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    Zotac GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (v2004)
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    Realme C3 (4GB LPDDR4X RAM / 64GB eMMC 5.1 ROM)

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  1. you have an old version of hdmi which doesn't support high refresh rate at that resolution, 1.4 is a really old version. Even my 750 ti which launched way back in feb 2014 has the same revision. You should use DP if your laptop has it
  2. Just checked benchmarks, in both games you can get 100+ fps. Overwatch should give around 105fps at 1080p low and CS GO even at max settings. But if you want sweetspot 144fps try turning setting down to medium
  3. 750 ti can barely push 50fps at 1080p low in newer games but it shouldn't have any issue using as a display
  4. try the last option, that seems similar to what hdd regenator does
  5. use hdd regenerator, i fixed my my ext hdd with same issue a week back
  6. not unstable but dual channel will not work properly for sure, i had 6gb ram back in the day (4+2) and it had zero issues but there did seem performance issues as certain games would stutter and run smootherwith only one 4gb stick. It just won't run dual channel above the capacity of smaller capacity ram stick and in most cases performance difference is negligible except if you're running ryzen which gets decent boost from high frequency and proper dual channel in my case, it was mainly due to mixing a single rank ram stick with a dual rank one and the 2gb stick also seemed to have stability issues. But it was way back in 2015 and i don't remember anything else.
  7. well, i already mentioned resetting bios to default in OP which didn't help no, neither my mobo nor my ram support xmp
  8. do you think re-flashing bios could help?
  9. i doubt it's ram, they are only like 10 months old. I highly suspect it's my mobo as i do have heard from some people that asus mobos tend to be unreliable at times
  10. No, it doesn't have anything to do with that. I tried that because i thought front panel could be having issues causing slowdown of usb
  11. So my pc is acting weird of late, first i suspected it's my media drive causing bsod and going undetected randomly when trying to access certain files / folders or transferring data. It also used to freeze during defrag (i use stock / inbuilt windows one). Then we checked it on one of the spare pc and it started working totally fine and successfuly completed full defrag as well. Now it's working fine on my pc as well but my game drive has stopped showing up in windows (neither file explorer or disk management) but it is detected in bios. Now another issue i am facing is, usb boot is extremely slow and anything i try to run like hiren bootcd or windows install, takes ages to load so i give up after several minutes as i don't have that much patience Hiren BootCD did load somewhat (as i cancelled some thing at startup and there was some HDD diagnostics tool which did detect all my 3 drives including the gaming one which was missing in windows. At this point,i am not sure what is wrong with my pc as i even tried resetting bios settings to default and plugged my usb drive to the backpanel.
  12. It's actually cheaper than what he quoted, 32k was the launch price of pixel 4a and it even went as low as 30k on flipkart in a recent sale So, this aggressive pricing of google proves if you're being honest. Prices can be reasonable despite hefty taxes. The reason behind overpriced consoles and apple products is just pure greed. I mean we have similar prices to Europe for many electronics where also 20% sales tax is imposed. RTX 30 series FE costs same here compared to Europe but then we see unbelievably huge markups on AIB cards. In the end, it all comes to the policy of brands as what they are trying to achieve, as much profit as possible or working for customers and never disappointing them with unaffordable price for stuff, some want to deliver and others are just running behind money. Even HDDs, SSDs, RAM etc. cost similar in India compared to US so it's like every type of component is overpriced and we know why as i cleared those two things earlier
  13. seems like it doesn't have xmp support https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebooks-Archive-Read-Only/17-j029nr-How-do-I-enable-XMP-profile-in-InsydeH20-BIOS-for/td-p/5285441
  14. they both handle totally different tasks GPUs are more complex and several times faster than CPUs at what they do
  15. Intel Quicksync can help speed up / accelerate video rendering but i don't think that works alongside discrete / dedicated gpu