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    Lone Wolf
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    Probably at home
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    Video Games, Music, Cricket, Computers, Technology, Spirituality.
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    The guy with an interesting history in computers and technology.
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    Staring at screen...


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    Intel Core i5 3470 @3.2GHz
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    Asus H61M-K
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    Corsair ValueSelect 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz CL11
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    Zotac GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5
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    Chiptronex C100
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    Crucial BX500 120GB; Seagate Barracuda 2TB+1TB 7200RPM
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    Circle 500 Watts APFC
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    Dell ST2220M 21.5" (1080p, 5ms, 60hz, TN)
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    Deepcool Alta 7 (CPU), Chiptronex 120mm (Case)
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    TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard (MX Blue, PS/2)
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    Zebronics Fury Gaming Mouse (2400 DPI)
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    F&D A110 2.1 Stereo Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. sick of unpleasant and intrusive thoughts :/

  2. this looks really awesome 😍😍😍


    1. Ryan_Vickers


      In theory it's great because of the view, but trust me, once you've experienced it for real, you learn that the reality is not what it's cracked up to be.  You're almost guaranteed to have light either shining into your eyes, directly or as a reflection off of a building, or have it shining onto your screens through another window.

    2. amdorintel


      that view is amazing, is it nyc?

  3. firefox need to get it's shit together, mozilla need to have "forget about this site" option have confirmation as it can be really destructive and worst thing is, it's right below delete this page in history bar / window context menu.

  4. i am sick, totally sick of my brother.

    Another day, another stupidity by him and i can't bear it anymore. I've had enough.

    I can't let his bullshit drain me daily. When it started, i wouldn't have even thought it would happen daily and expected it to be rare or one off thing.

    But now things are just getting ridiculous.

    Just now the idiot opened the mcb door and switched off 2-3 plugs then turned them back on and i instantly verified that all plugs are on, i verbally abused him before doing that.

    I saw my tv restarted but i was lucky that it didn't affect my pc.

    His shit is just getting out of hand.

  5. is it worth it decrease minimum processor state of cpu from 5% to 0% to decrease power consumption at idle?

    1. will4623


      why wouldn't you?

    2. WikiForce


      i mean, from what i can see by doing a bit of research. it's not worth it as most modern cpus don't downclock as much even at idle i can't see my cpu going below 1.6ghz ever and 5% is the default windows setting for it so they wouldn't do it if didn't make any sense so i guess that's nothing to worry about.

  6. hard to understand. If it wasn't showing up in bios it shouldn't be visible in disk management.
  7. after using my brother's monitor for few days, i am really keen of having a decent IPS monitor. Colors now on my monitor compared to it look so bland. Games also looked very good and rich in colors. I don't like my TN monitor at all in terms color reproduction anymore.

  8. sick of stupid obsessions, now i am worrying my if HDD got damaged when i dropped it on the kitchen slab while trying to open the cardboard package when i got it back in Feb 2015. I was pretty near the slab and impact was really low and it didn't went very far and height of fall wasn't much too.

  9. Not feeling well, it's probably because how the day went with so much drama and stupid shit by my brother. Having dizziness and slight fever :/

    1. D.U.F.F.
    2. dizmo


      Sounds like you need a nice stiff drink and some time to think.

  10. my brother is a fucking asshole, period.

    Another day, another stupidity by him.


    He wanted to use my wifi so he asked me the password but didn't want me to say it because someone spying on phone could hear it and then he said i should type it in a text file on pc but i disagreed.

    Later he said he would connect through WPS so i thought ok, go on. Now instead of pressing wps button he pressed reset button on the router and he thought it needs to hold down and that's where i found it really weird and i said isn't that's the way we factory reset router to default settings? he won't listen and still went on to do it. He held it for about 10-15 sec. and i found out internet wasn't working and windows was showing yellow exclamation mark in network icon. Then i went on to configure router settings and found it was reset as it was showing me quick setup guide.

    Just as of writing this when i was in bathroom, an engineer from our ISP came to fix internet as i told my mother router got factory reset but she rather told my brother that internet stopped working. This man is so fucked up, idk what's going on with my brother? i mean he himself knew router got reset due to his stupidity and he could even see me using pc and browsing internet without saying anything to him but still he went on to call service guy for support.

    My brother's stupidity has reached another level and i am extremely sick of it. Fuck this stupid shit he do everyday.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. WikiForce


      @D.U.F.F. not me, my brother does >:(

    3. D.U.F.F.


      @WikiForce I thought your brother was your "problem"

    4. lewdicrous


      @D.U.F.F. honestly, both of them have problems. 

  11. wow, i think my previous router had some issues as most websites used to load slightly slower than usual. Now with the new one, webpages load instantly ^_^

  12. yeah, internet is back bois. My brother probably paid extra for 1 day delivery. The router seems nice and looks good too.

  13. Idk what's wrong with my brother these days. Now he's claiming our router was potentially hacked and his computer was compromised. So he ordered a new one and took away the current one with himself. So i can't use my broadband until the new one gets delivered in few days. But he atleast did a good thing by recharging my phone so now i can use internet on phone in the meantime won't be sitting idle watching tv or being bored doing nothing. Data is quite limited (1.5gb per day) so i won't use it on pc because once i get on youtube it would be finished in no time especially in HD. I am wondering if my brother is getting paranoid for no reason and doing stupid stuff again like he has been recently, only god knows because i didn't get to verify this all myself.

    1. will4623


      I would advise stopping him from messing with the new router.

    2. WikiForce


      He's the one who gonna set it up after it gets delivered. I think this time he might be right, he did seem really serious about it.