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  1. Dropbox actually changed their privacy policy a few years back, which did mean that they could see your files. Just because files are encrypted, does not mean that they are not visible to the hosting platform. They are managing the encryption keys, and you trust them with that responsibility., The only way to get around this while maintaining some level of convinience is to use a service like BoxCryptor (or an alternative) which can encrypt your files before they are uploaded into the cloud, and even though you may not completley manage your own keys, it means all o
  2. What about using ss? It's built into most linux distributions standard. https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/ss.8.html If you want to host a GUI you can host behind a proxy or whatever, my suggestion would be to use a collector whether Prometheus or something else and put it into Grafana. You say that the docker install failed? Most containers if they're made correctly should automatically run, beware of legacy Docker Containers because some of them might not get along with new rootless versions of docker. You could try downgrade the version if you really, really r
  3. That sounds like a great idea, but you and I both know that's an unrealistic outcome. Partially because the job of being a parent is a secondary job and they still need income on the side. I think it's good for a society to be thoughtful enough to implement safeguards for the children of that society. Being as apolitical as possible - children who watch radicalized content of any form could potentially do damage to a society, so it's in the governments best interest for the stability of the country to ensure people are restricted from seeing radicalized content until
  4. I came in here expecting some hilarious images... But I realized I walked into a thread full of maniacal masochists who enjoy torturing innocent electrics and sharing pictures of their mangled victims online for clout, and I better make a coffee - because I'm not gonna be able to go to sleep tonight... Who needs the dark web when you have horrors like this on LTT.
  5. I think overall this is a great idea to prevent minors from watching potentially damaging content, which is incredibly easy today. In my opinion though, perhaps there should be a better way than just entering personal information onto a site (what if a site gets hacked? what if they aren't abiding by GDPR? what if the site is actually fake and just harvesting user data?) I agree with some here that the implementation could have been better. Make it a big deal, because people probably need to change their content to suit their demographic better (ie: if they cater
  6. While I would have agreed with you a decade ago, and I understand that if you know your way around the internet you're at lower risk of getting infected, I think that spreading this kind of information can put users at real risk. Advanced Exploit Kits are on the rise, and there have been cases in the past of malicious actors putting an ad on a website with an exploit kit linked which will exploit a browser vulnerability or an operating system vulnerability. Malware behavior has changed, back in the day malware would be much more obvious, some level of destruction would a
  7. A lot of antivirus software will store signatures in RAM. I wouldn't worry about it unless your device doesn't have much RAM. RAM is meant to be a cache, and so let programs use it as they need, provided they don't use too much. Having antimalware signatures in RAM makes detection much faster because it can compare signatures to files pretty much at runtime. Some antivirus software can be very light on RAM, but is usually quite heavy on the disk and the CPU making it worse than if it just used a few hundred MB more RAM. There is also the potential that the process
  8. Microsoft has stopped providing updates for Windows 7. Unless you are an organization with lots of money who can pay an increasingly huge amount of money to Microsoft each year for specialized extended support which will end very soon I believe, then you are unable to get any updates legally. I am not going to condone illegal activity to gain updates, as it will most likely result in your computer getting infected - even more so since Windows 7 is highly vulnerable to many well-known vulnerabilities. I understand your reasoning for using Windows 7, and while I don't a
  9. Hey mate, While I wish I could agree with the people here and say Windows Defender is suitable (it is technically), I'm sure that your daughter's high school has an IT policy which you may want to get your hands on and read through else your daughter could be subject to having her grades removed or whatever they have on their policies. It's important to read through them so you know what they expect you to do if you BYOD. Organizations like this will have a managed device policy or a BYOD policy or an acceptable use policy. And normally policies like this w
  10. I suspect LTT doesn't actually have much control over what trackers are on their site. I doubt it's because they've purposely integrated trackers, and more because the services they integrate with just have these trackers as a part of the service. For example, they are probably integrating with multiple cloud services for authentication and SSO, payment gateway, and probably another cloud service for the store-front processing itself which might have integrations with various social media platforms which of course means there are trackers embedded. If they are using Sq
  11. Since this was detected using Hueristics - it means that the file is not in Malwarebytes Malware database, it's a detection made purely based on characteristics of the file which resemble malware. ie: it's guessing it's malware based on how it looks. I would say if any reputable engines on virustotal.com such as Kaspersky or Bitdefender detect it as a threat, I would consider it a threat. Now, onto how this has impacted you: (keep in mind, it might not even be malware) Since the only detection is in your downloads folder, I suspect you haven't run the file
  12. It is a bad idea not to update Windows. Although you may get some benefits, I personally think the risks are too high. You may like the control and predictability that comes with postponing updates - but as some in this thread have suggested vulnerabilities are released regularly for Windows. The most common way malware spreads nowadays, is via 0-day vulnerabilities. This means that by not updating Windows, you may leave yourself vulnerable to a 0-day attack, such as a ransomware attack. Now, on the plus side - as a consumer you are at less risk and less
  13. Your CPU should ideally be within the 15-30c range anyway, consumer chips can run much hotter and so normally that's why even 80c or 100c is fine for many consumer chips. Hitachi who are (or at least were) considered to be one of the most reliable enterprise hardware manufacturers suggest that the hardware is maintained at 30c for the maximum service life possible until replacement. Don't panic if your CPU goes above 30c (it can be much hotter than that and be fine), but it's just a reference - if Hitachi advise to keep your hardware around 30c, then it's definitely, de
  14. Why not create a systemd unit instead? You can then just control it using systemctl stop minecraft, systemctl start minecraft, etc. And even enable it to autostart, and restart itself when it goes down. You can determine the account and all that it runs with too so it doesn't run as root. https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials/Server_startup_script
  15. You're pretty much spot on, Javascript is quite overused and is badly written in many cases. Although, this has been helped significantly by the amount of Javascript frameworks out there which allow programmers to be able to more versatile code that doesn't crash your browser. I've definitely seen some great Javascript apps, and Javascript is heavily used and does have some good use cases - but as a language I'm not a fan of it personally. ----------- The best use cases for it today (and something it excels at) is writing Cloud-Native applications that are