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  1. Not sure, that you read my posts. I already own the sennhieser hd25 and have done for years, the h9s are a complementary pair for on the go. I have purchased them, because if i were to sale them i would get alot more then i paid for them.
  2. I have owned my Senn HD25-II for 6-7 years now. I likely won't sell them. I tried searching for the H9 on the forum, they aren't popular.
  3. So weird comparison I know, however I make a lot more phone calls now when out of the house. I got a good price for a H9 at 160GBP/$220 for a new pair of B&O Beoplay H9. Will I notice a distinguishable change in sound? E.g. are the H9 inaccurate? If anyone can explain the graphs, guidance would be much appreciated. https://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/report/hp/sennheiser-hd-25-ii.php#gsc.tab=0 - Sennheiser HD25 II https://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/report/hp/bang-olufsen-beoplay-h9-wire.php#gsc.tab=0 - H9 Wired https://reference-audio-an
  4. I told you straight up what the problem with your comment was. I wasn't exactly subtle about it. Being direct is the complete opposite of passive aggression. This microphone provides enough off axis rejection, supercardioid doesn't make sense. If I am getting the outcome of this combo as designed, then I will just raise the gain no problem.
  5. Few points: - I deliberately bought a dynamic microphone - I needed strong off axis rejection, due to construction works outside, noisy neighbours, and a mechanical keyboard - I am in an untreated room with high reverb. So obviously, I should not be looking for a condenser microphone. Maybe ask my requirements first......
  6. Hi All, I have a Behringer XM8500 connected to a Behringer UMC22 + 48v Phatom Power ands it is quiet. I have ramped it up to 80+ gain for people to hear me. Mic is 15 cm away. Tested on Linux Arch and MacBook Pro Big Sur. Is the problem the interface(bit enough power), cable or mic? I am new to this kind of setup. Any advice welcome. Squirrel
  7. Sorry. I don't get it. If i understand correctly you are saying that, for my voice calls, neither the Solo or UMC22 is what I should buy?
  8. I have a Khadas and JDS Atom for my headphone. Just need the interface for the mic. I have no idea what the interface headphone output is for tbh
  9. My headset failed and the webcam is patchy. Want some a nice clean audio from a dynamic mic as I spend 60%+ of work on calls, and my mechanical keyboard is annoying people. Is the solo at £80 that much better than the Behringer at £40? I won’t be recording an instrument anytime soon to add, this is just voice. I rock the 58x for day to day, if that changes anything. Thanks.
  10. Ninja isn’t Vikstar123, monitoring footsteps is far more important in COD Warzone than Fortnite. Vikstar123 uses close backs. Close back are generally more easier for tracking sounds, this is just the nature of the headphones.
  11. For gaming, I would recommend the HD58x, as it provides a better bass response the HD6xx. The HD58x is the 660 while the HD6xx is the 650. If you are competitive FPS gaming, you are better off with closed back headphones as it is easier to know where the things like footsteps have come from.
  12. So i tested the Bose QC 35II on some EDM, muddy bass and muted highs in comparison to the HD25 mean i wont be buying them.
  13. I am spoilt by the Senn HD25 and Senn HD58x. Don't want noticeably inferior headphones. Currys PC World is a great idea.
  14. Hi All, I have the Senn HD 25 and they are great but I would like wireless for out of the house. The QC 35 II are selling for 140 gbp due to the pixel promotion, has anyone here listened to both and could provide a opinion? Thanks, Bakara
  15. Khadas Tone Board - JDS Lab Atom - Sennheiser 58X Cambirdge Audio Azur 650A - Boston A26