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    Ryzen 2700x
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    ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) AM4 X470 ATX
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    16GB (Soon to be 32GB) Corsair Dominator Plats @3000mhz
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    GTX 1070 FTW Gaming 8GB
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    Fractal Design Define R6 Black Brushed Aluminum
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    500gb Samsung 960 EVO nvme (OS/Programs), 500gb Samsung 850 EVO ssd (Personnel), and 2tb Sandisk Ultra (Game Drive)
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    xfx Pro 850W
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    ASUS MG279Q Black 27" IPS 144 Hz (Main), Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (2nd)
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    Corsair K70 LUX Cherry MX Browns
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    Corsair Sabre
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    Mayflower ARC, Hyper X Cloud II Pro
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I find it funny (and a little annoying from the self righteousness displayed) how youtubers are popping up who analysis and critic other bigger youtubers of their channel & drama.
  2. Lul true. I still bought one last week when on sale just for the fun of it. Dirt cheap. Be fun to try.
  3. ExpressVPN seems like the only good VPN anymore.
  4. Or maybe AMD should hire those ex Samsung engineers for their AMD K12 ARM based cpu. Than maybe they could scale it down for mobile. That is if AMD K12 is still being worked on and not yet abandoned.
  5. Please AMD, I need a Zen 2 (6 or 8 core laptop with good GPU capable of gaming) and don't want to get Intel. Due for a work laptop upgrade next year and can basically get what I want company funded, but I'm not going to skimp just to support AMD. It would pain me to have to get Intel so I'm desperately hoping they will have something good by than that isn't a giant brick of a laptop. Something like a razer blade would be ideal.
  6. WTF Did you do to my quote. I said "I just installed Manjaro last night and it most definitely is not." Not what you just quoted which is "I just installed Manjaro last Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox night and it most definitely is not. " Like what wtf is all that crap. You trying to link to malware?
  7. @dalekphalm. Oh trust me. I've tried quite a few different underwear brands (again not a "doof"), but so far the LTT ones are the best as far as comfort/material goes and yes the design is cool but I am looking for something exact or very similar but with a different design for reasons stated. If you can't see my viewpoint or think this is crazy than I guess I'm sorry. I tried explaining it but guess some people just wont get my point of view and that's fine. Was just hoping for a quick response that would lead me to something I was looking for. Guess my search continues although at this point I may just go all LTT underwear Thanks all for your time and willingness to jump in! And thanks @LinusTech for your response. You get it or at least somewhat understand that what I'm asking isn't as absurd as it appears some people think it is. And yes! Part of why I'm compelled to find something different is based on my own personnel experiences and situations which means no one can truly get where i'm coming from. Well without maybe expanding this thread more with explanations but alas there are more important things to defend/attend to. Which makes me all the more grateful for your bit of valuable time given to this thread.
  8. Wow, everyone is just not seeing my point of view but it's okay. I will address this one though. Your logic is sound and seems obvious (trust me i'm not dense or to use your words, "a doof", and can think very logically. Hence why i'm a software developer cause I enjoy logic and think in practicalities a lot) BUT maybe the reason, that you didn't think of, is that I need to replace the underwear that I don't wear to the gym. Ever think of that? Well I did cause that is exactly what I'm trying to do. My other undeies are old and need replacing. There you have it for this statement.
  9. It is different, true. Hence why it's an analogy. Its not going to align perfectly. I still think there is some level of truth to what I'm trying to express even if you guys don't agree. Sure a girl that immediately doesn't like me for my underwear is shallow AF and I'd agree, she is not worth my time but what if that and a series of other minor turn-offs at the start kills what could have been a great relationship. Should I try not to hinder those things from happening so that when the right girl comes along I can put my best foot forward? Like you could argue, I hate showering so I shouldn't shower so I shower once a week and a girl should just see past that or she is shallow AF. So all in all there are some gray-lines and it's not all cut and dry. (btw I love showers though!) Enjoyed this discussion
  10. I agree. But it's all about that first impression eh? Like a girl shouldn't care if I fart but letting one rip the first time or few times we meet well now that's embarrassing and not a good way to try and get into a relationship. Overtime though she may see better and more attractive qualities of me but that first impression is important. Man this has really been fun explaining myself. (*sarcasm). I'm sure there are some things you'd care for some not to know about you right away due to maybe some bad stigmas.
  11. Nope. They're elastic but with no strings. I get alot of group attention at the gym, and my clothing has been commented on numerous times so I've gotten rather self-conscious of what I wear. It's a rather well attended gym and we all work out as a group with pre-planned exercises.
  12. But it can happen. It's alot of movement and chances are higher of it happening (it has for me a few times actually, and yes maybe some could be accounted for doing it wrong but sometimes it's unavoidable with different circumstances). Maybe I just buy tighter outer shorts. idk. Anywaaaaay. see other reply I just made. This was supposed to be a simple ask and I'm definitely not stressing out about it, cause yeah not a huge deal
  13. Wish everyone saw it like you and i do. It's unfortunate how judgy the world is. Like I'm just worried someone will jump to conclusions about me and not give a fair chance to get to know me. But thanks for putting some common sense into me guys. I probs way overthink it as I tend to do on alot of things. Also, it would be nice to get some other styles but yeah not a huge deal, guess i'll just buy more LTT undies.
  14. Fair enough I basically wanted some I could wear to the cross-fit gym without immediately scaring the girls with my inner nerd Edit: Thanks btw!