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    HakunaMatata reacted to MuHammer in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    couldnt find it on amazon.com (there are just similar ones) this is it: http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B008AIAIGK/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Tech_Dreamer in What's your screen size?   
    Funny story,    while i was creating the poll.i went on each line like 10",13",15" 17" 18", after i got throgh them all and looked back & was like What the fudge? it looks like nursing home bingo game.. so , that's how i got from 14 lines down to 6 .. B) kind of stupid but worthwhile,
    ninja is bad with his jokes
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    HakunaMatata reacted to FloRolf in Things you liked that disapeared from the market.   
    not tech related but,
    real lego star wars sets and not this clone wars shit.
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    HakunaMatata reacted to AdmiralDerp in Facebook To Buy Oculus Rift For $2 Billion   
    apology for poor english
    when were you when oculis dies
    i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when pjotr ring
    'oculis is kill'
    and you?
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Askew in My graphics card   
    Immediately sell the Titan while the Titan Blacks are still out of stock, and then buy a pair of GTX 780.
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    HakunaMatata reacted to TheRuke in Do you think consoles will be obsolete in 5-8 years?   
    Don't you mean -5 to -8 years?
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    HakunaMatata reacted to MEC-777 in Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?   
    Honestly... nothing.
    I don't have a ton of money to throw around and thus, I research until I know exactly what I'm looking at and consider what my needs are before my wants and purchase accordingly/watch for sales etc. 
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    HakunaMatata reacted to coen113 in Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?   
    my 4 gb gt 630
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    HakunaMatata got a reaction from ripanotha2013og in Your Tech Pet Peeves   
    I always do 1 just can't cant get un used to it
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Vindola in Your Tech Pet Peeves   
    I don't know why, but I always get angry when someone says this (they mostly do this when they're talking about an Intel processor)


    A friend of mine and myself.


    Friend: I think I need to upgrade my PC, the CPU isn't that powerful.

    Me: Really? What CPU does your computer use?

    Friend: The i5.

    Me: Which i5?

    Friend: You know, the Intel i5...


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    HakunaMatata reacted to Bluejay0 in Nvidia Maxell   
    I really don't.
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Tola in Rate My Setup   
    Intel i7 4770K @4.6GHz
    Asus Nvidia 780Ti
    32gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
    Asus ROG Maximus VI Formula
    13 Corsair Led Fans 
    Corsair 900D
    Corsair H100i
    NZXT Sentry Mesh 2 Fan controller (x2)
    Lg Blu-Ray Optical Drive
    Corsair TX750
    BenQ XL2420te
    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 
    Razer Naga Hex
    Razer Tiamat 7.1
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Aphexx in CES 2014!   
    a new vibrating dieting fork and over 9000 new iphone cases
    looking forward to wireless headphones and headphone x and devices like the occulus
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Oradian in Experiences with non-techies   
    Dad: Why doesn't my keyboard work anymore?
    Me: Because you constantly spill water on it
    Dad: Oh is that bad for the keyboard?
    Me: ........
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    HakunaMatata reacted to JLCitadel in Whats The Hardest You Ever Raged A Game Or Anything Tech Related?   
    Looks like my rage takes the cake. Not really surprised. It was horribly bad when I was younger.
    I was semi-pro on gears of war2 going pro & we were in an important match and my team was playing like balls, I was fucking carrying them so hard I had 1v4 for each round win, the game ended up taking extremely long, we won by one round, but when it was over I flipped the fuck out on my team, I broke a antique lazyboy recliner by smashing it with my fist and controller, ripped open my headset, flipped over the table and kicked it then put my fist through the wall.
    I gave my xbox away to a friend about a week later when I was supposed to go to Anaheim for a tournament. Haven't looked back since.
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Akolyte in Whats The Hardest You Ever Raged A Game Or Anything Tech Related?   
    I was playing a game on an amd a4... yes, an a4.   And after dying so much, I litterally ripped open the laptop and smashed is with a hammer.  
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    HakunaMatata reacted to RuecanOnRails in How do I move my Dogecoin(and other wallet off of my C drove to my F drive   
    Do so using junctions and symbolic links.
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Levent in How do I move my Dogecoin(and other wallet off of my C drove to my F drive   
    http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/86928-howto-change-ltcbtc-wallet-data-location/ its the same thing just Dogecoin folder instead of litecoin
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Mecami in Opinions on this GTX 770?   
    probably will sound like a fanboy, but i love evga. i can assure you they have the best customer service of all the other manufacturers.
    also the evga one will perform better, since it is pre-overclocked to the max.
    Edit: get this : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130946
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    HakunaMatata reacted to BallisticPeanut in What coin to mine?   
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    HakunaMatata reacted to Mooshi in What coin to mine?   
    I have a cousin who went to college for multi years and ended up working at Walmart when he graduated. Some schmuck spends their life living paycheck to paycheck and gets lucky winning the lotto. People laughed at Bitcoin when it was the equivalent of digital Monopoly money and those who had a ton of them when it was at 1k+ were super lucky. I have to disagree. Nothing in life is pointless. The word is "risky", not "pointless". Pointless would be to do nothing at all in life.
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    HakunaMatata reacted to _ASSASSIN_ in Is it common for coins to plummet in value like they are now?   
    says Doritos and Mtn Dew triple XP weekend yolostrats casual plebian himself
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    HakunaMatata reacted to LinusTech in First LinusTechTips Store Gift Voucher! purchase   
    We don't really know what to do with these gift vouchers for now... Theoretically they work... but none of this is tested yet...
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    HakunaMatata reacted to breeze in Fraps for recording PS3   
    BL00D B01LL1NNN SO MANY BOLDZ!!!!!111
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    HakunaMatata reacted to breeze in Fraps for recording PS3   
    You should explore the avenue to your brain, or the pit of the ocean. 
    Also because you play playstation