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  1. That system shouldn't use more than around 450W maxed out,potentially a touch more if overclocked. Something like this will provide more than enough power for the system, peripherals and networking equipment, providing you around 10 mins of backup. https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/ups/pfc-sinewave/cp1350pfclcd/
  2. There isn't really a translucent white coolant but if you want something different there are pearlescent coolants like Primochill Vue which has reflective particles. Just be warned however even in best scenario Vue and other similar particle coolants tend to be very different to maintain and keep long term compared to pastel or transparent fluids. https://www.primochill.com/products/primochill-vue-pre-mix-32oz-sky-white-sx
  3. Try setting it to stock settings and see what temps you get, most preset one click overclocks are not very good and tend to push way too much voltage for the overclock. Best is to manually dial it in and properly stress test to ensure stability at each step to map out your sweet spot for your silicon. Also as a side note you are at the very limit of what is recommend in terms of rad space for dual GPU and CPU having only a 360mm rad if your desire is to have silent cooling.
  4. I wouldn't trust some of those fittings like that, being off from a right angle to such a degree has the potential of leaks occurring. Personally I would recommend to move the pump res unit lower into a more ideal location and to proper mount it solidly to then map out your tubing runs accordingly. Using angled adapters and extension fittings will help greatly to properly align and orient locations for tubing runs.
  5. Welcome to the Forums! There isn't anything in terms of a fluid that is available off the shelf to add into your loop that will react with temperature as those require thermo-sensitive pigments or compounds. The closest thing there is to chromatic or pearlescent fluid would be Priomochill Vue or Mayhems Aura which has particles that reflect light, due to this however it makes the fluids very difficult to keep long term due to particles settling or it degrading.
  6. As said you will need to determine which pins are exactly the + and - for the fan motor and RPM but yes that can be doable. Just note you will need to convert the JSt to regular 3 pin fan connections for it to work on a regular motherboard either by making adapters or cutting and crimping fan terminals.
  7. The Corsair units will need the USB data line also connected so it can detect the AIO as a controllable device. I would first check to make sure the USB is connected and if it still doesn't work try transferring the fans over so they are on the AIO itself.
  8. Depending on how you have it mounted, if you have the rad in a vertical orientation with the tubes at the bottom that would be best to trap the air into the top tank of a rad which would then prevent it from easily making it's way back around to the pump creating excessive noise. If you are hearing water trickling noises then that unit might have been a little under filled which won't hurt performance but just some excess noise.
  9. Depends on the fan you are using as they all variy but definitely not trying to plug in a server fan or one of those 3K RPM Delta fans. For the power adapter since those PC's use a power brick depending on the voltage of your power brick if it is 12V you can get a splitter and tap off power before it goes into the computer to then wire up your own connection. Both of these will require some soldering and basic electrical work.
  10. Those are PWM D5's so they draw power from molex and use the fan connection only for speed control so using a splitter and having them on the CPU header would be ideal since it can provide feedback to the motherboard. The temp monitor doesn't have to be in between the motherboard and pump as the temp monitor only takes power and nothing else. Just make sure that fan header you are using is configured for full constant 12V power.
  11. No the Corsair fans require their RGB ecosystem for control using something like the lighting node pro. Note you must have the RGB hub (6 way) that interfaces between the fans and the lighting node pro. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-|-Parts/iCUE-CONTROLLERS/CORSAIR-Lighting-Node-PRO/p/CL-9011109-WW
  12. Long as it's a relatively low power fan you could splice into the original fan connection or get what looks like a JST lead to make a fan splitter. Another option would be to take power directly from the connection coming from the wall long as it's 12V and not 19V like a laptop.
  13. Welcome to the Forums Sounds like those fans are just regular LED fans which will always stay on so a fan controller will only change the speed and slightly dim the LED's since they tied together and are receiving less voltage. There are some special LED fans like the Bitfenix Spectra Pros which have a jumper lead that you can use to turn it on or off.
  14. If you have a waterblock on hand slap it onto the CPU it won't have any issue but a naked CPU will probably shut down at the 3 min mark. For post all you need is the BIOS which will be 30secs max.
  15. For the water meter you can use any fan header to provide it power. As for the pumps it depends, if they are just for speed control you can use a splitter to match the speed of the two units. If they are also drawing power you will need to check and see what is your maximum power draw through that header and if it can support 2 pumps at once. What pump are you using?
  16. One thing I would recommend is to heat from the interior casing if it does get too hot and there is a change in the surface finish it will be hidden on the inside of the unit. Of course you will want to do your best to prevent overheating.
  17. Start low first and move up in temperature as needed but mostly it can be physically controlled by how fast and how close you move the heatgun to the surface.
  18. Personally I would double box or crate it with extra foam blocks in between for a shipping company to take care of, remember to insure it. A good rule is expect the package to get dropped from a foot or two it should be able to easily absorb that and still have no damage.
  19. W-L

    SSD or HD?

    If budget is a constraint you can comprise and get a regular sata SSD, they are a little more cost effective but you still get the fast speeds of an SSD. Once you start filling up and need more space adding in a HDD at a later date would be my suggestion.
  20. Yes covering the unit in a box wouldn't be good as the DDC isn't actively cooled by the fluid but by the heatsink on the rear end despicably if it's run at high power. It's probably possible to construct a heatsinked dampening box around it but not worth the effort compared to getting another pump to test. Try running the pump directly on the PSU so there is no PWM control signal and see if that affects it at all, if so it may be due to the PWM control circuit causing tat whining noise.
  21. Some mechanical noise is normal since there are moving components and water flow but similarly to PSU's it's not unheard of for a pump to have coil whine. As you've tried varying the speed already, try another PWM capable headers or running the pump directly on 12V from the PSU to see if it's possibly due to the combination of that PWM control system and pump. Other than that it's somewhat the luck of the draw where that specific pump you have on hand may coil whine but getting another of the exact same model may not.
  22. Might be some residual dawn soap or something reacting with the fluid if it's coolant in the loop.
  23. If I recall you cleaned your loop recently, was it properly rinsed out before refilling? That looks very much like detergent or soap bubbles and not just from turbulence from filling.
  24. A little bit of water noise is normal when you first start up as the air makes it way up to the highest point as there is always going to be a small pocket of air no matter how well they will it.
  25. If the case didn't come with any your best bet would be to make your own using some foam sheets and to cut slits into it for the pass through.