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    Intel Core i5 2300
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    Mercury PIH61T
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    Corsair ValueSelect 2x4GB DDR3
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5 (fair enough)
  • Case
    iball Piano 441 (piece of crap)
  • Storage
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB+2TB; WD Blue 500GB; Dell Ext. 1TB
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    Circle 500 Watts APFC (local branded but not bad at all)
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    Dell ST2220M 21.5" (1080p, 5ms)
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    Deepcool Alta 7, Deepcool XFAN 80mm
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    TVS EGold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard (PS/2)
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    Zebronics Fury Gaming Mouse
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    boAt BassHeads 200; Philips Stereo 2.0
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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    I really love all the tech stuff such as phones, tablets and computer. I really want to live a luxurious and peaceful life. I believe we are all connected to each other at some level or other and affects everything on the planet in some way by our energy (negative or positive), processed by our thoughts and feelings. I also believe in higher power and guardian angels.
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    Selfishly Employed :(

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  1. Youtube monetization

    Not true, they do get money for the ad displayed doesn't matter if it's not completely viewed but not as much as with unskipped full length. I am not sure where you heard that, it doesn't work like that. Otherwise, youtube earning would very low.
  2. Firefox Quantum is a POS, ridiculous resource hog even with just 3-4 tabs open. CPU usage sits around 15-20% and RAM usage 1.2-1.5GB. Thinkling about switching to edge.

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    2. TheGhzGuy


      For me it's sitting at 2-3% with...15 tabs open. RAM is at 910 MB. Granted, I'm using Firefox Nightly.

    3. CUDA_Cores


      sounds just like google chrome lol. 


      Google chrome still has those sweet, sweet extensions though. 



    4. Tech_Dreamer


      the update removed the terrible sudden crippling effect when multiple tabs were open, had like maybe one crash so far. no inconsistent sudden crash after the update.

  3. Worth to replace 750 ti with gt 1030?

    I don't really want benchmarks, those can be viewed on youtube. I am just curious how much performance i will loose after slight downgrade
  4. My current gpu, 750 ti is quite unstable with massive stuttering in many times. My budget is bit tight so i can't go above a gt 1030. it hasn't been affected much by mining compared to 1050 and 1050 ti which now costs almost 1.5x in the market. Not the forget about the ridiculous prices of mid-range to high end models in my region. Will performance downgrade be worth it? I play at 1080p and would be happy with 40-45fps at medium or high.
  5. When they offer you a stupidly surpising deal during crysis caused by mining xD

    1 rupee gpu.jpg

    1. WhisperingKnickers


      I'll take 10,000 of them please

  6. Possible to dual boot windows xp with 10?

    most of my games are fine, it's only one specific game that doesn't work. It's not that old too and has decent graphics consdering it's from 2007. There's alot of performance issues with virtual machines i heard.
  7. I am running windows 10 since more than two years. Since some old games don't work i am planning to install windows xp but i am not sure if it would work on a gpt disk and since windows 10 has different boot manager. It would be alot of mess. BTW, i am okay if i can dual boot with win7 if xp can't work in worst case scenario.
  8. why is bottom mount psu cases are fully covered horizontally?

    1. TVwazhere


      Most PSU's are positioned with the fan facing downward, where the PSU has a fresh air sully with a filter, so it isnt affected by the inside case temperatures. Because of this, it's not important to cover the top of the power supply, since it's not used to draw air through it. 

    2. Wikiforce


      so where do cables come out from? don't they have to be longer?

    3. TVwazhere


      The PSU Basement, or shroud as some people call it, is completely open in the back allowing for cables to pass through, while hiding the mess left in the bottom. As such, cables do not have to be any longer. Attached are some photo examples of a build I did last year with a case that has a PSU basement. The first photo is the behind motherboard picture, where you can see all the wiring,


      the second and third are the left side where you see how neat and tidy everything looks.




      The cables shown are not the stock cables that came with the PSU, however, they are no longer in length than the originals. 

  9. Anyone wanna join my discord server?



  10. How to fix or reduce micro stuttering in every game

    well guys, after applying this tweak i am getting heavy stuttering in most games. How can i revert it?
  11. do i need geforce experience to be able stream my pc on a VR headset?

  12. overclocked my monitor to 66hz, the maximum it could go. Can it shorten life span of my display?


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    2. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      Not that I can remember

    3. ARikozuM


      I've had my current monitors at 72Hz for the past four or five years. Nothing has broken on them. 

    4. Wikiforce


      i think that 66hz limitation is due to single link dvi cable, i will get a dvi dual link cable soon and see how it goes.

  13. always regret overeating

  14. Update bios, i have another person on the forum few days ago with same issue which was fixed after he updated his motherboard bios.
  15. just wrote an article on my website about my experience with recent motherboard purchases.


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    2. CUDA_Cores


      Define not boot at all. You mean not get into windows or not get into the bios screen? because the former is just, again, a windows problem. 

    3. Wikiforce


      it was not even getting to the bios screen, just no display at all when i turned on pc. Though, it would light up and fans spin and no error beep as well.

    4. CUDA_Cores