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  1. You can get simple stuff like RGB lights and custom made vinyl decals but different parts of chassis and such are not something that would be available off the shelf unless custom made.
  2. If it is this RGB controller it will not work with addressable LED strips as it's only capable of using analog 12V RGB LED's. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/rgb-led-controller/
  3. You priming it is ideal but you can use something as simple as an enamel paint to go along the edge or even something as simple as a paint marker to hide the bare aluminum.
  4. Stacking is less efficient you want to have independent rads with their own fans and airflow in an ideal solution. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?220874-More-Radiator-Sandwich-testing
  5. The Monsta Rads are good but if you have the room you would be best off to get multiple rads such as two 360mm at 40mm thick than a single 360mm as longer thinner rads are more effective than a singular thick rad.
  6. -Multiple Threads Merged and Moved to Troubleshooting-
  7. We already have a general Meme thread in the off-topic section. -Locked-
  8. It would require occasional purging but this is possible however having a case that is very open air in this kind of application wouldn't work and would need to be fairly isolated with the tubing and rad running out to somewhere else. This is commonly used on industrial equipment with clean air or liquid air tanks to purge cabinets but to prevent dust ingress.
  9. Baring that it's CAT 5e and you don't need more than gigabit speeds it will be no difference really. The main benefit for CAT 6 at gigabit speeds is really just the extra insulation and separation between the twisted pairs themselves. If it's the same cost or only a few dollars more than CAT 5e then why not get CAT 6, termination for it and everything with good tools is no different. Welcome to the Forums!
  10. We cannot condone pirating content on the forums or instructions to do so. -Locked-
  11. You can get ultra fine mesh filter which will help to catch more but as said it will not grab every last bit. Best thing to do is to vacuum and clean the room especially if there is carpet or pets. If the case is sitting on the floor raising it up on a short side table also will help somewhat.
  12. That’s a decent start especially if you want to expand and add in a GPU. For the pump you would be better with a DDC or ideally a D5 pump which is regarded to be the best. As for tubing go for thick walled 3/8ID 5/8OD tubing as it doesn’t kink as easily.
  13. Yes that would work but require you to do the termination and connectors by cutting the lights to length. Also you will want to take note of how long your LED strip is and what your header can handle as you do not want to overload it. Here's an example of a plug and play third party option. https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-Addressable-WS2812B-Polychrome-Motherboard/dp/B07PDPHC93/ref=sr_1_8
  14. Oh their magnetic line looks to only be for regular RGB. These would be what you require for ARGB. https://cablemod.com/product/cablemod-addressable-led-strip-30cm-rgb/
  15. Hammer finished paint should do well, it will require some primer to adhere properly to the bare metal. As for the LED you should have no issues swapping it out, depending on the currently LED it may require a resistor inline to ensure it doesn't burn out prematurely since red LED's require less voltage than blue or white.
  16. If you want to keep the silver look you can use a matte clear coat to go over the handles. If you want that worn or used black metal type finish for tools or firearms you can get cold blue as long as those handles are bare steel or nickel plating.
  17. Make sure the pin out is the same as your motherboard for the +, G, R, B and oriented correctly. Also do not connect an extremely long length of lights to the single header as it can overload it.
  18. Looks pretty good you should blacken the metal or give it a weathered appearance. Kind of has that old time aesthetic in my eyes.
  19. If you would like something that is plug and play the magnetic strips from Cable Mod are very good. You can also get rolls of lights that you can cut to length and wire up yourself.
  20. No issue at all especially since a monitor isn't an extremely high power draw device. Depending on the cost sometimes it may be cheaper to just buy a whole new cable.
  21. W-L


    That would be a fully custom part for HD Plex's linear power supplies. Unless you are using one there isn't a need for it, if you wanted to make one you can get PCI-E pined connectors and to have a custom PCB made to make the bridge.
  22. If leak tested properly it shouldn’t experience any issues given the bass isn’t shaking the whole house as is. Finger tight for fittings plus an extra 1/8 to 1/4 turn is more than enough. The main thing I would be concerned about is any HDD that may be in the system as excessive vibration is not good for them.
  23. You would be better with thick walled tubing as it doesn't kink easily in a tight radius bend, 3/8ID 5/8" OD is a common option.
  24. Cold Zero or Singularity PC may be able to help you along as they do a lot of acrylic work, however I believe Singularity might be in Australia, not completely sure on that one.