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  1. but why, should i get a better one, and why would it even matter?
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the use of Aliexpress USB-C cables, my OEM phone charging cable is getting a bit worn out, like the apple cables. my current phone is a LG G6. My question is wether its save or not, to use a cheap braided aliexpress USB-C cable, or i have to get a proper one.
  3. coen113

    Gaming Headset

    i have the hyperx cloud 2, and i've tried other headphones, i think these have a good build quality, decent microphone, nice audio for a gaming headset, but i dont think theres a lot of difference between them. i dont think you can make a bad call with the hyperx headphones. theyre good, are build well, sound good to me, and the mic is good enough
  4. I recently got some aliexpress earbuds, from someone else who got better ones, i dont really care that much about audio quality. They seem to have an issue when plugged into my LG G6. when i play audio there is a very loud white noise. if i use other earbuds, there is no problem at all, if i use a different source, like the usb soundcard that came with my hyperx cloud 2, there is no noise at all. i plugged them into my brothers phone, no issues at all, my xps 13, no problems, my brothers pc, no problem, but just only my LG G6 there is an issue. Anybody got any idea whats wrong
  5. I solved it. Using the CoolBits Regedit. One of my cards is 4 gb, the other 2
  6. Yes, i have installed the SLI bridge. While i have no proof it works, i have no reason why it shoulden't/
  7. I recently got a new PSU, so i could use the second 770 i had laying around in SLI. No problems installing the hardware, the computer recognises both cards in "devices" Removed all Nvidia drivers, reinstalled using geforce experience. it gave an error message, but when i try to upgrade again it says its fine. I cant for the life of me get the "configure SLI, surround, physX."option, it only says surround and physX. What do i have to do? my motherboard is SLI compatible, its an MSI z77 GD 55. My drivers are up to date
  8. Dont forget vegtables, you need some vitamins
  9. Cooked rice, chicken, and some sort of vegetable Rice may be replaced with potatoes, chicken with beef. Food does not have to taste good, it just has to be not disgusting. Also, oatmeal. Very cheap, and healthy, just get some low fat yogurt with it
  10. coen113

    Dutch Talk

    Tweak is alleen in eindhoven en almere, dus ik denk het niet
  11. coen113

    Dutch Talk

    tweak, want 1000/1000 voor 45 euro per maand
  12. Yes, but the average wage is also higher
  13. If you punch males, its sexist to not punch females#trueequality
  14. That looks like a pretty nice bike, pretty good groupset.That seems like a good buy to me Also red some other mekk bike reviews, and those all seem to be good/outstanding