds into the video.
  2. Have you checked out Haiku by any chance? It's a binary-compatible, spiritual successor to the BeOS.
  3. Coming here from r/linux_gaming as well. We'd all be happy to help with the video!
  4. Been using Linux since 2010 and it's quite something to see its progression on the desktop from then until now. All of my devices run it from the RPis to my current gaming laptop, including the netbook and old desktop in between. The acceleration of the state of Linux gaming since 2013 has been absolutely remarkable and I am looking forward to where it goes next!
  5. Liam Dawe of GamingOnLinux reports about a reader who got their Steam key revoked after they left a negative review on a game: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/game-developer-revokes-a-users-steam-key-after-negative-review.12787 Here is the locked thread about the issue and the original review that started it all can be found here. Interesting opinions from the article's author (Liam Dawe) about game ownership: Personal opinion: This could concern some gamers who may feel that they could easily lose access to their games should a dev not like what they