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    Some Black case that was suppose to come with a window but diddnt so now im pissed as shit
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  1. I did not know that you could make 8 in parallel on an SSD. Well, that definitely puts an end to that idea.
  2. I would be interested in seeing a chart of the initial cost vs the potential savings over time as the cost of SSDs and other storage mediums increase. You're probably right though, it may only benefit in the long run.
  3. Why does it need to be 1TB of ram? Can't I just have 256gb of ram and move the plot over to a mechanical drive after it's done generating the plot? or would it be too slow? Interesting So the power usage for powering the ram sticks / CPU is a lot more cost intensive than just powering an ssd? I thought the cpu would be doing the operations anyways since it needed to generate the plot anyways
  4. If I use a ram to create a plot, shouldn't I theoretically not have to worry about disk endurance? Or is the process of having the plot on a hard disk write intensive as well? I found some videos about it, but I couldn't find anything specific about it. I am thinking that it may be possible to mine chia on /dev/shm on linux, or something but I can't find any tutorials. Shouldn't mining chia on ram not have any of the endurance issues people are facing with buying traditional ssds? What is the best way to go about this?
  5. Do you have any recommendations for a motor? I might actually ditch the one I am attempting to use right now since it can't really perform all too well.
  6. Yeah, I was going to get a license to fly it because of it's weight I was going to try and use a lora module and an arduino, if that doesn't work I was planning on just purchasing a radio as well.
  7. I have a motor that can produce around 1kg of thrust, so I was hoping that with this battery and a frame made of cardboard it could possibly work. I would need to register with the FAA, yeah, i think they have a 5$ fee on their website for any over 550g.
  8. I was going to make an RC airplane with it is there really that much of a difference between charging with a lab bench power supply and a charger?
  9. This is what I was referring to, yes. I watched this video, and he uses the same 1c method which i was attempting to replicate.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T848BXN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I've seen bad reviews, so I might return it
  11. I've seen conflicting answers all over the internet I have a 3S 60c 5200mAH Li Po battery All of them say charge at 1c, but for some reason people have different opinions on what that means https://forums.traxxas.com/showthread.php?8941991-how-many-amps-should-i-charge-my-lipo-at This forum says that you should charge it at 1c, which would be the capacity divided by 10, so... 5.2 amps at 12.6v? This doesn't seem safe. I know how dangerous these batteries are, so what is the recommended charge rate? Other people sug
  12. Hello, I want to make a website that only cloudflare can have access to. I don't want someone who browses to my local IP and does a port scan be able to see I have a web server running on a random port. Is there an easy way to do this? I was thinking maybe something with iptables whitelisting, but what do you guys suggest?
  13. Oh, I see... I think I misunderstood what lorawan is, I thought it was a technique of using TCP/IP over Lora between two devices
  14. Is it possible to use LoRA for a live audio transmission? I know LoRA is half duplex, but so is WiFi, so shouldn't it technically be possible to do something like VOIP over LoRAWAN? I couldn't find any projects relating to the subject, so any advice is appreciated. The main project I wanted to do was build a doorbell with audio transmission capabilities. E.g user presses button on doorbell, an audio channel is opened, and I can speak to whoever is outside, and they can speak to me.