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  1. So i am ditching windows built in defrag tool as it's barely any efficient in defragging HDDs properly and also as it doesn't list my media drive anymore due to some weird bug. Defraggler seems great for what it offers but only downside is it takes a bit long to defrag, took me few hours to defrag my 1tb media drive which is almost half filled yet barely had roughly 50gb of fragmentation, now i am doing it on my 2tb game drive as well which might take whole night. Now coming to SSD, it advertises some zero fill technology which i wonder could be good or bad, not totally sure. It seems like an SSD based action so i guess it should be fine but still i need some clarification about it. I am not gonna defrag it as i obviously know it's not good for them, weird to see that option being given. I have read on some other forum from what i found googling that windows should take care of itself through trim command and stuff. To be sure, i will first analyze my ssd and see what's up with it and if i really need to do it, still welcome all the opinion.
  2. So even after upgrading from i5 3470 to i7 3770, i hardly noticed any improvement in fps in ps3 emulator with games. I mean those extra 4 threads should help but nothing changed even a bit. I know PS3's cell cpu architecture is quite complex and the way it's designed you need atleast 6 core atleast if not 8 even on pc, i wonder if the developers can independently do something which can make it more optimized and take it out of the ps3's ecosystem shell so it can work well on wide variety of computer hardware.
  3. it seems a bit advanced and slow due to that, that's why i wanted to avoid it. The windows one is quite simplistic and that's why it doesn't take much time.
  4. yeah, just installed it again. As it's a very tedious process setting up and installing stuff after clean install, i want to avoid it unless it's something critical.
  5. tried it, no luck i am thinking of doing a clean install at this point
  6. yes, the drive is fully accessible and works absolutely fine, it shows up everywhere except that
  7. so suddenly one of my drive, the where i keep media data isn't showing up in windows defrag tool. I have tried possibly everything i could such as restarting my pc, cleaning temp files and uninstalling defraggler. It's very weird because the drive is working fine as it shows up in file explorer and in wmp i can play music just with fine with it, not sure what could be wrong. As you can see below in the ss, my D drive is missing.
  8. my brother bought a used mobo + cpu + ram combo for 12k i5 6600k 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws 2400mhz Asus Z170 Motherboard
  9. yeah, i always disable power saving for HDDs whenever i do a clean install. So it's the optimal choice?
  10. is writing similar to copying or moving to another drive? because i never had a problem with that and i have actually done that with filling my whole ext 1tb fully several months back
  11. yeah, it sounds weird and i also felt a bit silly about it. I have issues with overthinking stuff. as you said. Doesn't head or moving platter needs to work hard for constant read / writes on the drive? or does the hdd rated for it's given 7200rpm or 5400rpm does that all the time and constant load doesn't affect it in anyway?
  12. I am extremely worried if downloading multiple games at once and also installing some from my ext hdd at the same time can affect HDD in some way or cause strain on it, HDDs have always known to be fragile and with moving platter att there's always a chance of failure, so as you guys know from my last thread that my brother mistakenly formatted my 2tb game drive instead of his external one so i had to download many games that night and i was also installing some from my ext hdd although that wouldn't have put too much constant load considering it's usb 2, i also forcefully installed a few games that i initially didn't want because i am not interested in them but just did it thinking i need to utilize some space on my hard drive as i was still in a huge shock with my brother's extremely mistake and i had them before anyway. I am really concerned about my HDD's health and longevity in long run considering what i have done to quickly get most of my important data back.
  13. you know you can simply embed pcpp list by simply posting the link?