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    Vancouver, BC


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3900X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450M Steel Legend
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16GB DDR4-3200
  • GPU
    Powercolor R9 290
  • Case
    Deepcool Matrexx 70
  • Storage
    Kingston A2000, AData
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750x
  • Cooling
    Custom liquid cooler (CPU)
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    Redragon K582 Surara RGB

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  1. You really need to be a DIY type person or have various spare parts to mount it securely. Its going to vary between other coolers.
  2. FanControl software is quite good for controlling fans for your case and even works for some GPS. You can mix curves base on other temperatures sensors from your CPU/motherboard and GPU curves for your fans. https://github.com/Rem0o/FanControl.Releases
  3. I like modular cables. It's even better if cables can be reused towards another model even better across another manufacturer if they had some kind of standard. Cases come in different sizes and the case design can even affect how cables are routed so it would be nice if cables could be reused. Some cables may have some different ratings, but they should be noted. If we were able to save our modular cables we collected over years we would have short and longer cables for for every type of build. Besides EPS cables being a little too short from trying to keep clean cable management,
  4. I think I got mine tuned efficiently in power and perfomance as I can in NBMiner. When I start up the miner the first 2 hash rate readings can looking kind low, after that it seems to be 37-38. Only thing with NBMiner is that it seems to restart the mining Window when I am using more than 1 video card.
  5. Took me a couple of hours to find something stable. I wasn't able to get the hash rate what other people were reporting. My settings for core -502, power limit -72% and 7350MHz memory (+550) for 38 hash rate on a MSI 3 fan variant with Hynix memory. It took a couple of hours to tune, because I had to keep watching NBMiner auto tune it to something stable before I stopped mining it to tweak the settings in Afterburner. You can also see what -lhr value is adjusting it to and put that in the start parameters to reduce some of the time before restarting the mining process again. The po
  6. I went with Deepcool Assassin 3 on sale so was it around same price of Thermalright FC140 in Canada. Both might be more cooling than you need but should be a cooler upgrade. Some might say Noctua is better but cost almost twice as much to get a Chromax Black version atleast for me where I can buy them from.
  7. 34-40C idle is still within normal range. You should check what your load temps are and you have to customize the fan curve to your noise and temperature you are willing to tolerate if you want something quieter before getting an aftermarket cooler.
  8. That looks pretty good, but have you tried isolating the card on its own power supply to get a measurement from the wall?
  9. Hash rate could be less depending what you are mining. On my MSI 3060 Ti (Hynix memory) NBMiner only gets around 38 Mh/s and can only push the memory +550 to around 7350 MHz for 24/7 stability. I've reading other forums that MSI and Asus 3060 Ti LHR with the Hynix memory do not perform as good even when not mining ethereum.
  10. If there is no way to refill it easily on your own don't bother trying to fix it. Sad fate for almost every AIO out there. Unless you want to get into custom loops and find away to reuse it with some new parts then it could be fun project, but it can get expensive.
  11. Undervolting really is your best option. You may need a better shed or place if you can't make a big hole for cool air intake and exhaust.
  12. Don't run FurMark when video cards get too old cards. I tried it one time and heard a pop sound and my R9 290 died.
  13. Can you even find a 6600 XT available for a price you are willing to pay? They seem so scarce compared to 3060 right now.
  14. Most people tend over price older stuff. Whether its been never over clocked or not its age could have already degraded components. With Black Friday coming up I always found it better to just buy something new on sale unless I thought the used item was a bargain or value what I thought it should be over depreciation.
  15. There are lots of these type of sites popping in the last couple of weeks. It's too good to be true. I think see ads from looking through eBay and Facebook on daily basis. Even some ads appearing to be from China miners liquidating GPUs.