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  1. It's a modified version of Windows that has a lot of the spyware removed. A question though - why do you want to run Linux if you are just going to use it for wine? The reason I ask this is because wine is usually not a super good idea to install on Linux distributions, not only can it open you up to new security risks, but due to the implementation video games will probably have a harder time running using Wine than on Windows and may run significantly slower. I know this doesn't really answer your question, I agree with the above that Zorin sounds nice - just bewa
  2. Sounds like you're trying to launch the executable directly instead of via a batch script. The executable is a server executable and requires parameters. You could run it directly from a cmd prompt in the directory but your best bet is to make a .bat file that executes the executable with the parameters you want. Here's an example from the Valve Counter Strike server guide: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive_Dedicated_Servers As you can see, the program requires parameters to run, otherwise it will sim
  3. This is because they each have their own bridges and network adapters. If they didn't make this you wouldn't be able to run VMs that have any network access. I see on there: The base 3 VMWare NICs - VMNet 8, VMNet 1 and NAT. Basic VirtualBox NICs HyperV bridged NIC. As @leadeater stated, I don't know why you're using 3 hypervisors. You can run any OS on all 3 of them - They might all compete for system calls and end up timing each other out and resulting in slower speeds.
  4. Before I start, the only antivirus I'd recommend would be Sophos Home Premium, it's the only antivirus I know that has real enterprise level security and quality that we use in the industry, not to mention it's actually made by an enterprise vendor and is probably used as an upstream to their enterprise security suites. I'm going to suggest that if you want to fortify your devices you should not use an antivirus, use what is built into Windows. On Android simply avoid downloading any apps that aren't widely known and recognised, and don't install any third-party APKs.
  5. If you're just using a home router there won't be much difference. Pretty much Cat 6 is the fastest ethernet cable you can buy for an affordable cost, Cat 5e is also a good option but may be more expensive and offers less performance. So, look for a CAT-6 cable.
  6. I could've read the reference article incorrectly, but here's a statement from it: "Using the chrome web store version 7.1.8 of this extension, without disabling tracking, executed code from an untrusted third-party on your computer, with the power to modify any and all websites that you see" I personally didn't see any reference to the necessity to manually install the extension onto your workstation. I thought that the maintainer put bad code on the Chrome Store but didn't make the same changes on GitHub.
  7. Good luck finding a good browser that isn't based on Chromium these days. Let's all just switch to Netscape. On a serious note though, I see this as less of an issue with Chrome (although there was a CVE), I consider this to me more a message to everyone regardless of browser, that extensions are applications that run inside of your browser, and as browsers become more capable, these extensions can have greater capabilities in an OS-Interaction Context. Be careful of what permissions you give extensions - if it looks like it's using more than it needs, maybe don't i
  8. Sounds like packet loss to me. It could be an unstable internet connection and something like that could really be in multiple places. Your best bet is to try a different ethernet cable, a different port in your router, and ideally a different machine on the network and see if your problem persists. If it does persist then it's probably an issue with either your router, or your ISPs WAN. You may have to contact your ISP with evidence if you do find out it's the latter.
  9. I would definitely set up a VPN. I was going to suggest wireguard, but any solution really is fine as long as you trust it. Also you should lock down the management interface behind a jumphost at each location, and that jumphost should be behind a different VPN. My recommendation would be using something like F5's VPN since it's quite easy to use. Or use something like OpenVPN. Another thing that is highly advised is to get a central logging server(s) and put all of your NAS's syslogs into it and all of the jumphost logs.
  10. I would remove all Facebook apps (like the games, etc that you can play in Facebook) that have permission to your account and immediately Change your password. As an additional important step, remove all saved logins for Facebook so the hackers have no way back onto your account. You can change your email address as well as another step, they may have compromised your email address in order to gain access. Check for any 2FA or Text tokens on your account, ANY acess methods to your account that you don't recognise, immediately revoke. Follow this guide to
  11. One of the tips is to keep up to date with the immigration NZ site if you do plan on moving over at some point. Immigration New Zealand. I know a lot of my mates from overseas are thinking of moving here as well, probably in part due to the all the issues that arose last year and how they've affected many countries around the world. I'm definitely very grateful to my government and country for being able to look ahead, there are still precautions that people take but there's no lockdown over here at the moment. Living costs are very high, and with all of the recent
  12. What kind of jobs are available? Do some research about an organization which is hiring, and see if you can get a job interview, or if you know anyone who works for one of them and see if they might be able to give you a reference. My advice would be to get into any technical support role, and move your way up from there. Certifications and degrees aren't really necessary if you enter a job as service desk. People say that the service desk is a trap, I've personally found it to be a great stepping stone and it gives you a lot of valuable experience. ---
  13. Big Tech does what they do for profit in the end. Political associations are just a way to get free advertising to their desired audience. I don't think they would be scheming to break the law to make a profit, but if many of their users break the law they might turn a very blind eye to it so they can make more money.
  14. I think it's more to do with adding caps in the video titles and using generic titles like "We just leveled up HARDCORE". I don't mean to be offensive here but it makes LTT seem less like a tech channel and more like a dying youtube prank channel using clickbait titles in a futile attempt to stay relevant. This is only exaggerated by the images in the videos, take the two below for example: Both of these were released within the last week. In saying this, Linus has covered this topic and has advised that he does this because it gets him mo
  15. The truth the industry has just evolved and will continue to evolve. The era of the datacenter tech is coming to an end soon as well, I don't see a need for people who repair user computers and perform computer services. I don't think this is because the service itself isn't valuable, it's because there are too many people doing the same thing. My personal recommendation would be to focus on learning at the moment, take one or two IT certifications in some areas you are interested in and get clued up on what skills are trending today. If you google entr