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  1. Short story: Trying to backup an HP Pavilion p7-1534 running Windows 8.1 using the builtin Windows System Image Backup utility. Trying to backup onto a network share that consists of an external hard drive connected to another PC on the same network (network is a typical home network. Xfinity modem, but with an 8 port switch connected for other Ethernet devices). Both PCs are connected to the same switch over Ethernet. When I run the image utility, put in the share to back up to, select the partitions I want backed up, and start the process, it quickly fails the backup and says "Catastrophic F
  2. When I stated that, I meant I can't see from my TV. At least in the stores, there seems to be a noticeable difference by comparing TVs. However, since I don't have a comparison, it's harder for me to tell. HD is just fine, but if I can use 4K, and it actually looks as good as it is in the stores (which I am really starting to question), why not use it?
  3. I have a Samsung 65" MU7000 model number: UN65MU7000 4K TV. I'm trying to figure out if the Blu-ray movies I'm playing are playing in 4K. The movies claim they are 4K and I do have a 4K Blu-ray player. I am using an HDMI cable that is 4K capable. Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the TV that can tell me the resolution of the picture being displayed if it is displaying HD or 4K? It's hard for me to tell by just looking at the picture.
  4. I got an idea of making custom cover art and putting it into a case for a PS4 disc. I gotten started on using GIMP (and photo editing software in general) to help create this. Does anyone know what size or resolution template I'll need?
  5. Definitely see your point. Looking on Amazon, I did see a Crucial MX500 SSD 500GB SSD for about the same price. Don't know what kind of memory it has though. I may still consider Silicon Power just as an experiment. Though the Crucial is definitely looking like a better deal.
  6. Interesting. They always sounded like decent SSDs based on reviews and and a couple of YouTubers that use them. Though, I trust Samsung and Crucial more from previous experience. I have a 2010 MacBook that doesn't really get used a lot since modern versions of macOS do not work well at all on HDDs. I've been debating getting an SSD for it so I may get a Silicon Power SSD for it just to see how it goes
  7. Never really thought of that, but does make a lot of sense knowing the common sizes for chips. Never had a single issue out of my 500GB Samsung 850 EVO that I put into my gaming PC back in December of 2015. Before the SSHD, I was looking at Silicon Power SSDs. While I did say 480GB before (Because I was just looking at random SSDs on Amazon), I remembered the Silicon Power SSDs I was looking were actually 512GB.
  8. I was having troubles finding the free version of Macrium Reflect. Though, I might have not been looking hard enough. I do agree an SSD would be a better choice. I just want to try it out. Like I said, as long as boot up and FireFox startup is faster, that is fine with me.
  9. Originally, I was considering getting a 480GB SSD. I do have SSDs in my gaming PC and my MacBook Pro, and they definitely work great. As I said, the reason why I am choosing an SSHD is to experiment with it. As long as it speeds up boot up and launching Firefox (Which with the cache size, is questionable. Though other reviews make it seem like that will be just fine), then I'll be happy with the results. Definitely would agree with that. This is being typed on a 10 year old HP Pavilion Elite that I got for free from recycling (Wouldn't turn on. Though all I had to do was reinsta
  10. I got an older laptop with its original Seagate Momentus 320GB hard drive. As you would expect, it is very slow and can make the computer close to unusable at times. I've considering getting a Seagate FireCuda SSHD because I want to be able to try one of the drives. Plus, I want to have a good balance of storage and speed. My question is, has anyone had issues cloning to an SSHD? I've heard of people having issues with their programs not being able to complete the cloning process from an HDD to and SSHD. In the past, I've used the programs that hard drive manufactures include. When I upgraded
  11. I haven’t played GTA for a while on my PC. Back when I did, I changed the graphics settings that I could understand. There are a few options I don’t know about. Can anyone define or refer me to any links for the following terms in graphics settings: FXAA, MSAA, Post FX, Anistopic Filtering, Ambient Occlusion, Tessellation, and Frame Scaling Mode?
  12. On an old hard drive of mine from the early 2000s, I found some pictures that have a .art extension. I couldn't get them to open on computers running Windows 7 or Windows XP. However, when using Windows 98 (The hard drive these files were found on was previously used in a computer running Windows 98 before the computer was recycled over a decade ago), I can’t get the pictures to open in a program, but they do come up as a preview. My questions are what are .art files, and what software can I use to open them?
  13. Sorry for the long reply. I actually just started considering that anyway. I hear many who work on computers for a living find it better to leave desktops running all the time anyway.
  14. My gaming PC has a Corsair H75 water cooler. I never thought of this before, but can the water freeze if it gets too cold? Does it freeze at 32 F, or does it have anything that decreases the freezing point. Last year, it got so cold, my heater froze up and the condensation wouldn’t drain so I had no upstairs heat. It got really cold in my computer room. When I went to go turn on my computer, it made an awful loud noise that sounded like it was coming from the fan, but I don’t know for sure.
  15. I got a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017). When I got it, I originally took the Time Machine backup from my old MacBook, and put it restored it on my MacBook Pro. However, I noticed other files that I didn't want got transferred to my MacBook Pro. Before I make the upgrade to macOS Mojave, I want to do a clean install. While I have most of the things figured out in terms of backing up my data, I'm trying to figure out how to transfer the save data from the game "Car Mechanic Simulator 2015". I bought the game off of the Mac App Store, not from Steam. I can't seem to find the save data. Does anyone k