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  1. Theoretically speaking it would be better but then you still would have a thermal interface material between the CPU die and IHS. If you wanted to do something extreme you could just use liquid metal on both the delidded CPU and the IHS to the cooler to maximize the thermal transfer between the layers.
  2. W-L

    RGB without RGB header

    Welcome to the Forums! You can get remote control based RGB system like the wide beam lights from Cable mod or RGB LED kits on Amazon. If you want software control or individual LED control for patterns and effects then premade systems like the NZXT Hue or Corsair Lighting node may be something to look into. -Moved to Modding Section-
  3. As said as long as the 12V pin is oriented correctly they will work but the color will be off depending on the pin order for the RGB side some software will have compensation for this to remap the colors. This usually varies but the common standard is 12V G R B.
  4. W-L

    Water cooling mobo

    The common choice nowadays are monoblocks that cover both the CPU and VRM area, however you don't really get a performance boost. In most situations you see little to no performance benefit other than running them cooler and providing the potential for better stability if you are doing very high overclocks. VRM or chipset watercooling isn't necessary given there is already adequate cooling in place and are just for aesthetic reasons, similar to watercooling RAM.
  5. That just depends on the controller, post up detailed photos and information for the rgb hub. For what I can tell and from looking around that Coolmoonhub unit looks like it is capable of using addressable LED's but not the common 3 pin standard.
  6. W-L

    mod silverstone ml08

    You would be better to cut the fan opening and install a grill over top to closely resemble it.
  7. W-L

    Is a single 240mm rad enough ?

    While it can be done I don't consider or recommend that to be an acceptable method of mounting a block to a GPU, you would be better to get a full cover or universal blocks for the GPU or to directly use AIO's which would be designed for this kind of mounting.
  8. W-L

    Is a single 240mm rad enough ?

    Theoretically that should be alright but I would suggest to get AIO's and adapter brackets for the GPU. That kit looks to be pretty old school for watercooling, not to mention the need to do maintenance and getting compatible blocks for the GPU's.
  9. I wouldn't really recommend to build a cheap loop due to the quality of the components, as you have said yourself it would be better to get a decent mid to large size air cooler for the same effectiveness. As for the loop components to start you will want to ensure that radiator is not aluminum as you do not want to deal with a mixed metal loop. Most imporntatnly you want a decent pump with good head pressure and the fittings are standardized to the G1/4 thread. For fastening the components getting threaded standoffs and threaded inserts for the wood panel would be best. For GPU's and other components the most common option would be to create a bracket to firmly fasten it to the base plate.
  10. You can get adapters such as theses which will allow you to easily connect the fan. As per the usual be aware that opening a PSU can be dangerous so precautions must be taken. You will need to unplug the unit and leave it sit for at least 30-60mins before attempting to open it which should allow the capacitors to discharge, they can hold enough charge to potentially kill, however when open still be aware of the contacts and to not short or touch them in any way possible.
  11. W-L

    Question about laptop charger

    The higher amperage isn't a problem as the laptop will only take what it requires. Just make sure that you get a good quality adapter and not a no-name brand unit.
  12. W-L

    Any way to fix this mouse?

    Open it up and inspect the switch, most likely you will need to get a replacement omron switch and desolder the old one to remove it.
  13. Isopropyl as long as you aren't constantly exposing the plastics and rubbers to it won't be a problem, 99% isopropyl will be ideal. A good bath and adijation for a few mins should do it, you will want to let dry it for at least a few hours. For the contacts I'm talking about the keys themselves and not the cables as those or other small SMD electronics that can't be access are what may see corrosion.
  14. I usually recommend to bath it in alcohol for it to displace as much water as possible, since it's a laptop keyboard most times you won't be able to take it apart much further to try and scrub off the contacts or pads as those may have potential corrosion from minerals in the water.
  15. W-L

    Reset Button

    Even though this is the off-topics section this is not a place to put up troll or potential bait threads. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/234698-posting-guidelines-please-read/ -Locked-
  16. W-L

    EK-CryoFuel Solid Concentrate

    For the solid lineup they are not compatible with aluminum based loops, only the transparent cryofuel products. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-cryofuel-solid-cloud-white-concentrate-250-ml#ow_alert_box
  17. Looks like that controller has two ports for LED strips, if it is the 4 pin variant then regular analog RGB base strips with the correct connector should be able to interface with that unit. -Moved to Modding Section-
  18. W-L

    Digital Rgb to usb

    That's not possible what you require is a controller that can interface between your USB and the 3 pin addressable LED strips. There are premade systems such as Corsair's Lighting node pro which has software control.
  19. W-L

    Tempered Glass

    It varies usually I would say 1/8" or ideally up to 3/16" would be a good option. Just remember once tempered holes can't be drill or dimensions changed so you got to make sure everything it needs gets done before the tempering process.
  20. W-L

    Corsair AF 120 Quite Edition

    How do you plan to mount the 120mm to a 140mm rad you will need an adapter plate, as for the AF series it will work on a radiator but it will be less effective than a pressure optimized fan. The difference won't be extremely large but definitely measurable.
  21. -Duplicate thread merged-
  22. The only viable space I see is right in front where the motherboard is and that would require you to cut up the case to install a dual slot PCI-E bracket to house a vertical mount. https://www.mountainmods.com/product_info.php?products_id=754&osCsid=uoudpelju1l1e88lus07tr8v63 https://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/mnpctech-small-vertical-video-card-gpu-mounting-bracket-black-requires-cutting.html -Moved to Modding Section-
  23. W-L

    external psu

    For those kinds of motherboard they usually accept a range of 12-19V so you can use regular laptop power supplies, similar with the HD plex unit which goes all the way up to 16-24V, Pico unit looks to only accept 12V. For the power brick you will want to get something that is good quality and not a no name brand unit, something from Meanwell, Delta, FSP, will all be good things to look for. I'd personally recommend the HD plex if you want to use regular ATX connection motherboards.
  24. W-L

    Can't find a cable

    Unless they've purposely simplified the software and programming of it for addressable lights they are capable of being individually lite and controlled independently of each other. A good example is NAXT hue and Corsair Lighting node which allows for single LED control. I'd contact Gigabyte to see if that was something they omitted or is possible with their software.