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  1. she's ok but i don't find her all that interesting and there's some sort of slight heaviness in her voice though her humor is pretty good
  2. oh thanks for telling me that after 7 long years since upload
  3. i think actual case photo would be rather amazing seeing that structure of it in the package box
  4. it's been fun using my pc and stuff doing something productive and did a comms gameplay video on my youtube channel for first time in a while and being awake all and only slept like 4hrs which helped the course and feeling good using my pc thinking of making cyberpunk performance video on latest nvidia driver performance on my 750 ti and stuff
  5. Maaza, Frooti, Pepsi, Thums Up, Lemonade, Soda, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate milk, Mango Shake, Banana Shake, mixed opinion about Coke though, i like thums best because it's decently sweet which even Pepsi lack slightly
  6. i use classic shell, windows 7 startmenu was the best if anyone want to look at the stock windows 10 one anyway
  7. So i set my at much tighter timings than default as suggested by @themctipersto me on discord but i think my command rate should be 1T instead of 2T and TRAS could be much tighter too, i left both at auto for best results and stability but didn't knew it's gonna be such defensive. I have 2x8GB Hynix 2666mhz cl19 RAM sticks, some basic oem ram and pretty cheap as well, one stick is CJR and other one is JJR so i wonder if having slightly difference can hinder oc potential
  8. just uninstall it and it that doesn't work then do a clean install of windows
  9. Maybe that 3rd party cloning software is tying and linking both drives somehow
  10. Yeah, many articles about it. Just Google "gpu solder reflow" or watch some youtube videos
  11. Maybe try heat gun, hair dryer or oven method for solder reflow as a last resort
  12. yeah he should probably make a video about it, would great imo
  13. yeah i read something similar earlier today and sadly i don't even have that three dot option in storage devices setting
  14. i really wanna move some large games to my sd card and also make it the default preferred but there's no such option in settings, thought i have plenty of space in both storage devices but i find it to be a convenient feature, i have realme c3 and despite that it fully feature packed phone all round phone and i got it at release for an amazing price too before gst hike which raised the price by 2k and now it's 1k less again still my max budget was 8k and wouldn't have been able to afford it if was 9 or 10
  15. i think write speed is bit lower because of no dram
  16. ran two single pass 50mb benchmark at first wasn't conistent then changed it to 3 passes and it seemed alright, i have a crucial bx500
  17. so i am gettting this error in device manager since couple of days ever since i plugged in some cheap usb hub, might have to do a clean install so long story short, the usb hub looked janky with it's ports as one of my usb stick was weird to fit in fully then after that all 3 devices were showing up then i randomly check task manager and it showed that exclaimation mark saying unknown usb device, descriptor failed" then i removed the hub and it still stayed there for several hours and caused my pc to randomly reboot like 7-8 times in just a matter of couple of hours, ne
  18. i don't have optical drive so i will burn it to usb with rufus
  19. will do when i get it but i don't think it's really needed but yeah i use a lite version of windows 10 on my main pc even with 16gb ram so that makes sense, yeah i hate bloatware even if i have powerful rig is it ok to remove event log and task scheduler in xp? i mean since windows 7 it's not but back in xp days i removed it without a hitch
  20. we don't have that pc since almost a decade now, gave it my fraud sandy bridge pc builder who made us fool and ripped us real bad, we gave that 2003 pc as well as my 2007 pc to him, he fooled me by saying mobo seems broken but it looked alright to me then i thought i might not be able see it properly (weak eyes) then for my personal pc he gave us only ₹3500 (not that bad) but for my sister's pc he claimed was broken he sold it to someone and never returned it's money and also overcharged me 10k for my new pc. The 2003 pc was pretty much same as my 2007 in performance except 256mb vs 512mb ram
  21. you can also try service tweaking script by blackviper to disable unnecessary services, there are 3 options safe, tweaked or default. I choose tweak because i don't need many windows stuff but if you use like wifi adapter and stuff then better go with safe.
  22. maybe bad thermal paste application or cpu cooler is malfunctioning somehow or not seated properly
  23. but atleast it lowered the timings according to effective speed on it's own i think it will be helpful, idle power consumption gets cut into half, i mean from 13-14w to 6-7w so i think it's decently beneificial