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    The Rationalized Gamer
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    Video Games, Music, Cricket, Computers, Technology, Spirituality.
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    The guy with an interesting history of computers and technology.
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    Intel Core i5 2300
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    Asus H61M-K
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    Corsair ValueSelect 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
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    Zotac GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5
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    Chiptronex C100
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    Seagate Barracuda 1TB+2TB; WD Blue 500GB; Dell Ext. 1TB
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    Circle 500 Watts APFC
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    Dell ST2220M 21.5" (TN, 1080p, 5ms, 60hz)
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    Deepcool Alta 7 (CPU), Chiptronex 120mm (Case Fan)
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    TVS EGold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue, PS/2)
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    Zebronics Fury Gaming Mouse (2400 DPI)
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    F&D A110 2.1 Stereo Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. wut? it can. yesterday i saw a video where in 1080p ultra settings even 1050 ti was getting around 50fps in Battlefield 1. 1060 should be more than enough for that resolution and i would say it can easily do above 100fps in most games considering how powerful it is compared to a 1050 ti.
  2. was having alot of eye strain but it magically went away

  3. Asus advertises that my mobo has pcie 3.0 slot but according to GPU-Z it's 2.0 🙄

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WikiForce


      there's no pcie slot info in my bios

    3. WikiForce


      oh.. according to specs it says 3rd gen. CPU required for PCIE 3.0 speed

    4. Windows7ge


      Well there's your problem.

  4. double checking obsession is killing me :/

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      means you're getting careful, good habit, but dont go overboard with it.

  5. my brother got really upset after i was trying to convince him giving me i5 3rd gen because i was being a bit greedy and asking for 3550 instead of 3470. He has a both of those and now he got really resentful towrads me and went downstairs, he was really sad and said something to me about it  :/

    I ruined his mood and feeling bad about it :(

  6. WikiForce

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Because it's cheap and especially local branded ones in my region.
  7. surprisingly my Arctic F8 80mm case fan is working fine on my brother's pc (fan speed is according to the load, lower rpm at idle and higher during load) whereas for me it was running at full speed all the time. So it turns out my mobo has issue with running a PWM fan properly.

  8. who else think games these days are huge? I mean windows having so many things and features is less than 20GB while some game even with really small map like Rainbow Six Seige are touching 80GB mark and i feel even GTA 5 which has a huge map still ridiculous for it's almost 80GB size. But those are more than 3yrs old game (atleast on pc). Nowadays we even see games touching 100GB install size which is outrageous tbh. I mean, why can't they compress textures and audio? When i edit a image in gimp it looks decent even at 70% quality (hardly notice any difference) so why can't developers compress it to alteast 90% quality, same with setting auto bitrate to 320kbps instead of using FLACs (most of my music is same bitrate and it sounds great). it will do wonders for PC Gaming and technically reduce system requirement as well. Even PS1 games when emulated on PC look great at 4k even without having 1080p textures.

  9. my brother gave my older 4gb non-working corsair ram stick for RMA and received a brand new replacement in branded package under 10 days, full marks to corsair for their service.

  10. the spare gigabyte h61 mobo isn't that bad after all, it has more bios features compared to my current asus mobo. It has iGPU overclocking and one of the more importnat feature is setting cpu temp limit from 60-90C. Biggest plus is it has full support for a 95w cpu compared to 77w on my asus mobo which is a weird limit because h61 already itself a pretty basic chipset and it just gets worse you if you don't support all the CPUs in that lineup. My problem with Gigabyte mobo is it has a really weird manufacturing defect, first of all by default it set IDE as default SATA mode and if you change it to AHCi after you have windows already installed and didn't prepare it for the change, you would get BSOD and that would cause mobo to stop showing display. I had this issue with two different units of same model (h61m-s) so don't want to take chance. The thing is, it would have been okay if this mobo didn't have set IDE by default which is an ancient technology and if by chance you have to do some troubleshooting by setting bios to default then you're fucked.

  11. Can't believe GDDR5 is now almost 10yrs old and my GPU 5yrs old since launch :(

    1. Minibois


      My GPU is 2.5 year olds, while my videocard is 1.5 years old.. 🤔

    2. Tech_Dreamer
  12. what are the other uses of a usb 2.0 header other than front panel connectors? my mobo has two and i am only using 1 for case. I want to utilize other one.

    1. Levent


      if you got a use for that USB, get one of these and run a usb extension. Other than that I wouldnt bother.

  13. TBH, i never really enjoying watching Tech Jesus,

    #1 His videos are generally too long.

    #2 He simply sounds bland

    1. Spotty


      I agree that their videos are often too long, typically around the 20-30 minute mark, but they do cover good content and actually do proper reviews and teardowns.
      They often do written articles that cover what is in their video, so if you find the videos a little long or his presenting style a bit monotonous then you should check out their written stuff at gamersnexus.net. They usually link to the written article in the youtube description as well.

    2. Blademaster91


      The videos are bit long but sometimes i'll skip to the benchmarks and graphs and read the written article later. I really appreciate his thorough reviews since he'll openly criticize what he doesn't like about a product , and teardown videos is something not many other channels do.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      i actually like long videos , when they get into details about stuff here & there it's very informative 7 fun , i do  agree with his voice sounding bland , but hey, it's his voice.

  14. just discovered this feature in Task Manager, when you hover over the number of slot used. You can see details about your individual ram sticks. It's really nice :D2133176505_featureramslotsused.jpg.6cfd26c2e48ee4a8feffe166aa9e60b2.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WikiForce


      same here, i discovered it today myself dude :D

    3. FIXXX


      Oh it does work! Thanks!

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      wow really? just now? xD