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  1. If you have some time, here's a great video on the seemingly controversial global warming / climate change debate.
  2. Vulkan will not rely on, or be restricted to systems running windows 10+. That alone makes it better and far more appealing than DX 12.
  3. You can try to grab an old used disc copy on ebay or amazon. The game is nearly 12 years old and difficult to find; as such you could pirate it... There are no legitimate way to obtain a "new" or digital copy of the game and it's effectively become abandonware.
  4. IMO EA has killed the NHL games franchise with recycled yearly crap and changes that more often than not dumb down the gameplay. We really don't need terrible ports brought over to the PC. Try this instead http://nhl04rebuilt.com/index.php?showtopic=1
  5. You're forgetting Take On Helicopters. It's part of the official real virtuality terrain and in a way the Arma series in that you can import those maps/assets. Seattle map is 60x60 KM, and south asia, while mostly barren is 120x120 KM. Although if you're searching for large terrain maps/games check out outerra/anteworld
  6. Add a cryptography course to that work load if you want to understand various ransomware and the encryption methods used. There is no getting around or removing it; the only solutions are to cut your loss and wipe everything, pay up, or hope the creator of that particular one was sloppy with his keys and they will eventually be leaked. https://www.coursera.org/course/crypto
  7. Dead Island following it's announcement trailer.
  8. Funny, I didn't realize using less than 2.5% of network capabilities would be considered "heavily" used. It should not be possible to hit an arbitrary ceiling/data cap with less than 24 hours of full speed use. With both upload and download hitting their respective max of 500/500, you would expect a single hour to equal 450GB, exceeding the 7TB threshold in a modest 15.5 hours. My personal opinion on data caps is that they should be set no less than the equivalent of running 6 days max speed up/down. That still only gives the user a max of 20% full usage but at least it's better than what
  9. http://www.sxswtorrent.com/11 years. 11,000 songs. 55GB.The ultimate SXSW Music archiveThese torrents are provided as an alternate means to sample the songs available on the official SXSW site.
  10. It will pass within 2.8 Million miles of Earth... Our moon is 238 thousand miles away, just let that sink in before the doomsday prophecies start. In astronomy that is very close, but relatively speaking there's no reason to be "on Alert." The next encounter in 2033 will be much closer at only 2 million miles away a mere 8 and a half times the distance past the moon. (anyone up for some real life metro 2033?) If you want something to worry about, take a look at how many asteroids have been discovered/tracked so far within our inner galaxy.
  11. Seriously, drones require a human pilot, a low ceiling, and must remain within line-of-sight... Talk about the 1865 red flag act deja vu. This is incredibly disappointing and really shows how these archaic heavy handed regulatory bodies stifle innovation in favor of invested interest group monopolies no matter what the industry.
  12. One of the great advantages of Bitcoin is that no matter how much money you have, you can't cheat the system. Throw as much money, and violence at the problem as you like but 2+2, it will always equal 4. So no, mortgaging your house and investing in mining hardware or directly purchasing bitcoins will not give you an advantage beyond anyone else. Mortgaging your house to go all in on a technology, or any potential investment, speculative or otherwise isn't a good idea as it comes with tremendous risk. The phrase never spend/invest more than you can afford to lose comes to mind; at the same
  13. Disassemble it again, ensure all ribbon cables are securely connected, and check that the gears are clear from debris and can effortlessly move the laser assembly (grease the slide rails as well.) It's likely a connection issue with a cable not seated properly, something is blocking clean movement of the optical laser/alignment, or the lens has become physically damaged. Clean the lens with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab by gently rolling it across the surface applying as little pressure as possible. If the issues aren't from cables or physical damage/alignment changes you can try to